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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Another Year Gone


2011 is now come to it's final hours and looking back, I haven't had a bad year. I've in fact had a great year. I started the year with my boyfriend, meaning tomorrow IS our anniversary :) eee!! And I'll make the transition into the new year with him too! SO excited. I've done a lot of things, and been a lot of places over the last year and I can say that this is probably the best year I've had. Though I feel bad saying that too because I also lost someone this year too... I miss my granddad and I can't believe it happened. But he'd been seriously ill since I was about 4 years old so in a weird way it's a relief to my family but we still deeply miss him and always will.

Like I mentioned, I've been to places that I'd never been before, I've done things I'd never done before! I've loved this year and I'm hoping I'll love next year better, I hope no bad things and more new things. I want to have the best year and I know I'm being stereotypical saying that, but I honestly can say this year has been great and next year has competition :)

As for now... See you in  Tumblr_lx2b9jj0qw1qde9ero1_500_large!

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