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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Always, Sometimes, Never.

Hello, it's stupid-early-o'clock in the morning and for some reason (it could be the coffee) I can't sleep. I took some friends to the airport for their 2 weeks holiday and I've been awake since. I thought it would be a good idea to go for a McDonald's breakfast but I think the latte and the sugar must of "done me up like a good 'un!" as my boyfriend would normally say ;P
Anyways, off topic. I was looking for some new blogs to follow and I came across some new ones that I seem to like the look of and liked their posts. I found Barefoot Love and I liked her posts:  Always, Sometimes, Never and thought I might have a little go at that :)

I Always:

  • Wear my silver ring on my right hand ring finger
  • Put music on stupidly loud in my car
  • Wish I was more committed to things I want to do
  • Sleep with at least 3 pillows of some sort whether one is a stuffed toy or not...
  • Look for a new ring in the sales of every shop with jewellery I go into.
  • Try something new on my nails when I paint them

I Sometimes:

  • Watch online TV because I like to watch it when I want and not when it's on
  • Look like a fool dancing and singing in my car like I can
  • Daydream about and plan scenarios I'd love to happen and could possibly happen
  • Paint my nails a different way everyday for a week
  • Wish I drew a little more, I used to be good at drawing
  • Spontaneously blog about the first thing that comes to mind when I feel like posting but have nothing to post about

I Never:

  • Read the entire magazine
  • Wear the first thing that I put on unless I've planned to definitely wear that outfit the day before
  • Keep my room tidy for too long. It just doesn't happen
  • Fly or travel long distances without my gold chain. It's like a security blanket type thing... Religious and meaningful.
  • Ever will eat mushrooms or tomatoes. They make me gag...
  • Give up on the things I want most, I work at them as hard as I can.

You know that was pretty fun to write out. If I stay a little committed to this I might do a few more!