Monday, 28 February 2011


I want to dedicate a post to my granddad who passed away 2 days ago. It's hard to see someone go, but my granddad was suffering a great deal of pain and for a long time, and now he can be with the angels suffering no pain. If you're reading this, just take a moment to appreciate the people around you and the ones you love.
I believe that life is no good if you only exist, life is to be lived and it was unfair that my granddad did not get to live the last of his life to the fullest. I want to make sure I make the most of my life and appreciate it, and the little moments and big moments. I hope you appreciate life and the special moments of life.

I hope you rest peacefully in heaven granddad, I love you.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

100 Things (Part 5)

#41 making people smile

#42 London

#43 the excitement of flying to another country

#44 writing Something Said

#45 girl's nights out

#46 days in with films & cuddles

#47 kisses

#48 eating a good dessert/cake


#49 shoes!


#50 my favourite skinny jeans

What makes you happy? Have we got anything in common?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

100 Things (Part 4)

I get happier the more things I think of that make me happy. It's nice to see the list grow and see how many things I really like about the world in comparison to those things that make me sad :) I said something like this on the last post but it's not quite the same reason... still!... parte quatro!

#31 pens

#32 planning how my own home would look

#33 google search, always helpful

#34 nail polish

#35 bodily comfort

#36 soppy films like 50 first dates & the notebook

#37 Shaketastic milkshakes (from Radlett) (google it! #33 ;P)


#39 the heat of a nearby burning fire on my face

#40 quiet parks with rivers

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

100 Things (Part 3)

Writing things that make me happy always puts a smile on my face so this challenge is perfect to do on a day when you're not feeling to chirpy. One like today, the weather is a bit dull and the events haven't been too productive, So anyway, here is my 100 things from 21-30 :)

#21 jumping on a trampoline

#22 forehead kisses

#23 getting flowers

#24 cuddles

#25 watching programmes like glee before everyone else

#26 singing to my favourite songs

#27 jewelerry - rings & necklaces especially

#28 the little mermaid (disney)

#29 my obsession of collecting annonymous photography from

#30 collecting notebooks

what makes YOU happy?

Saturday, 12 February 2011

100 Things (Part 2)

# 11 FASHION! especially: dresses, bags & shoes

# 12 comedy shows

# 13 listening to music really loud

# 14 going out all night dancing

# 15 long drives to places

# 16 the beach, just being there (the sand & the sea)

# 17 waking up to complete silence

# 18 reading an amazing book

# 19 putting on my make up perfectly

# 20 oversized hoodies

Thursday, 10 February 2011

100 Things (Part 1)

So I was blog browsing as I do and I came across A Little Obsessed who did the 100 things but borrowed the idea from Sofia's Journal. I love the idea of the writing 100 things that make me happy and sharing it with my readers so I thought I would also borrow the idea too!
My 100 things will be in parts, so there will be 10 parts to this little challenge.
Sofia's Journal lists people who have taken up this challenge on her blog so if you would like to also do the challenge, feel free to and also email Sofia and let her know!


#1 the achey feeling in your cheeks when you've smiled too much

#2 puppies
#3 friends & family

#4 the acomplished feeling when i finish a piece of successful art

#5 cupcakes

#6 the surprise in a kinder egg

#7 the sun

#8 feeding the ducks

#9 a good chinese buffet

#10 cold bed sheets

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