Monday, 30 January 2012

Jan: 23 - 29

Another Working Week.
p.s. this is not me. But thanks for providing an image that's exactly how I feel!
I don't have much to share this week.. I've spent a lot of my time working and trying to sort out life's little bits in between and not getting anywhere with it!
I attempted to go out on the town last night for a friend's birthday but that ended up just a drive and a quick hello as everyone had left to go home because the chosen venue wasn't exactly amazing. Instead me and my lovely boyfriend spent the night driving around and chatting like we had verbal diarrhoea!
Today we spent the evening watching The Hangover 2, eating Pizza Hut and drinking KA Pineapple. I love tropical fizzes! We've both had long weeks and we love a good chill out session! It's what we all need on a Sunday and judging by the posts from Bloggers I follow, you've all had a lazy one too!
I've got a lot to do for the commencing week and if I'm totally honest, I'm not really looking forward to it. I'm going to be having to sort out my voluntary work, mobile phone contract, and all sorts. I also want to make better use of my spare time. I spend a lot of my free time doing things that don't engage my brain, creativity and what not where I should be.
On the agenda this week then should be sorting out the things that need to be done, full stop... And then getting back into blogging, being an artiste, catching up on my tv and having a good old clear out! I'm a haver... so I keep all sorts of things that I don't need... I think a car boot sale would sort the problem out... Kind of!

What's the best food to order in on a chill out day?

OH. I want to do a post where you ask questions and I answer them. So any questions you have please leave them in the comment box and I'll do a post with them later on in the next two weeks! XOXO

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Jan: 16 - 22

"Au Revoir" Week.
This week I've had to say a sort of goodbye to a person and something! My nan left to go back home after being with us since the 18th December! I just got used to having her around and now the house seems a little quiet and my room a little empty. It was nice having her here and I really did have a laugh with her. But I know it won't be long until I see her again. I'm planning a visit to Portugal in May for my cousin's wedding! I would get to see all my family in one place in the space of a weekend!
I've also had to say goodbye to my boyfriend's trusty Fiesta since he picked up his new one! It's up for sale now and I can't believe it in a way because we've built up so many memories in that car. I just remember the memories and know that we're going to build new memories in his new car. It's always better if he drives because I get all nervy in the car with him! But I will miss that mean machine of a little car!
I've been doing a bit of overtime this week and I haven't had much time to myself, so I don't feel like I've done too much but work! But C'est La Vie!

Looking forward to: Pay Day, Buying Uniform, Going for a coffee with friends and out with them at the weekend.
I'm not going to write posts to expect because I have a bad habit of not writing them out after. Spontaneous posts work best!

Hope you've all had a lovely week!
Question: Are there any decent films to go and watch out at the cinema this week?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Graze Box

The other day at work I saw one of my friends eating out of a brown box parcel, and curious as a cat would be I asked what it was she was eating. Out of a brown box, it was a little odd! She told me of this advert that she saw on TV about a little box of dried foods and nibbles that comes to you in the post for days you set it up to be ordered for. More curious about it I went on to the website, and decided to try it out myself!
Your first graze box is FREE of charge and your second one is half price and from then on it is £3.50 for each box. You can set it up to order it for certain days of the week and if you need to you can roll it back a week if you don't fancy it that week. It's all explained on the website and I thought it would be a little fun to try it, also because there is no obligation to carry on with the box if you don't want to even after the first free box!
 So after trying the contents of the graze box I came to the conclusion that I didn't like 'Lost Army' (top right) which is a mix of oriental crackers. A couple of them where a little bit hot... like they had chilli in!
I absolutely adored the 'Mississippi BBQ Pistachios' simply because I love pistachios! But the barbecue flavour was perfectly infused into the nuts!
I liked the 'Strawberry Milkshake', I wasn't too keen on the banana coins which usually I love but I guess because they still have some of the moisture in them where the banana coins that I usually have are completely dried which is how I like them, but other than that I loved having those little white chocolate buttons and the strawberries... I was surprised that I did like the strawberries!
I have to say my favourite was 'Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack'... because I love flapjacks and I loved these flapjacks best of all! I'm picky with them... they have to be soft and full of flavour which these were! I am a big fan of apple and cinnamon together, and this must be the best combination and especially put into a flapjack... literally 'OMG'ed at it.
I've been very nice though with all the goodness in this box and I've saved a few for the boyfriend and family to try :) (awww!)

So would I order a Graze Box again? Graze randomised the contents of the box due to what you like when you sign up. You can choose what they can send, whether you like, love or would like to try it. If not you can "bin" it so you don't receive it. You can also say no nuts if you are allergic! I loved my first selection and the second one is half price so, Yes. I'll order one for Friday and I might decide again then... because I think a second tasting will be the decider.... Just to get the feel of it!

With my box I recieved these! If you sign up your first box is free, and for influencing you I get £1 off my next box! So if you like the idea and to get your first graze box completely FREE with the code above
click here and enjoy!

Monday, 16 January 2012

017 iLove: Cupcakes

Ohhhh Yes. Especially making them and decorating them. Does anyone have a good cupcake recipe?!? Now is the time to share it! I usually like to make the plain jane ones. Simple cupcakes with extravagant toppings! Like these....


Do you like cupcakes!?

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Jan: 9 - 15

'Travelly' Week.

This week I've done a lot of driving. Most of my miles were racked up on Friday taking my boyfriend to view a car he liked... And he got it! It's an amazing car and for any of you girls who like cars or at least watch Top Gear, its a Fiesta ST. I thought ST stood for Sport Turbo... But its Sport Technology. DUH. How silly did I feel in front of the boyfriend saying that. *facepalm*
I re-kindled a love for The Terminal too when I came in from work Saturday night and found my brother and his girlfriend watching it. John has never watched it, so when I head to HMV next, I know what I'm getting!
Next week begins the two weeks we have at work to get business wear and I'm quite excited because we get a good percentage off that and it only comes a few times a week. And it all has to be black clothing because it's for work. But I don't mind! I've already put on hold a few cute things to get for it! Will share them at some point in the next 2 weeks!
Weather is also a bit icy too... I quite like it because it gets some reaaalllll good wear from my LOVELY Cow Pom Pom Zip Coat (slightly pictured) which I haven't shared yet I think! You know what the next outfit post entails then!...
It's been all over the place with work so when it comes to recapping I can't quite remember a lot of it.... Hmmm.
Anyway! How has your week been?
Want to suggest a good film to watch as a couple? Cinema, DVD?

Looking forward to: Business wear, Re-doing my magnetic nails, Relaxing a little, Getting important things done and eating grapes as I have a big thing for them at the moment...
Expect: My Cow Pom Pom Zip Coat, Another Outfit Post & A Nail Post!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Inspirational in January

So I'm thinking this may be the start of a monthly series... Where I mention blogs and show photography (sourced from probably) that has inspired me this month. Whether this be in the middle of the month or the end... It will come at some point. So I'm going to give this a try! Enjoy.... ♥

Jumpers | Dark Hair Amazing Style (Like Sexy Fox) | Slight Spring Warmth & summer wear being winter wear too ♥ | Glitter Nails | Big Rings again ♥ | Nutella | Penguins | Bright & Glitter Make-up

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Late: Christmas Gifts

I am trying to keep up to date and this is real late. But I want to share a few Christmas Gifts I received! Especially my favourite one.... Which is this:

My amazing boyfriend got me this locket for Christmas! White gold with a diamond in the detail.... PERFECT. It's our first Christmas together and I thought this was just so lovely and special. I still haven't put any photos in it, but my printer didn't have ink and I'm contemplating maybe getting a proper photo done to put in there... (Do they print them that small at Tesco PhotoShop?) But seriously... best gift ever! I absolutely ADORE it!
As well as this beautiful thing, I got a lot of other things from him, like make-up, a cuddly doggie (aww!), chocolates, nail polish set, Soap & Glory Big Splendour Bag, lots of bathroom essentials and these wedges which I've been living in since Christmas day!

I hope he likes his presents as much as I loved mine!!! ♥

I received a LOT of make up this year including a GOSH make-up set, I honestly swear the entire Colourworks Collection without a double from different people, Jumpers, a pyjama set and a La Senza Fleecy Robe. There were other things... I just can't remember and I have used most things since, so it was never photographed. I was very happy with my presents though :) Wouldn't swap them for anything! ♥

What did you get that was special to you this year?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What I'm Wearing: Uniform

Necklace/Body Jewellery & Earrings - Diva @ Miss Selfridge
Jumper - Miss Selfridge (Christmas Gift!)

First proper outfit post EVER! Like scheduled and not by luck that I photographed it. Intentional post!
I wore this to work last week and I just bought the necklace thing (I don't know what to call it) and loved it with my black uniform. Everyday at work I wear black so I like to spruce it up with jewelerry and sometimes a splash of colour depending. It's usually socks out with the colour splash!
What sort of thing do you wear to work/university/school?

Monday, 9 January 2012

016 iLove: Snow

Last year we were all prepared for snow with our weird British weather and our expectations. I expected being snowed in, snow angels, igloos, and cold cuddles and kisses! I'm still waiting! I love snow, because it's one of those rare times it doesn't matter how old you are. Snow is somewhat magical... It being water frozen in the most beautiful way and all...
How do you like the snow?

OMFG. How cute!?


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dec: 2 - 8

Stressy Week.


Again, a post-less week. I keep getting annoyed with myself on a Sunday when I haven't posted because that means I've been stupidly busy and too busy to even blog! Which is just a minor thing, I just about had time to do my nails Friday night because of all the work and stuff I have to do!
Although I have had yet again a busy week, too busy for 'Cat Time' I had some lovely 'John & Cat Time' today! We played Red Alert 3, Watched Thor and ate Cherry Bakewell Tarts and Grapes! Only bummer was the fact my RA3 game kept crashing on my laptop. Damn games... I was also introduced to World of Warcraft.... And I have to admit, it isn't that bad and I was easily hooked! YES! I said it, and it's true! Only thing is it costs to play, which with my tight pockets and limited me time... Just no.
OH! iPhone and iPad users, I have a free game to download for you if you haven't got it yet: Temple Run. I can't get enough of this game, it's so simple and such an addictive game to play and challenge friends with!

As for blogging. I'm going to keep up with a few pre-scheduled posts ready. I have posts lined up I just haven't had time and misplaced the camera with some photos in to post! I still haven't said anything about Christmas presents or sale purchases... And also any outfit posts and what nots. Not starting the year well am I? But, better late than never eh?

On the geek front, since I'm turning into one more and more each day. What's your favourite PC game?
And any games you recommend on the iPad/iPhone!?

Monday, 2 January 2012

015 iLove: Fresh Starts


A new year, a new start. It's the best excuse to freshen up and say "this is my year". Most of us see New Year's Day as a reset button where we can go right, let's go back to the first step and start on that path again. Most of us think we made a wrong turn somewhere and some of us are lucky enough to have taken the right turn! I was lucky enough to meet my boyfriend in 2010 and begin the year with him in 2011 :)

But I do love to kick start the new year with a resolution that this year will be better and I will make it better and also have little resolutions like, you won't buy too many clothes and you will clean your room and keep it that way. This year my big one is to save! I want to be able to afford a flat sometime in the next 2 - 3 years and I want to also make sure I can afford to live through uni without my full time job that I'm going to dislike leaving. But if I want to pursue a dream you got to give up a few things!

This year will be amazing! I'll make sure of it!

Dec - Jan: 26 - 2

Messy Week.


It's been all topsy turvy in my household this week, it's that week everyone's off work but you and no one including yourself does anything. I'm in need of a major room tidy, because I can't tell what's going on!

New Year's Eve was spent shopping with my mum for a nice dress for the evening and in the evening at a lovely pub and the hotel with my boyfriend for dinner and the New Year! We watched the fireworks on the tele   and we thought they were amazing! Out did ourselves this year... Makes a lot of sense with 2012 London Olympics just  around the corner! It was an amazing evening, and I couldn't of asked for it to be better!

New Year's Day yesterday was also mine and my boyfriend's first year anniversary! I painted him a picture from our holiday and he instantly put it up on the wall, and he gave me every single text we ever sent each other on a memory stick in a word document... over 400,000 words that is.... in just over a year! I absolutely LOVED the present because I'd lost all mine due to a slow phone with too many texts and having to reset it a few times! He knows how much I love to keep things like that, including texts! ♥ awww!

Late post because of the events of yesterday. I'm up early to get ready for work yet again! I don't mind, I'm just a little bit on the tired side! What are your plans for the week ahead?

Looking forward to: Getting into bed again, sorting out my dodgy nails I've just done, reading more of my texts, tiding my room, and getting on top of things to be doing in hopes that this year I WILL be more organised and I WILL complete my resolutions!

Expect: Nails post, Christmas present post yet to come, and a couple of reviews!

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