Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Weekend Away

So I haven't posted anything this weekend.... I've been away with the boyfriend up to Great Yarmouth/Hemsby Way... It's sooo amazing up there! I'd never been before and it was the best weekend to do it with the sun up in the sky beaming down those sexy hot rays! I'd never done anything like this so it was all new and amazing to me. I felt like a big kid again :) The boyfriend even won me a Pingu teddy... sort of ;)
I also helped my brother celebrate his 18th birthday in Oceana nightclub. I can only describe him as being a bouncy squirrel-like drunk...

Did you enjoy the sunny weekend?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mama, I Love You

Post title inspired by the Spice Girls. I wanted a Mother's Day related post title and it was the first thing that came to mind!
So what have you all given your mothers this Mother's Day? It's very late in the year this year. A bit strange if you ask me but still... I got my mum some indoor flowers... ones she doesn't have in a very nice metal pink and white basket. I like giving her things she can keep and loves. She can nurture these too and every time she looks at them I hope she remembers why she has them :)

We went to 57 Golborne Road... the address of the most amazing Portuguese patisserie in London if I say so myself... Lisboa Patisserie. I love the cakes there and my mum wanted to go so we took her there for lunch. Nothing beats a Pastel de Nata!

How has your weekend been?

Friday, 1 April 2011

Photography Friday #1

I've decided on a whim that each Photography Friday will be themed. 5 photos of one theme. This week's theme is obvious 

p.s. All rights go to weheartit.com as none of the photographers unless stated otherwise are known. These t&c's are written on the sidebar and I just wanted to point them out again.... you know. Just in case ;)
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