Sunday, 27 November 2011

Nov: 21 - 27

So-much-going-on week.

This weekend has been lovely and basically perfect apart from a few little things. And this week has generally been a good but busy one in a while!
I have been busy in a good way, with my job (that I can say I really do enjoy), shopping, seeing people, doing important things... The usual!
Had my lovely boyfriend to see ALL this weekend! I went Christmas shopping with him and we ended out buying a tree and decorations! I can't wait to put it up with him! We also bought people a few presents and just drove about in cars like we enjoy doing often! Unfortunate events today ended up with a M25 drive but all in all everything turned out mostly okay. When we got home to relax for the final weekend bit, I spent 2 and a half hours painting a tattoo design on him, which I can say I really enjoyed! I miss painting. I missed having great weekends! I haven't had a weekend this good great in such a long time!

Looking forward to: Maybe purchasing a limited edition Barry M polish, Seeing the lovely boyfriend again, finishing my uni application and CHRISTMAS! <3

Sorry this has been short and snappy, but I have a personal statement to get on with! Hope you're having a LOVELY weekend :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Phonography: Oct - Nov

WARNING: heavy picturing.

I apologise for the very bad quality of my Wildfire. iPhone 4S investment please?
Apart from my bad photography skills via mobile photography, I bought THIS matt varnish as of the swaying of comments of my previous post and the photos of them too! Also found a way to rejuvenate nail polish! DIY post soon!?

mine and my boyfriends chocolate feast, dolly and her duck, my pumpkin, outfit for the first day at work!


today's makeup, london-wear (shoes & bag - primark, playsuit - miss selfridge, coat - new look), new purse given by boyfriend from that panda shop at the Trocaderro in Picadilly Circus, make-up from last week


Monday, 21 November 2011

012 iLove: Nail Designs

I know I haven't been around blogging for about over a week now. But I really haven't had the time. I've written out a few blog posts... just never finished them to post. Its been a hectic week.

I still want to do my iLove list, it's what I look forward to Monday evenings but it's now technically Tuesday morning. Anyway, I love doing my nails. So here's a few designs taken from that I LOOOVE ♥

WARNING: heavy picturing.


matt black mani, leopard print, mint, lace, printed, cartoon, girly random, crazy colours, ombre, & more matt because now I'm going to have to get some matt polish!

What's you favourite nail design??

EXPECT: a Christmas list post and a Phonography type post this week. Maybe a couple of ACTUAL outfit posts. Talking Outfit, so excited for Topshop opening in the Outfit store Wednesday! YAY!

Monday, 14 November 2011

011 iLove: My Boyfriend

It's simples. Like Alexander Orlov says :)
And I love him with all my heart and always will... in it's truest and purest form ♥

Really simple and wordless post. But... :) Had to be shared for my iLove series today ♥

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Nov: 7 - 13

FML week.
This week has been jam packed with work. And nothing else. I feel bad because I haven't got much to share... I've been trying to sort out my time and it's not working because my free time is so short and limited at the moment.

Tuesday this upcoming week is Graduation day. I'm going out to my friend's old work place for lunch with the Uni girls and our other halves and so on, which I'm excited for. I haven't seen the girls properly in a while so it will be nice to catch up and celebrate our degree!
Tuesday is also the day of two of my Science GCSE exams, which is a big deal because I reallly need these to be aced so I can have any chance of pursuing my future career in teaching! I feel confident about it, so at least I have that :)

I am also planning to go London on Sunday with my lovely and amazing boyfriend. We want to go Christmas shopping, get ideas and things like that. A London Day Trip is on our list of many things to do together. I can't wait to tick it off.

Looking forward to: Graduation Day, London, Seeing my boyfriend and starting painting again. I really need to get into my creative mind-stream again... Also need to learn to pluck up some courage and fight.

I'm loving Lego House by Ed Sheeran at the moment. Can't stop listening to it ♥
Weirdest video ever though.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Raffle's Bizarre Goods ♥

The lovely LaurenRhiannon had a giveaway with lovelies from Raffles Bizarre [blog link] not long ago and I was just so lucky to win it. The post man is a little bit scared of my tiny and VERY HARLMESS dog, and didn't actually put anything through the post box. So I found this outside when I got home from work. Luckily in tact :)

I love a good giveaway and winning. And this is my first win!

Thanks LaurenRhiannon AND Raffles Bizzare [shop link] for the AMAZING goodies :)
♥ Check out the Raffles Bizarre shop and Lauren's blog! ♥

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

010 Late iLove: Christmas

I had a long work day yesterday and didn't really feel like being online, so I missed doing the iLove list. I thought I'd do it today instead. And just to get into Christmas spirits, I thought I'd do Christmas and the little things I love about it in pictures :) ENJOY ♥




Christmas trees, loved one, hot drinks on cold days & snowy ones, all round christmas decorations and snow, christmas penguins and cuddlies, cold weather, christmas cards, christmas cookies, and hot chocolates with marshmellows ♥


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Oct - Nov: 31 - 6

Oh, what a week.
Source: - Inspiration: Last Night. I'm going to have to draw this :3 ♥
Obviously, Monday was Halloween. I mentioned before that I'm not the big Halloween fan. I took my little brother trick or treating and took INSPIRATION from Pigments & Palettes for my asymmetrical glamazombie face kinda thing. Copied a little... Sorry Meredith! But it was good, walked around seeing all the little ones dressed up and they got quite a few sweets :)

I also started work at my new job in Outfit this week too. And a week gone and I still love it. It was obviously a lot of training and stuff for the first week but I honestly do enjoy it and am happy working there with my new colleagues who made me feel welcome and I enjoy working with too. Topshop is coming to the store soon too! Exciting!

WOW! I found this on trying to find my favourite song from the show, and here's the exact one! Someone filmed from the top left of where we were sitting last night! We were in front middle of this screen! ♥

Yesterday I went to the AMAZING Distant Worlds, Music From Final Fantasy concert in The Royal Albert Hall in London. I enjoyed it soooo much! It was a lot of fun and the music was really WOW! I liked reading the status on the Distant Worlds Facebook Page earlier. Made me want to be a Final Fantasy Nerd! I will be playing that at some point... :D It was something off mine and my boyfriend's to do list together and it was ticked off happily! I really can't explain how much I loved it, the concert was just amazing.

On top, I went to My Specs Direct today and picked up my new glasses! Yay, and they work a charm. I haven't had that thing where the letter blur together or things start to go funny looking since I been wearing them. And they look lovely and sophisticated!
I also spent the day lazing with my boyfriend watching 300, playing Tekken 6 and Little Big Planet. He makes a great cup of tea too bearing in mind he puts less sugar than I'd like purposely to cut my intake of sugar. Tut Tut ♥ ;P

Looking forward to: recieving LaurenRihannon's giveaway that I won, wearing my new glasses out, dancing under the new disco-ball my 8 year old sister bought and work strangely! Not look forward to: Science revision.

I've had a jam-packed good week really. It's time to start thinking about Christmas too... Eeks! I have to start amazoning/ebaying/googling present ideas for everyone. I need a real elf.

How has your week treated you?
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