Sunday, 31 July 2011

Always, Sometimes, Never.

Hello, it's stupid-early-o'clock in the morning and for some reason (it could be the coffee) I can't sleep. I took some friends to the airport for their 2 weeks holiday and I've been awake since. I thought it would be a good idea to go for a McDonald's breakfast but I think the latte and the sugar must of "done me up like a good 'un!" as my boyfriend would normally say ;P
Anyways, off topic. I was looking for some new blogs to follow and I came across some new ones that I seem to like the look of and liked their posts. I found Barefoot Love and I liked her posts:  Always, Sometimes, Never and thought I might have a little go at that :)

I Always:

  • Wear my silver ring on my right hand ring finger
  • Put music on stupidly loud in my car
  • Wish I was more committed to things I want to do
  • Sleep with at least 3 pillows of some sort whether one is a stuffed toy or not...
  • Look for a new ring in the sales of every shop with jewellery I go into.
  • Try something new on my nails when I paint them

I Sometimes:

  • Watch online TV because I like to watch it when I want and not when it's on
  • Look like a fool dancing and singing in my car like I can
  • Daydream about and plan scenarios I'd love to happen and could possibly happen
  • Paint my nails a different way everyday for a week
  • Wish I drew a little more, I used to be good at drawing
  • Spontaneously blog about the first thing that comes to mind when I feel like posting but have nothing to post about

I Never:

  • Read the entire magazine
  • Wear the first thing that I put on unless I've planned to definitely wear that outfit the day before
  • Keep my room tidy for too long. It just doesn't happen
  • Fly or travel long distances without my gold chain. It's like a security blanket type thing... Religious and meaningful.
  • Ever will eat mushrooms or tomatoes. They make me gag...
  • Give up on the things I want most, I work at them as hard as I can.

You know that was pretty fun to write out. If I stay a little committed to this I might do a few more!

Monday, 25 July 2011


I'm not very good at phonography. I don't really have a good camera on the wildfire either. Plus, my camera died over the holiday, Typical. I haven't had a camera that lasts yet! I'm so bad with technology....
But anyways! Here's a few snaps to share :) Happy Monday <3

Me & John on the Caretta Cruise

Me in the lovely Sea!

New Ring, Outfit Sale

New Earring, Outfit Sale

Fondant Fancy from Fortnum & Mason (I didn't really enjoy it, though it looks LUSH!)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Week To Remember....

I'm back. It's weird how much happens in a week! I missed out on a few things! But I've had I think THE most amazing holiday I could have asked for! Photos up soon once I sort them out :)

I missed out on seeing Something Said being a featured blog of the day on on the 14th July! I gained a few followers that way and I also searched Something Said on UK Blogs on and I'm on the top bloggers for the UK! Quite happy with that. I was sad to see that I had no emails about jobs or anything but apart from that it's all been great in my world.

My holiday was so perfect, imagine a teeny tiny island where you can travel on a quad that goes to a max of 35mph and go from one side of the island to the next in at least half an hour. That's amazing. The views were breathtaking and the beaches were beautiful and the company was pure perfect :) I have a cute album with our disposable camera photos and its the best idea we had... It's nice because they're real copies and not digital. I miss the value of having a real photo. Makes me realise that that holiday was reality and that it did actually happen and I have physical evidence of it!

Hows it all been in the UK for you this past week and a half?
Missed blogging!

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