Monday, 31 October 2011

009 iLove: Pandas

They are just so bloody cute. I don't know what it is about them... maybe it just ties in with my general love for black and white animals: Penguins, Zebras, White Tigers... ♥ I painted the boyfriend Banksy's Panda on a canvas for him in our early days. He loves it as much as I love seeing it up in his room ♥

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Oct: 24 - 30

Does anyone know of any good firework displays in London. COMMENT BELOW IF YOU DO! <3
Odd week. It was half term for little people and I did a few things out of the normal weekly routine. Last shift at my "old" job Thursday and was given my hours for my new job at Outfit starting tomorrow! Excited!

I went to London on Monday for a "meeting/interview" thing and because I bought an over-priced train ticket into London just to spend an hour there, I thought I would abuse the trip and walk down the length of Oxford Street from Marble Arch in desperate attempt to find a decent woolly cardigan I could and would wear for work. It had to be black too. I didn't find one. I did discover Forever 21 which I will be heading straight to next time I am in London on a shopping trip! Isn't that such a stylish and decently priced shop or what!? I love it.

I have been daydreaming my future home this week at an extreme level. I love it, I keep window shopping for things I'd buy or want in my home and how it would look. Thinking about: colour swatches, decorating, home-ware, uniqueness, making that house a home. I'm coming to that age where I want to leave "the nest" and learn to fly solo. Expect a post about home-ware this week.

I spent a little this week  money wise which I feel terrible about. It's all in investment for my work uniform. Stylish and in Uniform as you must be! I am excited to wear out my ARMOUR RING I bought the other day... I always wanted one. Regretted it when I bought it and then decided I actually loved it, so it was a good buy!

I have an exciting week ahead with my new job, Halloween tomorrow, and The Distant World's concert on Saturday which is also Fireworks Night, double the fun! I have to be honest... Halloween isn't on my list of things I get hyped up about. I take my little siblings trick or treating and I dress up a little with what I have. I might not dress up this year. If I do... I want to be a creepy doll.

It's starting to get Christmassy. I've not been this excited about Christmas for years! Who's getting hyped up about it too?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Oct: 17-23

^ I need a moment like this ^
p.s. I need a new camera. Lumix G3 Please?
Busy Bee. I can only say I'm exhausted and still have another busy week ahead of me. There's just too much going on and I feel like I don't know what is going on from one day to the next. Stressing.

It was a shopping trip to Primark after I found out all my flat shoes were in pieces. I bought a pair of ankle lace up boots like THESE along with some dolly shoes. I bought tights because I have faced the fact that I am terrible with them, they are gone within minutes in most cases. I love my new shoes and tights, and I also bought the blue and brown satchel bag I mentioned in THIS post. It was on sale :)

I watched Real Steel this week at the cinema. And I rate it 5 STARS! I bloody loved it. It was violent (in a way I accept), it was great and such realistic graphics, boxing, it has Hugh Jackman and a cute father-son story line! If this doesn't win you over, it's by the same people that made Avatar. It's a must-watch! I also watched Bad Boys today. I've been watching a lot of films lately including all the Rush Hours, Casino Royale and Blitz. I really didn't like Blitz. Too close to home... That's all I'm going to say. I'm loving the films with my boyfriend lately. It's a lovely chill out thing to do :)

I can't wait for: pay day, last day at my job, first day at my new job and to buy a faux fur jacket. I tried THIS one on at River Island today. I nearly cried I wanted it so bad. With the money I don't have. I'm in love with it!

I'm off for a cup of tea, and a read of Glamour magazine in bed. I wish I had boyfriend's hoodie. I gave it back to him after stealing it on one of our first evenings out together. This is weird because it was about December I stole this. It just means I get to steal it again <3

Have you got any interesting plans this week?

Monday, 17 October 2011

008 iLove: Winter

Snow, wood fires, big coats, booties, scarves, gloves, hats, faux fur, Christmas, (Birthday, lol), cuddles, festivity, excitement, New Year, long nights in, having dark hair, pretty frost, the foggy vapour from your breath in the cold air, hot drinks and ice.... Only a few things I love about winter! Silly things, but I do love winter <3
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Sorry for my week leave. It was needed. I'm back, so Hello :)

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