Saturday, 18 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

So it is once again snowing just days before Cchristmas. I can't drive my car because I vowed to never drive in the snow again after driving up a snowy hill last year and it is falling quite quickly as I type this. The photo above was my garden yesterday... Today it is at least double that amount of snow. I love the snow but not when it's close to ruining plans. Monday I hope the snow is melted or at least half way melted. I want to make sure I can get out to town and go out for the night as planned! Snow is beautiful, and when I walk outside I love the sound it makes under my boots and the feeling of it's coldness on my face. It feels fresh and makes everything feel quiet. Does that make sense?
Well tonight I have to go to work... I hope my mum and dad close up shop early... I'm feeling quite lazy today. But i'm liking the fact I have to walk to work in the pretty snow.
Tomorrow I'm going to go to the park across the street and go sledging with my little sister and little brother. Snow fights and sledging are the best bit about snow, it makes you feel like you're 12 years old again.

Is it snowing where you are?

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Winter's Coming

Yes, all of us in the UK know it has been snowing, and we are starting to feel the cold a little bit more now. But it's so pretty to see a white fluffy dusting outside in the morning and it's probably the only time i like coming out of a warm house into the cold snow feeling the coldness rush to my cheeks and freeze my face until I can't feel it.
I love the snow almost no matter what, I like it when it's deep and you get a day off from school or work, and I like it when you get to walk on it and it's deep enough to call it snow but still easy enough to get on with life as normal. I don't like too many days of it because the whole country seems to go on lock down and it's pretty annoying when it's all over the news... Other countries deal with it perfectly fine... I don't see the big deal!
Last year it snowed on my birthday, and that was fun. I always wished for a snowy birthday and i'm glad i got at least one snowy birthday.

What is your favourite memory of snow? Mine was when it was about 5 inches deep and I made the best and biggest snowman you have ever seen. That same day I went out with my school friends and played all day on a hill and sledges. Best snow day ever.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows World Premiere

So today, me and two of my bestest uni friends went to the Harry Potter Premiere in London's Leicester Square. We managed to somehow, arrive two hours before the celebs started walking in and manage to get to the front near the entrance to the square!
It was amazing. I saw everyone from Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Tom Felton and most of the cast to X Factor Contestants One Direction, Matt Cardle, Katie Waisell and more. Also saw Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher of McFly (my most favourite band ever!) and I had never met them before, i called them over for autographs because i really needed them to complete the collection since i already have Dougie Poynter's and Danny Jones'!!! It was PERFECT!
I got autographs from, The McFly boys, Emma Watson, Natalie Tena, Matt Cardle ♥ and Niall Horan (One Direction).
I am absolutely shattered from my excitement and everything... so i'm only uploading the three photos i love the most! Enjoy!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Hello November

As the year nears to the end, the more I panic. I have dissertation due in for the 14th December, I have to apply for next year's GTP course and find someone who will take me in as a trainee teacher. AND find all the certificates and write up all the things I need to apply. I cannot find my GCSE papers so i am having a small panic attack about that. Also I cannot find my psychology AS...
I am not willing to pay all that money they want for a new set of papers so i'm scrounging round my house.

It's a pretty stressful time for me but today I accomplished something amazing. I completed my dress project that I had been working on making all last week. And here is the final photographs for it. I hope the tutors like it! I hope you like it too!

What have you accomplished today?

Monday, 23 August 2010

University Art

It's almost September and then it will be term time. Well, not for me. I start in October and I should have been doing work all summer but I thought I'd enjoy my time off Uni and then start up again right before the end of the holidays. So it's time to get my creative piece of mind into gear and get working on my dissertation and art work for the year. I can't believe it... It's almost over and it's gone so fast! One more year, and I've got an entire degree!!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My Best Hot Chocolate Ever

It was on top of a mountain in Italy. I was on a skiing trip 7 or 8 years ago, 13 years old and I still remember what it tastes like I wish I could go back and get another one sometimes.
That real melted chocolate, and a lovely helping of whipped cream on top.... mmmmm. I remember saying to the teachers when we reached the top that we were tired purposely so we could stop off inside the cute little log cabin cafĂ© and have one. I think I must of had at least 5 in one day at one point. I love thinking back to that moment and the amazing time I had there.

I don't know why but I just craved for one right now and thought I'd share the moment :)

Do you have a specific favourite drink, from a certain time or place that just sticks out from the rest?

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