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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Winter's Coming

Yes, all of us in the UK know it has been snowing, and we are starting to feel the cold a little bit more now. But it's so pretty to see a white fluffy dusting outside in the morning and it's probably the only time i like coming out of a warm house into the cold snow feeling the coldness rush to my cheeks and freeze my face until I can't feel it.
I love the snow almost no matter what, I like it when it's deep and you get a day off from school or work, and I like it when you get to walk on it and it's deep enough to call it snow but still easy enough to get on with life as normal. I don't like too many days of it because the whole country seems to go on lock down and it's pretty annoying when it's all over the news... Other countries deal with it perfectly fine... I don't see the big deal!
Last year it snowed on my birthday, and that was fun. I always wished for a snowy birthday and i'm glad i got at least one snowy birthday.

What is your favourite memory of snow? Mine was when it was about 5 inches deep and I made the best and biggest snowman you have ever seen. That same day I went out with my school friends and played all day on a hill and sledges. Best snow day ever.

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