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Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Full Monty

Hey Bloggers,

Sorry I haven't posted all week I've been bombarded with work and things to sort out! I'm posting from my new iPhone 4S that I said I would get on Sunday! I didn't manage to get it Saturday because of price plan issues and I swear I thought I was never going to get my iPhone! But this, there was a leak about the T Mobile tariff change online and I found out hat is heard about through all the phone shops I visited. A price plan that beats all price plans... The Full Monty!!
The Full Monty give unlimited everything. Texts, calls, Internet. On the 36 though you get unlimited to T Mobile users but 2000 minutes to other networks which I think is not bad. The best bit is that there is no fair usage policy involved. A true unlimitation!!!! And with this lovely deal that was released on the first this month I took the deal and my lovely new iPhone with it!!!
I really miss being on T Mobile like I was before I signed up to my bad unmentionable network. So I'm so glad to be on it, great coverage, great deals and now a great phone to go with it. I would recommend the network to everyone so if you're looking for something worth the money and with all the things you need just head to your nearest T Mobile shop, I did and now I'm a happy bunny!
The phone although just simply rocks. It does everything you need to do and it's fast and reliable and had features upon features that are just amazing. I can't wait until they update the maps with Siri but for now Siri is just an extra bit of fun. The camera is amazing so I don't think I'll be investing in a new camera soon because it's that good. This seriously is worth the money!
Sorry it's such a tech post but I really felt the need to share the love of both iPhone and T Mobile! I'm never going back!

How has your week been treating you?
Made any good purchases this week?

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  1. I have the iPhone 4 (I couldnt afford the 4s) and got it for £27 a month!! Whoop whoop. It is seriously good although Temple Run is going to kill me one day. x

  2. I posted about temple run not long ago; I was addicted to it on my mums iPad and now I'm going to be addicted to it on my own phone! I like that I have the challenge of starting again and achieving again! Haha xx