Thursday, 23 October 2014

Review | Faith In Nature Pineapple & Lime Shampoo & Conditioner

Faith In Nature - Pineapple & Lime Shampoo & Conditioner *

So I'm not often one to venture into different brands of shampoo. I tend to stick to the basic brands such as Tresemme or Herbal Essences and then go for one of their damage repair or hydration shampoos since my hair can get quite a bit of breakage at times as well as getting too dry for it's own good from all the styling. So when Faith In Nature asked me if I'd like to try one of their shampoos and conditioners I thought it would be a good change and something different to try on my problematic hair.
Faith In Nature pride themselves on being a locally produced brand and only using the best in their products. They have a list on their website of things they use in their products and why and as well as that a list of things they don't use in their products so you know what you're buying.

Firstly - I'd like to mention the smell. Ohhhhh YES. This smells exactly like what you'd expect it to - pineapple and lime. I adore it, and the best thing is that after washing your hair smells just like this too, so prepare to smell like a walking tropical fruit basket. It's honestly one of the best smelling shampoos I've ever used - I'd buy it again or any of their other many shampoos at that just to smell amazing. Imagine smelling like the chocolate shampoo.... Oooooh.
Washing my hair, the shampoo left my hair feeling very nourished and clean. I know it sounds weird to say clean, but that clean feeling is important to me. I really don't like it when shampoos don't foam up, because to me it doesn't feel like it's doing much but this foams up really well and you can really feel it working into your hair. And also I don't like it when you have to use more than you'd like to cover all your hair so I was impressed that a little product here indeed went a long way.
It's the same story with the conditioner; I now use the Splash Tangle Teezer to comb in my conditioners for an even coverage and a little of this really goes a long way to cover the hair. I leave it in for 5 minutes and my hair feels as smooth and soft as it should be!

If I had to put this product into three words it would be: Fruity, Foamy and Clean!
I definitely would buy Faith In Nature shampoos and conditioners again and they come at a great price for what they are and how much you get at £5.50 a bottle for 400ml. Maybe I'll try the Chocolate or the Coconut one next time.
Have you ever tried the Faith In Nature shampoo & conditioners? Which scent would you go for?

CAT xo
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What Cat Wore: Minty Bambi

Tee & Skirt - Primark
Fluffy Cardigan - F&F Tesco
Necklace - Market (Portugal)

Ermahgerd. I just loved this outfit I wore out on Sunday. It's just so pretty and comfy and the perfect winter pastel outfit, even though it wasn't cold enough to classify the weather as "wintery". I bought this amazing mint PU skirt back in January and I've only worn the beaut once to the Blogger Swap Shop Party which was in February. Since then I haven't managed to make this skirt work throughout SS14 and that's because I now believe it was made for the winter. I've had both these items for a long time and didn't think of pairing the two. How could I not have thought it before!? As for covering up, a coat or jacket was going to be too much so it just made sense to bring out my fluffy cardigan out for the first time this season.
I played it safe with the black tights and as for footwear I went for my newest dark green pumps which went surprisingly well with this ensemble. I love it!
I did forget to share the bag I was using on Sunday too which is my totally amazeballs doughnut clutch bag, still yet to be featured here. It's my new favourite statement piece! But I don't think this outfit needed a statement piece with all the Bambi & Thumper cuteness going on one of my most favourite and overly worn tees!

CAT xo
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Monday, 20 October 2014

My Little Box by Diane Von Furstenberg

This month's My Little Box is designed entirely by the lovely New York designer herself Diane Von Furstenberg who invented the timeless and oh so beautiful wrap dress back in the 70s. This box is just utterly amazing and definitely up from last months box, and if you want to see why - just carry on scrolling down and reading!

The packaging is beautifully designed as before and packed in the same way. A little bow wrapping the contents together and another inspirational A5 image on top. I love these little A5 cards, for their beauty and the words on them, and because they're so pretty I think I've got an idea when I have a few of them.
I also  really enjoyed reading the magazine that came with this box, which was entirely based around DVF, sharing Diane's story and history as well as other people's DVF stories and how she's inspired them in different ways. I loved the scarf tutorial too, which I immediately tried out myself and wore to work. If you follow me on instagram, you would have already seen this!

Inside there was also a sweet little pin of the iconic lips by Diane, which I've popped on my work lanyard. Diane was a very strong independent woman who knew what she wanted, how she was going to get it and at the end of it all - got it. And the way she's made her career inspires me to move up with mine, so I like to keep this pin with me at work so I can look at it and be inspired to work harder to be a woman like Diane.

The usual 3 beauty products in a drawstring bag are here and I've already tried 2 of 3. The Micellar Water by their own brand My Little Beauty is great at removing make up and I'll definitely be using it a lot. It feels a little oily on the skin compared to my usual Bioderma Micellar Water but in a good way if that makes any sense! I can really see it working on my skin removing every last trace of dirt and make up and I give it a big thumbs up for that.
I did also really like the hairspray by Kerastase. It holds really well without leaving that stiff feeling, and kept my hair on point the few times I've used it! I'm also really excited to try the L'Occtaine hand cream as I've only ever heard good things about the company. I'll be popping this in my bag for convenient use and because it's easily pocket sized!

Lastly and definitely not least we have an absolutely perfect DVF scarf in one of her iconic prints always inspired by the natural world! I truly love this scarf already and it hasn't even been mine a week. It's so bold and bright and there are so many ways to use it. I can see myself using it to brighten up dull outfits when they come. It'll definitely liven up a simple LBD!
I know it's only been the second box, but I simply adore the My Little Box subscription and can't wait to see what they have in store next. I'm sure the scarf will be featured in an outfit very soon, and possibly multiple times!
What do you think of the box? Have you taken a look at My Little Box yet?

CAT xo
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