Saturday, 27 August 2016

10 Things All Us Bloggers Do On Social Media

What Cat Says - 10 Things All Us Bloggers Do On Social Media

Being a blogger is basically its own lifestyle now. There are so many things that us bloggers do simply because we ARE a blogger. I was thinking the other day about our social media habits and I giggled at the habits I know I have on social media and then asked some some blogger friends on Twitter what other ones they noticed we do! They highlighted some pretty good ones and asked them if I could borrow them for this post. Now, I know this post has been covered a hundred times by other bloggers but I wanted to write my own okay!? And I wanted to include the ones from my friends on Twitter. Like a mini-collab! And particularly focus on our social media habits just for the lols! How many can you relate to?

Friday, 26 August 2016

What Cat Wore | Lace & Denim

What Cat Says - What Cat Wore | Lace & Denim
My favourite go to outfit has got to be a cute pair of jeans with a pretty white top. Today I want to show off my newest combo - these cute jeans paired with the prettiest lace detailed smock top from SammyDress. It's such a perfect outfit for anything! It's one of those outfits, as simple as it is makes you feel really stylish!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Style | Laser Cut Gladiator Heels

What Cat Says - Style | Laser Cut Heels

Check out my new go-to heels for date nights, and evenings out! These amazing Laser Cut Gladiator Heels from Whistle Candy are one of the few pairs of stiletto heels I own that doesn't make me resemble Bambi on Ice! I love my heels. I love looking taller, feeling more feminine and I genuinely feel more confident in heels! And these are no exception.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

2016 Goals - Update #2

What Cat Says - 2016 Goals - Update #2

Here we are at another 2016 goals update and a second one at that! I decided to do these updates when I reach particular goals, and they came along sooner than I thought and it's pleasantly surprising. If we're friends on Instagram or Twitter you probably know what goal I reached this week. Carry on reading to find out what it was, and what I'm setting as my next mini-goal!
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