Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hey boy, come on around

Listening to a little bit of Craig David, flashing back to some good old music! He didn't make that many good songs, but still... I loved a couple of them!

Jumper: Market, Leggings: Primark

So the sun disappeared for the weekend! What happened!? I reckon it's been one of the hottest March's I can remember! Today with the sun hiding away, I decided to pull out one of my big jumpers. I chose this white one I got from the market paired up with some leggings and big socks. I'm not going anywhere yet today, but I might a little bit later. This is one of my favourite chill out, comfy outfit that I don't mind going out in! The belt helps ;)
It all depends if I can get some petrol or not. I think there isn't a drop of unleaded petrol in a 10 mile radius to where I live! I have a quarter of a tank, but I think I'd probably use it up trying to FIND petrol. Maybe Rule 3 on my last post might be of great use during these 2 weeks of Easter holidays since I haven't anywhere to go further than work!

Have any of you drivers found petrol? It's a rarity with the petrol strike scares...
And what did you weari in this cold weather!?

P.S. Here's that Craig David tune I can't stop listening to!

Friday, 30 March 2012

My Money Saving Tips

Oh, that chocolate bar that looks oh so tasty won't hurt will it? Yes, it will taste amazing...Yes I will not regret it. Until, I need that last pound for the parking meter and I haven't got it. This is what happened to me Tuesday as I went to college. I needed a pound and ended up scouring my car for one... I luckily found one but just not having those choccies could of saved the trouble. Scenarios like this inspired me to give myself some good and full-of-guilt tips on how to save those pennies. Because like they all say, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Only you can do that.
Here are my top saving tips that I gave myself and want to share with you!


1. Ask yourself before you buy. Do you really need it? Is it really worth it? Questions you should sometimes step back and ask yourself. There's nothing wrong with treating, but when you're saving sometimes you have to think how worth is what you're holding. Whether it's a chocolatey treat or fashion, sometimes you can just go without those Malteasers, and do you REALLY have to get those tops... and in both colours?

2. Pack Lunch. Yes, it sounds childish. But DAYUM it saves a LOT of money. I pack my lunch as often as I can. I like to make my sandwiches or pack something my mum cooked and put that in the microwave and have that for lunch at work. It fills me up better and makes me feel better about lunch times. I have a problem though, because even though I packed lunch, those Malteasers from Rule 1. ruins the saving spree... *note to self, they're called Mal-"Teasers" for a reason*. A bonus to this rule is that you'll probably not only save but could possibly be a little healthier. I try to pack fruit and carrots in mine as well as the odd Mini Roll...

3. Walk. For those who have or will one day have driving licenses. It's an amazing thing to have... we can't live without our cars once we have them! And we don't know how we'd get to work no matter how close we live to our work places without them. I live just over 5 minutes from my work place and I always drive. With all this petrol strike scares on at the moment, the sun being out and the evenings being filled with light I thought I could start walking to work! By doing this, I would not only save on petrol, I'd be giving myself a little work out, being a little bit safer to the environment and teaching myself time management!

4. A Takeaway is a Treat! I'm terrible for takeaways. I love them. All sorts of them. Also with Maccy D's doing they're Monopoly game at the moment... I'm a sucker to believe for a little moment that I could possibly win a iPod shuffle let alone £500,000.... I did get a free Apple Pie the other day. I do want to teach myself to eat less takeaways and more home cooked foods. Again, it would save a lot on money and is better in the health sector!

5. Movies & Game Nights! I love myself the cinema, or a good game of bowling! You could also swap this date with either your BFs or your BFFs to a movie marathon at home, or a geeky challenge on the PS3/XBox (Whatevz) and have Supermarket Popcorn and drink Value Cola. You may still be spending money, but you'd be spending a little less and in the comfort of your own home!

6. Creativity goes a long way. This goes for everything. You could think endless possible things... Whether it's DIYing an old top or thinking of something to do that doesn't cost a lot! Be creative, it always helps! Things like DIYing clothes not only makes your wardrobe a playground but it means you can turn old things you don't want into things you do! And with creativity you have a world of ridiculous date ideas in your head! Once I walked around Tesco with my boyfriend for about an hour late at night... Talking, pretend shopping... Was a great night :D

7. Invest. If you have to spend, make sure you spend well. I invested in my denim jeans and my flats. I have to admit my flats went back to the store faulty and I got another pair, slightly cheaper and probably what I should have invested on in the first place. I wear these things all the time, so I was guilt-free shopping! We all secretly know if we don't need something and if we do. And if you do, or even just want it. Make sure it's something worth spending on and spending on properly.

8. Have a penny jar that isn't cello-taped up so you can't get to it. Just get a jar of any sort, or a tin. And at the end of the day, put change in the pot. Do this when you have change and don't take money out of the pot. I noticed that if I couldn't get to the money I'd taped up, I'd want it more. But if you know you can get it, it just requires will power to leave it and let it build up. Then take it to the bank to cash up for paper monies and you might have made yourself a few extra quid in a few weeks or so! If you seriously can't handle an open lid. Buy one that looks like a can, and you can only get to it with a can opener and once only. Wait until it is full and then open it. You won't feel bad because you'd have put the money in there fully well knowing you can't get it back!

9. Limited. It might be a good idea for some people to give themselves a spending limit for the week, whether it is £10 or £50. obviously depending on what you have to spend on. It's a great idea because then you can see what you're really spending on and what you're not. And also find your own ways of saving!

10. Positivity. If you want to do it you will. After a while you could notice a change and bad habits could go. I can already see that if I pack my own lunches, walk to work, and save pennies in a jar, that I could save myself quite a bit a week. And if I times that by 4, I can see what I could save myself a month! I could also be healthier and happier too!

At times like these it's good to see where we can save, and what we could do if we picked even just one of these things to do. I want to try and do all of them, because I know if I do this, I'll feel stable, comfortable and happier. And I will have the money to spend on other lovely things or possible futures!
You could try this too and be bouncing like a bunny even after a month!


Do you have any saving tips to share?

Monday, 26 March 2012

024 iLove: Summer Wear

I wear summer wear all throughout the year! If it's cold, I pair it all up with tights, scarves, cardigans and coats. Now that it's getting warmer, I'm all excited to rummage through my old boxes of clothes and see if there's anything to get back out! I'm also doing to do a car boot sale with one of my lovely friends, to sell off some of my bits! It should be quite a bit of fun!
For now, here's a few pics that I hearted on about summer wear!


Week 4, 100 Day Shopping Ban

This week has been a little easier. I figured out a weird but successful tactic to stop me wanting things. Working in a fashion store just doesn't help my shopping matters and I see everything come in first time and everything is just so amazing! I decided that it MIGHT be a good idea to try things on and get it out of my system and convince myself that I don't want the things I like. I've tried on quite a few bits this week and then when I realise, I don't like it on, I don't have anything to go with it and it isn't as great as I thought, I can happily put it back and know that I really don't want it! I'm not going to lie I found a few bits that I'm hoping will still be there when I'm able to buy them but it's nothing I need and it's like 3 or 4 things! Like these:

What I tried on this week and LOVED. Maybe later....

If you read my weekly post yesterday, you will know that I went to Southend. I spent quite a bit when I went but what do you expect from a day out!? I did have to go buy socks because it was SO cold but since when do you NOT need socks!? Me and my boyfriend played arcade games and did other things like buy food and what not, so I'm not going to say I didn't spend because well I wasn't going to let a shopping ban ruin my day out! Sometimes you just have to forget about it, but I didn't spend on material things (apart from the socks) so I was pretty proud of myself!

I miss buying nail polishes, magazines with freebies, the odd sale item that's so ridiculously cheap you HAVE to get it!.... But I've realised that if I want to start saving money I'm going to have to manage to control my spending habits. Sometimes it's just a good idea to fix up a habit like this.
I've come to learn when I come to buy things I need to look at: quality, price and if I could wear/use it often and with more than 3 items in my wardrobe. That's as far as I got with justifying things I need or need.

Are you doing a shopping ban? And how is it going for you?
Do you have any tactics on ways to stop splurging out?

Sunday, 25 March 2012

March: 19 - 25

Yo-Yo'd Weather Week.
Its that time of year where the weather yo-yos from hot to cold from one day to the next and you don't know what to wear. What with all the cold mornings, it'd difficult to decide.
Today me and my lovely boyfriend went to Southend as we decided because Saturday was a lovely day and today was predicted good weather by Siri (uLied) only to find it was SO cold and windy! We went, played arcade games as you do and walked the cold, windy coast. After a bit we decided to leave and head back into town for some lunch, and it brightened up the further in we got from the coast! It's weird how English weather works like that... We ended up having a lovely chill out in a pub garden with a coke and some crisps after a lovely drive along country roads. A perfect day I say :)
The highlight of my week is always my Sunday with my man. It's OUR day and there's no work so I love my Sundays. I quite enjoy Saturdays too now. I spent last night relaxing on my todd being a girl and watching TV! It's quite nice having a house to yourself but it can get a bit boring! Don't you think? Or is this just me!?
I used to love being on my own, and now I dislike it most of the time. Unless I'm shopping or doing something I know will take up time!

What have you been up to this weekend?
Did anyone do the silly thing and expect warm weather and put on shorts and no tights on like me today!? Lucky me packed some to go just in case ;)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

023 iLove: Lists!

When I want to do something a bit more organised. I like making lists of whatever it is. Shopping lists, wish lists, To do lists, Ideas list, Playlist, Christmas list... THE iLOVE list!
Shall I go on!?
I like reading lists too! It's a strange thing to love, but I'm strange myself!

Is there anything strange that you love? Like lists!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Week 3, 100 Day Shopping Ban

It's been a bit of a difficult one this week.

I have although a confession to make! Though I have kept up with the ban, I did say I will buy myself the necessities I need if it comes to it! I did go and buy myself a decent (LONG LASTING) pair of flats. Ok. I wanted them as much as I needed them... I looked at the 3 pairs of boots I've been running around in for the last 4 months and knew I was going to wear them down to a hole in the heel before the end of the month. I had NO flat shoes whatsoever. I promise!

I had to get the shoes... See I'm stubborn. I won't spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes because of the fact that I don't like it. I've learnt my lesson in buying Primark flats, because the money you spend replacing them you could spend on one pair for a longer amount of time. I ended up buying the Topshop Slippers. And.... I don't regret it! It's the feeling I've been looking for when buying something I need and want rather than just want for a fashion fix! I feel like I've invested well, I don't feel guilty and I've been wearing them all weekend and I love them! I really do.
And I think this is what I'm trying to learn from the shopping ban. I'm keeping myself away from Superdrugs and Boots for my foundation which I've completely run dry of! I know I can live without that a little longer! In fact, possibly until Autumn! Got to get that tan when you can right!?

I keep window shopping... And working in a high street fashion store does NOT help at a time like this. I had a couple of crappy days in the week and instinct kicked in to want to buy something nice to cheer myself up! But I didn't go and break the ban for that, it wasn't worth it! I noticed that that was a bad habit of mine... On bad days I would go out and shop for something to cheer myself up. Yes, I was happy about it after and no, strangely I didn't feel bad for it... But yes again, it was a bad habit. And I think I have kind of learnt from that this week.
I kept wanting things this week and with new thing being blogged about like the new Max Factor Max Effects Fantasy Fire being talked about all over the blogosphere, I REALLY wanted to get it. And I gladly haven't even gone on the look out for it in worries that I might actually end up purchasing it... I'm sure I won't but I don't want to grasp that bottle of amazing colour in my hand and know I can't just buy it!

Do you think I've cheated myself on the ban for buying the needed flats? Should I start the ban again?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

March: 12 - 18

Different Week-end.

It's really weird. Sometimes I have to REALLY think hard about what's happened in the week because there's either been so much going on, nothing, or the same as always. I reckon this time around it's the same as always! I don't like thinking too hard on a Sunday evening... It's the end of the weekend and my last bit of relaxation before another week of work! Don't you agree?
Today being Mother's day, I spent most of the day with my mum and oddly yesterday too (she's usually at work). Me and her spent most of the time together trying to figure out a rubix cube! It's a lot of fun and I know how to do the majority of it... Just... I can't finish it :| It's actually really making me stubborn about the fact that I can't! I'll have to try and try again!
My mum's always asking for stuff for the house when she wants presents so I got her something she needed. Weird and simple but the Tea, Coffee & Sugar jars ( we were using an old and mostly broken set before...). I got my little siblings to paint her a couple of flower pots for wild flowers. Quite the cute and traditional mother's day present! I think they all went down well! I also went out for dinner, with most of the family together not only for Mother's Day, but for my nan's and cousin's birthday. So lots of celebrating happened today! I had quite the different weekend which I like!

I also saw the boyfriend like usual on the weekend and took a cheeky trip to Frankie's & Bennie's! We got a thing for American foodies! Today, we watched Fast & The Furious 5 for like the 4th time and binged a little on cookies, milk and chocolates... And I almost whipped him at Bomberman Land... but he cheekily got the last round! I can't get enough of our chill-out Sundays!

Looking forward to: reading again, starting a DIY project and sticking with it, and being a little lazy!

Did you get your mum's anything nice this Mother's Day?

Monday, 12 March 2012

022 iLove: Bunnies in Spring

Literally obsessed with bunnies at the moment. I really want one! And on one of mine and my boyfriend's late night drives we saw a family of baby bunnies hopping around eating grass! Adorable! Also, they're all over the Easter shelves! Nom! ♥

Kissing bunnies! ♥

What spring animal do you love?

Week 1 & 2, 100 Day Shopping Ban.

My Weekness!
So if you read my post about 2 weeks ago, you'd know that I'm on a 100 day shopping ban. I am currently rolling over to my third week, and happily a successful non-spender. Week one and two have actually gone quite quickly, and I'm not going to say it has been easy but it hasn't been really hard either, I've very well resisted the temptation of the cute Topshop shirts and the amazing Primark shorts....

I'm quite proud of myself because since I started working, I've learnt more about earning, spending and expenses. It sounds weird that I'm doing a shopping ban when I absolutely detest spending but it's the things it's spent on more than having to spend on like food and petrol. Those things are compulsory, but little things like bargains and magazines that will only get thrown away add up over time and then you think where that money could of been best spent! It's strange how much you can open your eyes and learn in two weeks. I say learn, it's more accepting what I already knew I guess...

Yesterday I went "window shopping" with bestie, Suz! I had a great day and was quite proud knowing that I'd come home empty handed and not dissapointed. Strange feeling. I realised half way through my trip that I was oogling for after the ban which made me feel like I was cheating. I did spy some cute denim shorts and a cute bag in Primark I fell in love with and knew how much wear I'd get out of both and resisted very happily!
Reflecting on the trip, I realised things I was doing like thinking if I really did like something and did I really want or need it. And then happily leaving the shop knowing I could live without the things I liked and I wasn't going to be happier for having them!
I will admit I did almost get my nessesity: a pair of flat pumps... Because I have not got a single pair right now. But I decided against it because I didn't love them and they weren't everyday pumps. I saw THESE in Topshop, and I'm debating whether the £28 is nessesary for a decent pair of flats that I will most probably wear every single day! I'd still feel so bad!

Would you do a 100 day shopping ban? And do you think I'm crazy for doing it?

March: 5 - 11

Dinners Week.

This week, I haven't got much to share. I did go a few places this week which didn't help on my saving scheme but, thus... You cannot live life saving pennies and being bored doing it. You must live life attempting to save pennies and spending them doing fun things with the boyfriend! I went TGI Fridays on Wednesday with my boyfriend and managed to munch through an amazing and huge rack of ribs, 3 courses.... just NOM-ness...
I also went for a Chinese buffet with him yesterday and munched away on some of my favourite foods, then to be disappointed that our film had a later start due to technical difficulties so we ditched the idea of seeing This Is War and going for one of our lovely chatty drives which we do very often! I do enjoy them :)
Today, I got to go out and see a friend and do a little window shopping! It was a lot of fun and I happily didn't buy anything due to the shopping ban I put myself on! But I had a great day as it was! I spent the time chatting, eating, drinking chai and shopping for things I wasn't going to buy either way! But in all a great day!

I put film in my Diana Mini (!) on a random note, I've been taking random photographs of things just to see how it will turn out. Its a very random thing to do and I don't even know if they will turn out good or if they will even develop! But only developing the film later on will reveal the answer. Quite excited to take more photos and see. I'll be carrying the little cutey everywhere from now on! Hehe ♥

How had your week been? Gone anywhere lovely for dinners? :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Let's Play In Polka Dots! ♥

So, last week I was lucky enough to win a giveaway by Zozo at The London Lipgloss. And I won this AMAZING Love Label Playsuit! I was also lucky enough to win the Mini Diana Lomography Camera in A Limited Edition Leopard Print Pink! pictured with from Clare at Tweet! I have been a VERY lucky girl indeed! ♥

I literally am in LOVE with the playsuit though. I will be wearing it alllllll the time and it fits so nice and perfect! I love it when something fits and looks really good on! I promised Zozo that I would show her and (twitter here) pictures of the playsuit on so here we go... In one of my very rare outfit posts! I love it and thank you so much both Clare and Zozo for the lovely prizes! I will be looking after them and appreciating them well! ♥

I apologise for the very bad quality photos and crappy weird poses. Not used to it!
+ My iPhone doesn't like the timer app :|
I love my playsuits I do.... Do you?

Monday, 5 March 2012

020 iLove: Cars

I love my little Peugeot 206 to BITS! I seriously do! It's my lovely nippy little car though not a fast one gets me from A to B and makes life that whole lot easier! I got her for my 21st / Christmas present in 2010 and I feel so bad for getting 'Upsy' as a present but I have looked after her!

Apart from my Upsy, I have a love for cars in general. I blame a car enthusiastic boyfriend and Top Gear! Happily! These are just some of my faves... Mostly Retros & Super Cars!

Old Style Mustangs! ♥ ALWAYS.
THE OLD Mini Cooper. None of the new nonsense. Skinny tyres please.
Fiat 500 - The old or the new one! I just ♥ IT!
The little cute Figaro
Mazda RX-8 - First fast car I loved!
Lamborghini Gallaro - IN THAT PINK!
Audi R8 GT....

Any of these cars PLZ! If Only... 
Time to play the lottery! ♥

Feb - March: 27 - 4

Leaped Week.
What I'll be playing for the next week!!!!
This week I've had a lot going on! I'm on the verge of losing my mind under past papers for my Science GCSE at college. Retaking it for hopeful future career! A little bit of Chemistry, Biology and Physics and I wonder to myself how I would be able to do this at 16 let alone 22 :| But still I march on revising for my 3 exams tomorrow morning! Wish me and my co-scientists lots and LOTS of luck!
I have been working my butt off at work too, like usual. I quite liking having a week full of over time at work! I say this often enough but I enjoy my job and tomorrow I get to start on my brand specialist post... though I think once I get there I'll be clueless on what I will be doing! I'm still super excited for it! We had a non uniform day to support Alzheimer's Society on our extra day (to make it count!) on Wednesday which I enjoyed quite a lot. We sold cakes and wore denim and blue/white tops! I did my part by baking some cute home made cupcakes! I don't like cheating by buying the cakes, I'd rather make the effort and the effort paid off!
I also booked the holiday with my lovely boyfriend this week! A lovely week away on a British holiday which I've never ever been on! So there's always a first time for everything... I love the idea of one because I've never really explored England, it's our own currency and access to bank accounts and none of that faffing around with  passports and security and flights aaand it's cheap. Just a lovely drive to the location and enjoying everything about it. I'm SO SO SO excited!
Tonight I had another lazy one with my boyfriend :) He's been worked to the bone the poor thing, so we enjoyed last week's Top Gear, some fried chicken and cuddles! Perfect! ♥

Looking forward to: starting on my new post, posting more on the blog (been lazy about it, soz), getting the exams out of the way and relaxing after it!
Expect: an iLove tomorrow and a giveaway wins/outfit post!

How has your week treated you?
Have you done anything on your extra day?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Challenge: The 100 Day Shopping Ban

Recently I've been thinking a lot about saving, the money I spend and how I can reduce my expenses but also live happily without the worry of going under. I am currently in a decent place for a girl in my position and I want to keep it that way. And somehow I feel bad no matter how much I spend or save. Since I've got my job I've been seeing a lot more of the real world and its a scary place, and financially a nightmare.

The other day when I was reading through some of my favourite blogs I read a post from Danielle @ A Blog From Blackpool. She was posting her progress on a 'Shopping Ban' she started inspired by other bloggers just as I am inspired by hers. I've read her posts in depth and she asked some questions where every single one, my answer was yes. And I felt the guilt rush all over me and my face turn red with embarrassment... Because I realised. I am a shopaholic, no matter what for.
I buy things because they are a bargain, because I have been obsessing over it or buying things just because I can. And looking at my wardrobe, I can see minimal space, and so many clothes I will probably not miss.
I have been away from the keyboard since Sunday (long story short, I deleted some precious photos and had to have them restored) and began this challenge on Monday and will end 100 days from then on the 7th June!

It's a great idea because it channels my drive to succeed in a challenge and also learn to only purchases the needed and definite wants rather than the unnessesary and be creative with what you have in your wardrobes (which is probably a lot!). I bought my final purchase... My denim investment from Miss Selfridge to be the last thing before the ban and still, I felt really guilty for investing the money in them rather than feeling like I've treated myself to something I actually did need.

I'm joining bloggers like:
And a few others!

My challenge rules for 14 15 weeks and 2 days:

- No shopping. No clothes, make-up, non-essentials, anything.
- I can spend on petrol, food and going out with the boyfriend.
- I am allocating ONE WEEK (14-21st April) for my holiday where the ban is lifted.
- ONLY essentials can be bought. Example: need for flat shoes, make up has ran out, etc.
- The ban will end on the 14th June instead of the 7th for the one week lifted ban I'm giving myself.

I hope to enjoy it and learn something valuable from it! And I'm glad I've already got started, and it's already quite hard when you see sales and what not... But! I love a challenge and I'm really willing to take this on and complete it successfully!
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