Saturday, 31 December 2011

Another Year Gone


2011 is now come to it's final hours and looking back, I haven't had a bad year. I've in fact had a great year. I started the year with my boyfriend, meaning tomorrow IS our anniversary :) eee!! And I'll make the transition into the new year with him too! SO excited. I've done a lot of things, and been a lot of places over the last year and I can say that this is probably the best year I've had. Though I feel bad saying that too because I also lost someone this year too... I miss my granddad and I can't believe it happened. But he'd been seriously ill since I was about 4 years old so in a weird way it's a relief to my family but we still deeply miss him and always will.

Like I mentioned, I've been to places that I'd never been before, I've done things I'd never done before! I've loved this year and I'm hoping I'll love next year better, I hope no bad things and more new things. I want to have the best year and I know I'm being stereotypical saying that, but I honestly can say this year has been great and next year has competition :)

As for now... See you in  Tumblr_lx2b9jj0qw1qde9ero1_500_large!

Friday, 30 December 2011

2011 | What I Read Blog-wise

Since I joined the blogosphere a year and a half ago I've come across a few blogs I like to read. This year I spent the year reading quite a few blogs as well as writing on mine! And I'd like to share the name of those blogs I read through the year and would like to thank them for blogging and being such a good read and good use of time through the year! I don't comment enough to share my love for blogs but I read my favourist ones every time they write so.... I think my blogging resolution for the new year is to comment more!


So to all the bloggers, I hope you had a great year of blogging and another great year to come.
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If you're not on the list! Make a comment and tell me who your favourite blogs are! I'm also sure I'd check yours out too :)  You girl's have made my year of reading! Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

12 Things In 2012

The new year is almost upon us and randomly on my last post got the idea to get 12 things I want to do in the upcoming year. I will be honest. I haven't thought about these before and will be on a whim as I write!


I want to learn how to knit. Actually I lie a little... This one I wanted to do BEFORE the year surpassed but I never got round to it. I would love to know how to knit so that I may eventually learn how to knit myself a cute little scarf or jumper! I think I'll start with a scarf.

I want to take a day trip to France or somewhere in East Europe like Holland or Belgium. I want to do this with my boyfriend because we spoke about this and it's on our list. The choice is where to and when!

I want to paint more. I've been painting a little something special for my boyfriend for our anniversary on Sunday. It's not yet finished but will be by Sunday! He made me realise how much I miss painting. I thank him for that ♥

I want to get back into University for the final year! It's the last thing I want to do... It's the only thing I need to do and then I can actually be qualified for my career choice! I really need and want this... So this is a chance thing, whether I get in or not... I don't know. I've just paid for my application too! YAY!

I want to go to a ceramics/pottery cafe and paint my own plate or mug. I love this idea, I went once ever for a birthday party and painted a cute little mug with a pink bunny on it but it broke a few years back. It's a place where you go, and you pay for whatever you want to paint... you paint it and then you pick it up later when they've fired and sealed it. Such a great idea.

I want to finish my Pokemon game. Okay, weird one I know. But I bought Pokemon Black last year and started playing it... and I stopped... and then I never got round to going back to it. So I want to finish it... Because it's a great game really and I miss it!

I want to let off a Sky Lantern. This is a cheating thing to want to do it 2012... Because me and my boyfriend are going to do this New Year's Day. I still want to put it on the list because once I do one thing on the list... It'll make me want to do the rest!

I want a better diet. I do eat a lot of crap, and I don't really care much. I realised how much of a bad thing this really is and decided that next year I will TRY better. I know I won't go completely healthy, because that's not me. I just want to eat better... more fruit because I love fruit, more water because I don't drink enough. That sort of thing.

I want a tidy room. I don't have one... Never really did. I did the clear out I said I would do, but I think I still need condensing. So next year I really want to keep on trying to get more organised and tidy. It is not good to be messy if you have someone special you want to move out with eventually! Sort it out Cat!

I want to handle money better. I will be paying off more things this year in a way to gain more independence and learn to deal with money issues on my own. It's for the best of my growing up part!

I DON'T want to change. I realised yesterday that I stress myself out too much with stuff that doesn't matter like my job that I don't have to take home with me and family and home things that aren't really my problem. I realised that I haven't been being myself and that I need to be. I don't want to be one of them girls who change to suit their situation. I want to be who I always was and who I should be, because I shouldn't change for anyone. No one likes drastic change.

I want to have another great year. I have has a great year apart from the very few ups and downs. One things comes to mind especially, and I'd like to think that the year has been good to me for it. So, I would like to say, 2011 has been very good to me.
Is there anything you want to do that's special or sort of a new year's resolution in the new year?

Monday, 26 December 2011

Dec: 12 - 25

Two hectic weeks.


I missed last weeks weekly post in all the business of a Christmas party I attended and the arrival of my grandmother that day so today is a special 2 week update!

Firstly Merry Christmas one and all! Hope you all had a lovely day and got everything you wanted! I got loads of presents off my boyfriend (who I think went overboard). I seriously love and appreciate every single one of them! Includes the most amazing white gold locket with a diamond... I absolutely love it. Best present I've ever received! Better than my car last year by miles :)
I got given a lotttttt of make up! Which I love, along with a couple of tops, My Chocobo plush and the wedges I put on my list in THIS post. I am in awe at the oddest, but one of the best presents which is a giant Ferrero Rocher... Its the size of my head! And solid! Amazed me.

Funniest present? A pop up Car Bin. Messy cow needs one!

Last week I spent working a little too much... Same as this week. I managed to squeeze in shopping and I did have two days off work this week to spend with people for my birthday. I went shopping for final gifts, which I am so glad worked out... And Frankie's & Bennies for my birthday lunch! Nom. Apart from that just a hectic work week. Back tomorrow :( Boo.

Looking forward to: Friday, Boxing Day Sales, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day/1 Year Anniversary and being lazy!
Expect: Birthday/Christmas present haul post, 12 things for 2012 post, Favourite blogs of the year and a year recap post.

How has your week and Christmas turned out!?
What's your best/funniest/odd present you received this year?

Friday, 23 December 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree

** Just sharing a few photos from mine and my boyfriend's Christmas tree. Merry Christmas everyone! **

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I'm Two Little Ducks Today, With My 22nd Birthday! ♥

Hihi bloggers! I'm 22 technically today :) It's 1am and I'm really happy about the day I'll have ahead of me! I get to spend the next two days with my lovely handsome boyfriend doing whatever happens. We like winging it :) I am currently dying my hair using Clairol, Perfect10 in Shade 4 - Dark Brown, which only takes 10 minutes to do! I wonder how the results will turn out! I'm doing it really late now because I was waiting for my mum to come home from picking my dad up just because I know how bad of a job I'll do otherwise! Also because I want it done before my hair cut tomorrow booked in at The Cutting Room. My birthday present from my boyfriend. Thank you darling!

I bought myself the heels mentioned in THIS post the other day, and I don't expect any presents at all. HONEST! All I want is the people I love around me.... and a birthday cake :) As I've mentioned countless times.... maybe enough times to have more than one on the way.... oops! ALSO, ordered that jumper from AND with the sale on there a monochrome dress I'm not too sure about any more (might give it to my skinny mother!) and an oversized playsuit!


I might not be so bloggy this week, as it's a busy one! Either way ;) I'll try.
Expect: Another birthday post, Phonography, Christmas Tree photos, Maybe finally an Outfit post. I might wait until the new year to start doing regular outfit posts. I'm so useless at doing what I say I will!

Christmas soon! Who's excited!?

Monday, 19 December 2011

014 iLove: Penguins!

I like doing the animal posts. It means I get to find all the cute pictures of the animals I like! In this case I love penguins. Why? They look like they're wearing Tuxedos, they waddle and they are generally cute and loving animals.
I remember from watching Definitely, Maybe that penguins mate for life and whether they are parted they always find each other again. It's so cute!


So cute right? :3

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Loves Ones At Christmas.


Sometimes you get caught up in all the things you need to do before, work, shopping, all sorts... And you forget the time before Christmas matters just as much as Christmas time and any time before and after that! So remember your loved ones this Christmas.
Neglect is something we talk about NOT doing at Christmas, like them "Dogs are not just for Christmas" advert. Because it's true and the same goes for people. So if you feel like you're neglecting someone, or not spending the time you should do with someone then remind them, that you're there and you still love them.
I've been too busy working and trying to sort out Christmas that I've been experiencing a little of this. Time with people is important, whether its 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 weeks and we remind ourselves sometimes that we need a break from all life's hustle and bustle and stop and be with the people we love most.

Tell your loved ones how much you love them this Christmas.
And make it your new year's resolution to let them know that you do throughout the year.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dec: 4 - 11

Sparkly week.
I feel like it's been one of the odd weeks where you think OMG, it's Christmas soon! And panic sets in! I just need all the presents to arrive before panic settles out.

I've been doing a big load of over time which will be reflected in January's pay and staring at all the pretty glittery clothes that I hope will go on sale Boxing Day! Working at Outfit really has been great, I do love my job and it may be simple and it may not involve a lot of experience but I believe I'm good at it and working with fashion whether it be in a shop or not, I love it! It's changed my sense in clothes... especially in the past week or two. This may have been reflected in my blog posts... or so I feel!

I bought almost everyone's Christmas presents. I have to return my brother's because of reasons I can't state in case he reads this! I just need a few more things for my boyfriend and a big hope that things will come over the next week or two to wrap up before the big December day! Also with my grandmother coming over from Portugal today next week I will be getting her a present. I'm thinking a purse with a photo of me and my siblings on? So she can see us everyday :) *big aww*

I've finally done the Christmas tree with the boyfriend, John! I had so much fun doing it and it looks A-mazing! We realised that we bought a load of bird ornaments for it! Penguins, robins and doves :) It really does look a pretty picture... and it's super sparkly! PERFECT.

Early birthday present to myself, with my birthday just around the corner! (5 days before Christmas!) I tweeted this earlier... I just love my new heels. Bargain with £12 in New Look!... I think it was totally worth it. I cheekily  asked to see what my brother had bought shopping today and without thinking said yes... Unfortunately for him he realised too late that I'd seen the Clubland 20 CD he bought me! I felt so bad... I can't have it until then either! Serves me right for being a nosy kitty Cat!

How has your week been?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Nov - Dec: 28 - 4

Surreal Week.


So we've just entered December this week... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
Not much happened this week. It's been a bit weird... thinking about reviewing it now has made me realise that I haven't done anything but work, eat, sleep and buy a couple of things. I was meant to put up mine and my boyfriend's beautiful-to-be Christmas tree today but that'll have to wait a little longer. You're not supposed to put it up until 12 days before Christmas are you!? Exactly.
I returned a top that I bought in New Look Wednesday, I posted about it here. The panelled tee... I'd only worn it once and went to wear it again to find that it was ripped! Boo... But I got a credit note and bought three cute pairs of socks (brown florals, teal frilly ankles, christmas penguins) and a pair of tights (light dusty brown). Yay :) Also bought myself a pair of slouchy boots from Tesco for a very good price and haven't got out of them since I bought them.
I also won JAZZPAD's giveaway! I got 1st prize which won me a £40 gift voucher for already eyeing up a couple of things ;)
I've done a little bit of Christmas shopping too... Not all of it though. Got a couple of "making" things to do and a couple of proper presents to get. I don't know what to get everyone. Frustrating isn't it?
Have you done any Christmas shopping? We've only got 3 weeks remember!? LITERALLY.

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