Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Style | Laser Cut Gladiator Heels

What Cat Says - Style | Laser Cut Heels

Check out my new go-to heels for date nights, and evenings out! These amazing Laser Cut Gladiator Heels from Whistle Candy are one of the few pairs of stiletto heels I own that doesn't make me resemble Bambi on Ice! I love my heels. I love looking taller, feeling more feminine and I genuinely feel more confident in heels! And these are no exception.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

2016 Goals - Update #2

What Cat Says - 2016 Goals - Update #2

Here we are at another 2016 goals update and a second one at that! I decided to do these updates when I reach particular goals, and they came along sooner than I thought and it's pleasantly surprising. If we're friends on Instagram or Twitter you probably know what goal I reached this week. Carry on reading to find out what it was, and what I'm setting as my next mini-goal!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Updated Desk Tour | Student/Work Ready

What Cat Says - Updated Desk Tour | Student/Work Ready
I know what you're going to say. WOW. Cat that's a bit cluttered! and a bit colourful... Isn't that a bit too much? NO. No it's not, and actually colours inspire me. Having nice, bright and colourful things inspire me to live a happy and beautiful life, and for the next year it'll inspire me to work hard and play hard! Yeah, I have a lot of stuff. But this is the best place for it at the moment. I have a reason for why everything is where it is on my desk. But yes, if you like tours, stationery or just being nosy, click on to read more!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Three Ways To Wear Ankle Boots in Summer

What Cat Says - Three Ways To Wear Ankle Boots in Summer
I haven't done a three ways to wear in foreverrrrr! The last time I think was last year for my collaboration with Asda on three ways to way white jeans. I still wear all those stylings in that post too, and it'll be no different with this post today! So yes, I am back with a three ways to wear that I'm absolutely crazy for! Today I'm styling these gorgeous Sole Diva Ankle Boots three ways and I can't wait to talk you through my stylings... LET'S GO!
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