Monday, 26 January 2015

Bedroom Pinspirations

Before I start, I give a pre-warning. With all my excitement of building starting at home this week, I've been obsessing over all things home, especially designing and planning my bedroom to be. So I will be posting a lot of bedroom related wishlist, hauls and updates... beginning with the Pinterest Inspirations giving me ideas of how my new dream personal space will look like. I've been all over Pinterest searching for storage ideas, bedrooms with day beds, colour schemes, and shelving ideas. Here are only a selected few of the pins from that board - you can find the rest [here]. Enjoy!

bedroom via AMM blogSS Print Shop (Hello, Mantra + Only Happy Thoughts Prints)
 floral bed
The colour scheme... It's got to be something simple yet beautiful. White of course, injected black and I'd like some pink and pastels in there too.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Timberland Earthkeepers | Glancy 6" Boots

Yes, yes, yes Timberland Boots with a heel! You're seeing it right, and aren't they just beautiful?
It was always on my wishlist to get a pair of Timberland Boots, but on my wishlist it was always a flat pair of the originals. I'd seen these heeled ones a couple of times before, and then I saw the Jeffrey Campbell HBICs and loved them, and thought that that is what I wanted. Little did I know that I would be getting these for Christmas just gone from John, and that I would fall in love with these, forget about the flat Timbs and the JCs.
They're just my style, and will be sitting well with the trends I'm getting really into right now. Can you imagine these with an awesome pair of khaki utility trousers and a cool crop top!? That'd be sexy...
These beauts are the classics with a twist and I just can't get over them, hence showing them on right here on my blog! They're just perfect; the originals with a sprinkling of glam and femininity making that toe smaller and adding the heel. They're versatile being a casual heel meaning they suit a ton of outfits and to make them even better, they're pretty much the most comfortable heel ever! I tested it out for a whole day from 7 am until about 8pm: 13 hours (first wear too!) and there was no discomfort at all by the end of a long day - and it was on Boxing Day at work. Winner!

The thing is, is that I just love them, simple as that. ♥ I've got some serious shoe love right here.

CAT xo
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Thursday, 22 January 2015

What Cat Wore | Pink Tweed & Bardot Necklines

Top - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Warehouse
Ankle Boots - New Look
Moustache Necklace - Dirty Dolly Jewellery

I did what I could with 10 minutes and the indoors but I just had to blog this outfit I was really happy with today, and it's a shame it doesn't look as good on camera as it does IRL. With all the builders bringing in their equipment to start work next week I have no photo taking spot anymore but with everything coming out of the house, blank walls are appearing and I made the most of the space today whilst it's there! Enough about the excitement of extensions to my house versus blogging problems and on to the outfit...
As always, for work a Miss Selfridge item must be part of the outfit, and I adore this striped bardot crop top. It's not really as cropped as you'd imagine so it works well with a high waisted skirt such as this beauty I picked up in the Warehouse sale. I love the tweed texture, the zip detailing and the a-line shape which suits me quite well. I love the subtle but complimenting clash of print and texture in this outfit which is what I think makes it work. I'm trying to challenge myself to make more outfits from what I already have instead of shopping for new outfits, versatility is the thing I'm looking for in my 2015 wardrobe so I need to start with what I have!
I added some fun with my Mexican moustache necklace too, what do you think!? It's a good one isn't it!?

CAT xo
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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Wishlisting | Dream Bedroom Things

My dream bedroom wishlist hasn't changed much but dialling down on the crazy cushion covers I'd like in my new room. I decided a few months ago that my room would be pretty, simplistic, monochrome and pastel. I want a room in which anything fits, whether it be a ridiculous colour or print. And I'm not going to lie, totally Instagram worthy. Though half of this is literally unaffordable for me, I'd like to think that one day I could have it. I.E. That beautiful mint side table; I'm not paying £60 for a table even if it is probably one of the most useful pieces in this wishlist. I just can't justify it right now. But that £25 mint cat shelf tho.
All the things listed here are essentials to a bedroom. Along with this, a desk, throw and a few pieces of thought out decor and DIY pieces are in play. I've already bought floral fairy lights and jewellery storage, and I want to make a photo-frame idea as well as maybe buying a few things from charity shops for a little shabby/vintage chic.
Things that are definitely making it's way into my new bedroom will be the day bed, shelving unit, a new sexy white desk/dressing table and probably all the cushions when they hit sale. I need a metal basket bin for all rubbish ideas, and a tray for those in bed blogging days. I also haven't stopped going on about a black shaggy rug or a black faux fur throw for about two months now... The only two dark pieces I'd love and WILL have in my new room. They'd go perfectly with the feature wall design I'm planning on doing! ♥ I can't wait for work to start at home so I can make this dream bedroom come true.....
Follow up posts: Monday Pinspirations: Bedroom Decor Ideas....

CAT xo
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