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Thursday, 31 March 2011

100 Things (Part 10) The Finale

So it is the final 10 of the 100 things that make me most happy in the world. It's a sense of accomplishment as well as realising how much stuff really makes me happy for a genuine reason. This has been a good challenge and I'm happy to complete it today with my final 10 ;) Enjoy!

#91 city lights at night

#92 baby animals in general (a new found happiness)

#93 making silly faces

#94 puppy love

#95 getting things in the post

#96 staring at the stars in the sky on a clear night

#97 shooting stars

#98 stories about love and myths

#99 thinking positive

#100 finishing what I'd started

I hope you enjoyed my 100 things. They are on labels so you can see them altogether :)
I'd like to thank Sofia's Journal for putting up the challenge and I hope you decide to take on the challenge too! If you'd like to see other people who have done the 100 things challenge click here and take it on yourself ;)

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  1. I love city lights at night especially London city lights and finishing what i've started is always a good feeling