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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hello June.


June beholds a lot of free time for me though my horoscope says otherwise. I hope that for this month I can just relax for a bit as I feel like I fully well deserve it after the Degree Show and my final year assessment. I don't have 30 days worth of plans but I know what I want to be doing for a lot of it: relaxing, seeing my friends and my boyfriend, shopping for my holiday, going to the cinema and all that jazz.

But this month I definitely need to:

  • Buy a new ring (I haven't in a while... I think my obsession is over...)
  • Buy a bikinisandals, and anything else I might need for holiday... (Primarni please...)
  • See X Men: First Class! 
  • Finally go to Stanborough Lakes  (done :D)
  • Relax. aka. lazy days and lie ins...
  • Summer time Spring clean
  • Ebay old fashion items...
The boyfriend is taking me out for the day tomorrow so it's starting off the month pretty well I reckon, now I just have to get rid of this oncoming cold...

What's your plans this month?