Monday, 27 February 2012

Feb: 21 - 26

Spring Week.

With the Sun coming out, everyone's getting their shades on and basking in the sun while it's there. I think we all know it's British weather, thus it will not last! But, we can only abuse the sun we get while it's there like us Brits have been! I realised I haven't really got any shades to be wearing so I might have to hunt some down soon, maybe a little bit of retail therapy after the long week ahead I have!
So this week I have been working my butt off! Literally I think that is all that I have done. It was pay day and I spent Friday after work scouring the local shopping centre for the jeans I have mentioned in now the third post in a row. I'm buying the ones I want tomorrow! Yay!
Today I spent playing Pokemon Stadium on the classic N64 and cuddling up with the boyfriend, like I love doing on my Sundays! We spent last night driving around like we used to! I guess the weather was perfect for our late night snacking, chit chats and drives around the place! It's just like before :)!!! We also booked our holiday. UBEREXCITED for that to happen in April! YAY! ♥
With the point I was making about the sun, I have also been "spring" cleaning. I'm taking it literally. I realised how much crap I really have and all the clothes I have that I don't wear and I have to see what I can chuck and what I just can't bear to let slip of my possession. I have done this quite often but I seriously need to let go of some of the stuff I have! I want to start the summer with less clothes and in a cheeky way more reason to re-vamp my wardrobe and have a car boot sale. I have a real urge for that at the moment!
Is anyone else having a spring clean of their room!?

Looking forward to: Starting my Brand Specialist position, Buying my jeans, Possibly buying a foundation I've tried and tested and chirping around in the sun!

p.s. I apologise for the state of this unstructured post. It is definitely bed time. Goodnight! xo

Monday, 20 February 2012

Feb: 13 - 20

Stay-in week.


So, this week I spent a lot of time working, and when I wasn't working, I was indoors being lazy with the lovely boyfriend watching films, making cakes and generally being happy and lazy :)
I got some great news at work when I found out I'd be a brand specialist for a brand at work. It's only a small area and it's not a massive responsibility but I quite like my job and to have a little something different that also requires a bit more thought and creativity and a few more contracted hours I was happy! Also got the time I wanted to book off so I was happy with that too!
My mum went to France for the weekend too, so I spent Friday indoors relaxing on my own! It was an odd feeling and I quite enjoyed it. I made sure I milked the time with blog reading, giving myself a long bath and a facial and I eventually did my nails of Saturday night too which didn't turn out too well! It was nice to have some alone time, but at the same time it's not for me!
Saturday I spent with the boyfriend watching films and TV. We watched Top Gear re-runs on Dave (best channel ever FYI) and Analyse This. We made a Devil's Food Cake which I must say was amazing! And our favourite random meal, Bacon Fried Rice! Sunday was an evening for cups of tea and Snatch because I;d never watched it before. With this cold weather we noticed how much we love spending time indoors and how much we have to do when it becomes a little warmer... I'm quite excited for the warmer weather. There's always more to do and more light in the day!
With my mum going to France with my younger siblings, she came back with some lovely presents as well as a bag full of French bread sticks which I loved and a few little things. She bought me the most loveliest T-shirt from Jennyfer which has the union jack on and instead of stars, anchors! I like clothes for presents :) Might post about it at some point!

Looking forward to: drawing some more, making lists, pay day and pancake day!
How did your week go? Any plans for the week ahead?

p.s. Sorry for the late post, I don't know what happened yesterday!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Feb: 6 - 12

Creative Week.

Watercolour pictures to unexpected hand-created gifts. This week I have been getting back to my arty self. I have been saying for a while I wanted to get back into my art a little bit and I started that by drawing a little bit again...
I was quite proud of myself, I haven't really done any art work of any sort since I finished university apart from the one painting I did for my boyfriend which I had planned on doing a very long time before I'd finished uni... So I don't understand myself if that counts because it was pre-planned a long time before. I know it's only a small drawing/painting but it really made me realise how out of touch with the thing that I'd studied for years I was and how much I love it. See, I really want to start to practise my drawing more... understand and draw portraits more than anything better... lines seem too wiggly, and out of proportion when I draw them. I was surprised I could even draw a Chocobo and then another in reverse! But I did with a guide... which I don't really like admitting to but I shall! I realised how important it is to me that I do something that once made me happy on top of the happy I already am! I have what my boyfriend likes to call a 'talent' and I'm not using it! But I have been given a mountain of A3 paper to be using... and I think my practising is what I'll be using it for!

The first picture is what I have on my wall by my bed at the moment... my own art work was replaced by my boyfriends :D It's a beautiful thing isn't it? It was a gift from my amazing boyfriend, John given to me today. He was supposed to give this to me Valentine's Day but he decided to give me it a little bit earlier. It might be simple and you might wonder what some of the things are, but they are small symbolic memories of things we've done after over a year of being together. Two things especially are my favourites: The solid wooden heart in the middle... Also the little Haribo Alien on the right ♥
 I love the love and thought put into this... I've never received anything so amazing, creative and special in my life. My boyfriend really knows how to tug at the heart strings! ♥

LONG wordy post, I know. But my week has really been a creative one. Apart from the creativeness it's just been the usual work and Sunday in with the boyfriend. He finally watched The Terminal and yes! He liked it! And we watched Super Smart Animals on BBC iPlayer, it's pretty cool and you just HAVE to watch it!
I enjoyed a nice coffee and cake with my lovely friend Suzanne this week. She makes some good coffee! I need another mug of that... but more that that, I need to see her more often! I miss the girly chats and constant talk and search of new and old nail polishes we love! ♥ It makes you realise how important friends are when you don't see them often and you miss them!

But yes, looking forward to: working a long week (weirdly!), valentine's day, blogging more, being more creative and doing things on my to do list (actually doing them!)

How has your week been treating you?
Have you made, done or seen anything creative this week?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Talk To The Blogger #1 : A Blog From Blackpool

So, I decided to get a little bit more involved with the "blogosphere" and do a little thing where I would talk to bloggers about their blogs, what they do, why and why they like blogging, etc....! I thought it would be a great idea to get bloggers involved and connect since I am really bad at getting involved and connecting properly.

So to start, I want to introduce Danielle who writes the blog: A Blog From Blackpool.

Hey Danielle! So, how long ago did you start blogging and how was A Blog From Blackpool created?
I started blogging just under a year ago, it will be my blogs first birthday on the 13th feb. I started blogging as a way to curb my spending and to give me something fun to do whilst avoiding work in my final year of my undergrad degree. I loved reading fashion , beauty and lifestyle blogs so I thought I would join in.

What ideas did you first have when you started blogging and what do you blog in general?

This is a funny one because when I first started I had no idea what it would become. I blog about Shopping. I also touch on beauty, fashion and the odd longer post that I like to call Sunday Reading.

What do you like blogging most about?
I love to blog about sales and bargains. I like to find dupes to expensive products and share it with my readers – I like to think people find it useful of at least interesting!

I see you're quite the shopper! What do you buy most when you have a retail therapy session?
I’m a major shopper, when I had my student loan I was a little out of hand but now I’m on a tighter budget I’ve learnt to control my spending. My favourite highstreet shop is probably river island – I was up early to hit the sales on boxing day morning! I love ebay and Topman for costume jewellery.

Looking through your blog, you're also a big bargain hunter! What has been your best buy recently or ever!?
£6.50 eyelashes for 79p in Home Bargains have been a recent favourite however whilst out with my boyfriend last week we found a beautiful coat reduced from £75 to £20 in Miss Selfridges. He has bought it my for our 4 year anniversary so I will be posting about that soon.

Am I right to say you love your nail polish!? What is you're all time favourite polish?
I do love my nail polish. My favourite has to be Technic Carnival, it’s a great dupe for OPI rainbow connection but only costs 99p. I’ve got some for my next giveaway!

Have you got any fashion items and make-up that you couldn't live without or just love to absolute bits?
I couldn’t live without false lashes! I wear them most days. I only started wearing them about 2 years ago and when I first tried they took me ages to put on but now I can do it in seconds.

In terms of Networking and Blog Followers, how have you networked to have the lovely 300+ Followers you have?
I try my hardest to engage with my readers by answering any questions they ask either via Blogger, email or Twitter. Twitter has played a huge part in being able to communicate with my readers and fellow bloggers.

Do you have any favourite bloggers that you'd like to share with us that inspire you and you generally enjoy reading?
This is hard because I follow a huge about of blogs on GFC, bloglovin and others I read via twitter.
One of the first blogs I remember reading regularly is

Are you a commenter or just a reader?
Both, but I guess I’m more of a commenter.

If there's anything you'd love to do more of on your blog what is it?
I’d love to have more money so I can do more hauls and buy everything I could ever want. HAHA. Realistically I’m open to suggestions?

Thanks for that, it was lovely getting to know you and your blog a little better!
You can find Danielle on her blog HERE and her twitter HERE!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Jan - Feb: 30 -5

Snowy Week(end).

Okay, So I'm 9 minutes past Sunday but I'm still posting! Don't judge me I've had an amazing day! This morning, waking up to snow even though I knew it was snowing all Saturday night reminded me of the excitement of snow as a kid. I even went and played out in it a little bit today. I realised that I get a little colder quicker and it's not as enjoyable when you're worrying about people driving in it and getting your new phone wet or the idea of getting cold and snowy when you don't have the right attire for it. I went out in woolly navy star tights and navy shorts. I also decided that my fur coat would not be ruined in this weather, though it would look totally cute wearing it out in the snow!
Tonight consisted of staying in with my boyfriend ♥, where we watched South Park's WOW episode, Die Hard 4.0, playing Bomberman Ultra on the PS3 and eating a well appreciated and somehow delivered Domino's pizza (even in the snow)! I really enjoyed my day for the last part of it more than anything else. I felt like I hadn't seen my boyfriend in a long time because we both work and especially as he works so ridiculously hard. I think our Sunday in was needed and well spent! ♥ #lovebug

#iPhonelove: Since I got my new iPhone 4S Wednesday as mentioned in my 'The Full Monty' post (which is the name of my new price plan also! Love it.), I've started being a little more creative and photographing when I see something I want to. I miss being creative in both the digital sense and drawing and painting sense... I love being creative and I want to share it a little more. I've started sharing through the Instagram app which auto-posts to Twitter, so if you follow me on twitter you might of seen one or two like the one above on there. It's for the case of beginning to be more creative and sharing it! But honestly, I love my new iPhone... I've had it 5 days and I just can't get off it... I'm really not joking. It's so nice to have a working phone on a decent network though, I can't express that enough!

Looking forward to: Snow melting so I can drive, Snow not melting so I can play a little in it, playing on my iPhone more (e.g. Temple Run & Bejewelled), Drinking more tea and seeing the boyfriend more!

How have you spent your snowy Sunday?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Inspirational in February

Just a few images that will be inspirational to me this month!


The idea of snow, cosy-ness in bed, jumpers and tea, creativity (I WISHHH that art was mine :|), valentine's day, nail art, iPhone cases ♥

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Full Monty

Hey Bloggers,

Sorry I haven't posted all week I've been bombarded with work and things to sort out! I'm posting from my new iPhone 4S that I said I would get on Sunday! I didn't manage to get it Saturday because of price plan issues and I swear I thought I was never going to get my iPhone! But this, there was a leak about the T Mobile tariff change online and I found out hat is heard about through all the phone shops I visited. A price plan that beats all price plans... The Full Monty!!
The Full Monty give unlimited everything. Texts, calls, Internet. On the 36 though you get unlimited to T Mobile users but 2000 minutes to other networks which I think is not bad. The best bit is that there is no fair usage policy involved. A true unlimitation!!!! And with this lovely deal that was released on the first this month I took the deal and my lovely new iPhone with it!!!
I really miss being on T Mobile like I was before I signed up to my bad unmentionable network. So I'm so glad to be on it, great coverage, great deals and now a great phone to go with it. I would recommend the network to everyone so if you're looking for something worth the money and with all the things you need just head to your nearest T Mobile shop, I did and now I'm a happy bunny!
The phone although just simply rocks. It does everything you need to do and it's fast and reliable and had features upon features that are just amazing. I can't wait until they update the maps with Siri but for now Siri is just an extra bit of fun. The camera is amazing so I don't think I'll be investing in a new camera soon because it's that good. This seriously is worth the money!
Sorry it's such a tech post but I really felt the need to share the love of both iPhone and T Mobile! I'm never going back!

How has your week been treating you?
Made any good purchases this week?
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