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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I'm Two Little Ducks Today, With My 22nd Birthday! ♥

Hihi bloggers! I'm 22 technically today :) It's 1am and I'm really happy about the day I'll have ahead of me! I get to spend the next two days with my lovely handsome boyfriend doing whatever happens. We like winging it :) I am currently dying my hair using Clairol, Perfect10 in Shade 4 - Dark Brown, which only takes 10 minutes to do! I wonder how the results will turn out! I'm doing it really late now because I was waiting for my mum to come home from picking my dad up just because I know how bad of a job I'll do otherwise! Also because I want it done before my hair cut tomorrow booked in at The Cutting Room. My birthday present from my boyfriend. Thank you darling!

I bought myself the heels mentioned in THIS post the other day, and I don't expect any presents at all. HONEST! All I want is the people I love around me.... and a birthday cake :) As I've mentioned countless times.... maybe enough times to have more than one on the way.... oops! ALSO, ordered that jumper from Sosolo.co.uk AND with the sale on there a monochrome dress I'm not too sure about any more (might give it to my skinny mother!) and an oversized playsuit!


I might not be so bloggy this week, as it's a busy one! Either way ;) I'll try.
Expect: Another birthday post, Phonography, Christmas Tree photos, Maybe finally an Outfit post. I might wait until the new year to start doing regular outfit posts. I'm so useless at doing what I say I will!

Christmas soon! Who's excited!?

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