Monday, 30 April 2012

100 Day Shopping Ban Release.

Recently I've started to realise the long term effects of being on a shopping ban and how it makes me feel has started to have a negative impact on me. So as of Yesterday I am giving up the shopping ban.
Reasons. Well, when I started the shopping ban it was to learn to buy the things you need and invest on things that will last. And also how to save better. I didn't want to spend money on things I wasn't really going to wear often, or I bought because it was a pure bargain and would feel bad about later.
I learnt how to do this easily within a month, and then I started to realise that I was developing some little bad habits. My boyfriend started to notice me worrying about money when we went out for dinner, or when I liked something, or when I needed the bare essentials, and then I started to notice it too. I'd go hot under the collar when I had to spend anything whether it was petrol, food or clothes. I wanted to save every penny.
The shopping ban was healthy for me for about a month, because it helped me to learn the two things I wanted to learn, needing and investing. And then there's treating. I felt bad for treating myself or wanting to buy something I wanted for a long time and then never getting it and regretting it. But I think sometimes you deserve a little treat here and there and not all the time. When you honestly think you deserve it.

But the shopping ban wasn't doing my any favours. And thus with 38 days left to go I give up, because it's become unhealthy. I don't feel like I'm bailing out or anything, I feel like I've already accomplished what I wanted to from it.

What do you think? Am I just bailing?

April: 23 - 29

Avenged Week.

Another late post. I'm sorry I was just in REALLY late last night and I've been too busy relaxing before this.
Anyways, last night I went to see The Avenger's Assemble! And OMG 5 stars! I absolutely loved it! Comic book heroes, action aaaaand laugh out loud moments and jokes. It was perfect! I went to see this with my boyfriend and uncle and I'd definitely say it was worth every penny to go see it at the cinema. I'm definitely going to buy the DVD when it comes out.
I also went shopping with my little sister yesterday, we headed out to our local shopping centre and she spent a little of her pocket money on the cutest leopard print top, orange nail polish and strawberry earrings. I spent a little money too, I got myself Directions hair dye in Postbox Red, W7 Shocking Pink Nail Polish, Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails and Primark Union Jack nail wraps! I gave up my shopping ban as of yesterday (expect a post a little later on this evening) so treated myself to some bits. I just about spent £10 :) Not bad.
Apart from that, the usual things happened. Work 5 days a week and a lazy Saturday in :|, Boo. Wow, I need to do more!

Looking forward to: Seeing if the Hard as Nails stuff works, Re-dying my hair red, Playing more Tiny Monsters  and possibly reading again.

Have you seen The Avengers Assemble? What do you rate it?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April: 16 - 22

(Apologies for the belated post, I've been in Holiday mode until now!)

Holiday week.

The Caravan's Living Room & View, Me and My Boyfriend

Last week, I was up on the midst of Norfolk! I spent the week huddled up with my boyfriend in an AMAZING caravan in Kessingland Beach, Park Resorts; Taking trips to Great Yarmouth seafront, Norwich town centre, driving over each seafront before deciding we liked Yarmouth's best and cudding up on the sofa watching Choccywoccydodah, Cake Wars, Traffic Cops, UK Border Force, Top Gear and you can see how this is going....
I seriously can't believe how amazing the caravan was! I expected it to be cold, the furniture and kitchen to be basic, the rooms to be smaller and the decor to be tacky and old... I was SOOOO wrong! I loved the caravan more than a hotel room! You feel cosier and more comfortable, the heating is perfect, the water gets hotter quicker than mine at home, the sofa was THE BEST, the view was an AMAZING view of the beach and the sea, the whole thing was luxury... I seriously wouldn't mind living in one constantly!
We did so much too! We walked through market stalls and the shopping centre of Norwich which I loved! We watched the men at Docwra's Rock Shop make the rock and trailed through Great Yarmouth shops and played LOTS of arcade games! We also visited the Sea Life centre which was a nice thing to do too.
The weather didn't bother us too much either. Bearing in mind the constant wind and rain, I think I only got wet and stuck in it once... It always seemed to rain when we were in the car or the caravan and never when we were out :) A nice touch from the big man up there eh?
I've really had a lovely week and it's been so nice and relaxing! And I'm so happy to have spent all that quality time with the one person I wanted and needed it with! Holidays and full on quality time makes everything better! ♥ I also haven't blogged the whole weekend because I've either been being pure lazy or too busy doing things with boyfriend and the family! Now it's back to work :( Boo. C'est La Vie!

How has your week been?

Have you entered my iPhone Case giveaway yet!? End's 30th April!!!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Week 6 & 7, 100 Day Shopping Ban

These last two weeks have been easier for me!

I've started to think more about money value and if it is a reasonable price to pay for what it is. For example, there was a top I tweeted about earlier in the week and whether I should get it or not, but I didn't! I didn't because it was £20 and instead when my shopping ban was lifted for my holiday week starting Saturday 14th I went to primark and bought 3 things for £4 less than that top! I think I've pretty much learnt my lesson! Would you agree?

Jeggings: Topshop Everything Else: Primark

I went shopping with my  boyfriend Saturday and with my shopping ban lifted like I explained for my holiday from the 14th to the 21st I was really happy to go shopping and not worry about the money! I got the few bits pictured above! With a holiday you can't expect the money to not be spent which is simply why I lifted my ban for this week! I will definitely be enjoying it and I have a good feeling I won't even be spending a lot! :) Also with a nice week to not worry about my little spending ban in the middle I feel like I get a little break from it and it might stop me going a little mad. I honestly think I will be shopping less now that I'm giving myself little lessons of how to shop!

Are you doing a shopping ban too and would you consider doing it?

Monday, 16 April 2012

026 iLove: Being AFK

Just because I feel like I'm living it up a little bit! I don't often do much different week to week so when I'm busy or have something different going on I quite like it!
I'm just waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up so we can go away for the week! I will have a scheduled post up tomorrow about the shopping ban and a giveaway reminder!


I hope you all have a lovely week! :D


Sunday, 15 April 2012

April: 9 - 15th

Rare Weekend.

I have got way too over excited for the week ahead! I've got my holiday as of Friday 7pm and I'm going to head up North for my week away with my amazing boyfriend tomorrow first thing! I've just spent the last hour making sure I've got everything packed and I'm done!
I haven't done a Week 6 Shopping ban post and I won't be here for Week 7 so I will do a scheduled post for tomorrow for my update! As of yesterday I lifted the ban for my holiday week, and I'll be back on the ban from the 21st! I've admittedly bought a few holiday things but nothing big! Primarni job! ;)
This week I haven't done much but read and work. I caught up on my TV. A little Glee, Cougar Town and Big Bang Theory! Faves! For the weekend I spent yesterday shopping out with my boyfriend... I don't think I quite remembered what shopping centres look like on a Saturday because it's an extreme rarity I have the time free to go so I LOVED it! Primark, Topshop and all the game stores were on the agenda and I trotted along happily enjoying the best Saturday out with my boyfriend I've had in a while! Today I had a big family dinner at my nan's and it was all the typical Greek foods so I was SO happy to be chowing down on that as well as spending some quality time with my family which is a rare occurrence! So I've had quite a lovely weekend if I'm honest! :)
Right now, I'm going to get my self all girled up with some me time so I'm fresher than a daisy for my amazing to be (yet rainy forecasted!) week away! I'll be setting up one or two scheduled posts, not like it'll be much missed!

What are your plans this weekend?
And do you know of anything fun to do in Great Yarmouth? Pop me a comment and let me know!

Friday, 13 April 2012

[CLOSED] Giveaway! Iconemesis iPhone Case ♥

I love iPhone cases, and I often like online shop surfing for a lovely new one! And with the help of the lovely blogs I follow I came across Iconemesis who make iPhone cases designed my artists which I think is amazing! They have a wide choice of cases that not only are unique to the ones on the high street market at the moment they also reflect your style and ofcourse (duh!) protect your phone! Each case costs £24.99 and make cases for both iPhone 3GS & 4/4S.
I love them all and can't choose which one I would get if I got one! I've seen loads of people doing giveaways with Iconemesis and are now doing one with me! So one lucky winner will win an iPhone case of their choice from the Iconemesis website here!

The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL!
So to be in for a chance of winning one all you have to do is:
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The giveaway will be open until Midnight (GMT), Monday 30th April 2012 and the winner will be announced and emailed within 48 hours of closing the giveaway!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Review: Travalo

So for the bank holiday weekend my step-dad went to Belgium and got me a little present from his trip! He got me this cute little bottle to put perfume in called a Travalo! So cute and simple, but such a great idea!
It's annoying when you want to bring your perfume out with you and you don't want to take a big bottle with you and you haven't got a small one either. So this is just the most amazing little pop it in your bag job for just that! As you can see from the photos below it's small and light. The Travalo is made from aircraft grade aluminium and has a little shatter-proof window so you can see how much perfume you have left, or have filled up with! It comes in cute packaging with the most simple instructions ever!
As you can see, you can choose a favourite perfume that you'd like to fill the bottle with and pull off the spray top from your perfume. Place the Travalo on top of the bottle where the bottom of the Travalo (which I forgot to photo) has a little hole which when placed on top of the perfume you can use to push down and pump to fill the bottle! Here I used my Anna Sui, Dolly Girl (Bonjour L'Amour) perfume to display the use, but I actually filled mine with Hugo Boss, Deep Red which for use I kept in my car! Nice to know that now I don't have to! :)
I think this is such a good invention and works like a charm, easy and simple to use and it holds 4ml which is perfect for flights as it is the limited amount of liquid you can have in your hand luggage! I thought more for nights out... It's a perfect fit for a smaller bag so you can smell amazing wherever you go! I've used mine everyday! I actually love it!

You can buy one of these online on: TravaloAmazon | The Fragrance Shop | Firebox | Tesco

What do you think of this cute, pink and simple gadget!

P.S. I apologise for the state of my perfume bottle... Not well looked after and almost empty! ♥

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mama Do The Hump,

Hey Girlies! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!? Who had bank holiday off work and who didnt!? Because I was working! Luckily it was a nice short day :) Not too much!
Playsuit - Miss Selfridge (winter sale) Belt - So old I couldn't tell you!

Today was my brother's birthday, and he had a lovely little family meal at home. I have to wear black everyday to work and I decided that although I was loving my outfit I'd change into my Miss Selfridge playsuit I hadn't worn in a while! It took me ages to love it, but I really do now, it's simple dressy and casual as well as girly! I also sewed up the middle of the cut out sleeve because I hated the fact my elbow kept popping out... It looks and feels better this way! I teamed it up with my oh so old elasticated belt. As you can see it is broken but I can't get rid of it for the life of me because it fits so well, goes with lots of things and I purely love it! I might just DIY it to make it look better!
I haven't had a drink in a long time and I thought since I was only staying at home one or two would do fine! I am an alchopops girl too, I suck at drinking beer, wine, rum... I can slightly JD and coke and vodka and coke but it's always got to be alchopops and cocktails! I had a WKD Purple and a glass of Raspberry  mixed Archers... Enough to get me hyped on the sugar. But I wouldn't say I was tipsy due to my light weightness!
We had THIS cake for my brother! It's the best birthday cake ever from a shop in Portobello, London! I love it... Portuguese cakes sometimes are just so amazing.... Doesn't just look NOM!? Tasted it too ;)

Oh, and a song I am PROPER loving right now. And the video cracks me up!


Monday, 9 April 2012

April: 2 - 8

Bloggy Week.

So this week I've noticed that I blogged more than usual! Which is great because it means I'm starting to enjoy it as much as I used to! See I started to feel like I had to blog rather than wanted to but now I'm enjoying it again and getting excited to blog later on in the evening when I want to post about my make up looks or whatever has inspired me to post that day! I've also been more into reading other's blogs, new Bloggers and things like that so it's nice to get networking with other bloggers and finding new blogs to read! 
I've also started reading again this week. The Time Traveller's Wife! It is a good book and a little difficult to read but it becomes easier the further you go. And I suggest not leaving month gaps between reading because you forget the story and you get lost!
It being Easter Sunday, I did get my eggs! I got a Munchies one from my boyfriend... And I got him the same one! You can imagine our faces when we swapped :D Classic moment! I also got a Double Decker one from my mum. And I never had a Double Decker until today! #NOM... Nuff Said! Unfortunately I didn't picture any of these eggs because I was too busy eating them!
I've been counting down the days until next week too for my holiday... A lovely week away in Yarmouth is perfect right now and I can't wait. 7 days and counting!

How has your week been? Learn anything new like French Plaiting like I did!?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Dreamer's Wishlist!

This wishlist is PURELY a wishlist! I don't think I'd EVER have the money to blow on these things. Just because, 1 - it's expensive. 2 - they're all designer. And 3 - I'd have to win the lottery too!

Clockwise - Cambridge Satchel Classic in Pink, D&G Eggplant-Print Silk-Organza Dress, Ray Ban Original Wayfarer in Blue Faded Transparent, Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Specchio, Ted Baker Sassy Purse in Baby Pink, YSL Arty Oval Ring in Gold & Pink, Micheal Kors Parker Glitz Watch.

I've always wanted that bag, and I've always adored D&G... Ray Bans are just cool, who doesn't want a pair of Louboutins and that purse is just TOO cute! I'm a little late with the YSL Arty ring craze and I can't help but admiring everyone's Micheal Kors watches, making me want one too!

*I WISH* I think every girl wishes for designer things sometimes! It's okay to wish!!! ♥ Am I right!?
What are you loving in the designer world!?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Talk To the Blogger #2: Futures

Hey girlies! SO I finally got round to interviewing another blogger and here we have the beautiful Bex who blogs over at Futures! I love this girl and her blog! = Fact.

Hi Bex!
First sorry this took so long! I’m so bad at time management! So I’d love to ask you a few questions about you and your blog!

So what inspired you to begin blogging?
I originally started blogging back when I was 15 on good old Xanga, making new friends along the way. I soon grew tired of that though and made various blog on Blogger,Wordpress,Livejournal and Tumblr before starting Futures last January. I'd seen a few other girls starting their blogs and really wanted to start one again. I made a vow to myself that this time I'd keep it going though - and here we are, 15 months later!

You’re a mum now too with a beautiful baby boy! How do you work around blogging, and being a full time mum?
Blogging time is very scarce nowadays. With housework, looking after Jack and just getting time to relax, I find it very difficult to catch up. I generally blog when Jack's taking a nap or leave him in the living room if his Dad is around. I also make one day a week a blog day where I catch up on emails, write posts (and sometimes schedule in advance), answer my comments and comment on other blogs. I always try to keep up with everything blog-wise through Twitter, though. Even if I'm in the car, I'll take a quick look on my phone to see whats new.

A reason I love your blog is because you connect to real people about real things and do a lot of networking! How are you inspired and get ideas for your blog posts?
Aww, thanks :) I take inspiration from everything. Books I read, conversations I have, experiences I've had. Sometimes I take inspirations from other bloggers too - it can be any number of things.

What is your favourite thing to blog about and if you could blog more about one thing what would it be?
I love blogging about Jack but at 4 months old, there's a limited amount I can write about without being repetitive! I also love to blog about beauty and fashion, and wish I could blog more about fashion. However, whenever I aim to write an OOTD post, you can guarantee Jack will throw up over me just before I plan to take the pictures....

We all have our favourites with things, but who is your favourite blogger and why?
Oh, that's so hard! I have favourites for different things. At a push, I'd have to say you and Rachael from Island Girl Insights @ - I can't pick between you! You both write fab posts, always leave fab comments on my blog and are both amazing girls who I love to chat to!

Aww thanks! She's too lovely isn't she!? When it comes to networking and followers, how have you networked to have the amazing followers you have?
Some of the girls I met originally through the More! magazine facebook page and they often mention me on their blogs, introducing me to new readers. I also often guest in blog interviews such as these, participate in blogger chats on Twitter and I also like to introduce new features on my blog which also often bring new people to my blog, wanting to participate. I also use sites such as Bloglovin', HelloCotton and more to get my blog out there. I also try to comment on other blogs as and when I can and have made some fab friends this way!

Are you a commenter or just a reader?
A commenter, but it is definitely a lot harder now with a baby. I often have to make do with reading on my phone, which makes it a lot harder to comment. If a post really interests me though, I will leave a comment, no matter how hard it is.

Let’s talk beauty and fashion! We all love knowing each other’s favourites! What is your favourite must-have beauty product?
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip protectant stick SPF15. When I've got dry lips, this is the only thing to sort them out. It is my Holy Grail product - nothing worked before and this did the job within a day. Brilliant. 

Every girl loves her fashion! What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe at the moment?
I have a gorgeous LBD which I break out for special occasions and I adore it! Most people don't believe me but I actually bought it from Ann Summers. They actually sell 'proper' clothes now and most of it is absolutely gorgeous. The dress isn't as revealing as you may think, in fact it's quite demure, but it's my favourite dress because it goes with everything!

One last question, what is your favourite thing about blogging?
Meeting new people, definitely. I've only met one blogger so far (only for about two minutes as well, sad times) but I'm planning to meet many more, as you know. I'm planning a Herts/Beds blogger meetup for the summer sometime and I can't wait!

Thanks for your time Bex! It was nice to find out more about you and your blog! And I hope to see you at the meet in the summer! :)
If you want to follow Bex, click on THIS LINK to go to her blog Futures!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Lemon & Lime

Hi Girlies! Just a quick make up post from a look I did the other day!
I am loving my brightly coloured eye shadows at the moment! I loved this lemon & lime look I did on the spot. It really frames the eyes and makes you look fresher faced!
I used my Claire's multi-coloured eye shadow palette. I used yellow in the corners and a bright lime green to the edge! I used a dark green on my below my lower lashes to frame my eyes! I kept it simple else where, I used a pinkish No 7 blusher on my cheeks and my Natural Collection Apple Blossom lipstick.

A fresh, spring look I reckon! What colours are you using for your spring look?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Inspirational in April

Just a quick post before work! A few things I'm already inspired by or would be this month!


The Beach, in a week and a half ♥ | Nail Art | British Weather, Unpredictable | The Time Traveller's Wife (READING) | My Diana Mini | Plaits, because I learnt how to french plaits!


What's inspiring you this month!?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Week 5, 100 Day Shopping Ban

Okay, I've longed out posting this enough. This week I have a confession to make, I went into work the other day and ended out buying a couple of things because of Dorothy Perkins' two day event where things were up to 30% and working for Outfit I had the benefit of this and staff discounts which meant I got this top for a really good deal and the cardigan was just on sale...

IN MY DEFENSE! I got it for a really good price and I thought it wouldn't be a bad thing if I treated myself to a little something after doing so well over a quarter way through the ban! I bought that lovely shite shirt because I have always wanted one and it was also the last in my size. It goes with almost ANYTHING and I've been staring at it since day one! And as for the cardigan... Well... I really liked it and it was on sale. I wanted something a little brighter in my wardrobe to throw over things in the summer, and I've worn it everyday since I bought it! I don't feel too bad for buying them both because I bought them at such a low price and I think it's just a little bit of a treat for doing so well. I probably won't need the 7 days in a couple of weeks I've allocated myself to spend because I'm on holiday! I'll probably only use up the 5 days I'm away so I guess this day counts as one? Would you agree?

It's made the ban a little bit easier because a treat makes you feel better and it was sort of a well done for doing so well so far! I don't think I'll actually buy any more clothes through the ban because I've been sifting through my draws and wardrobe finding things I forgot about! Things I used to wear all the time... plus I know I have things in the loft I can bring back down with the summer upon us! Yes, I know it rained today!

I know I bought a couple of bits, but is that so bad!? It was just a little treat and I spent less than £20 for BOTH.
I have 63 days left! ALMOST half way! How are you doing?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

March - April: 26 - 1

A Hot Week! :D

This week the weather had been amazing! I spent most of my lunch breaks attempting to soak up the most of the sun I could get and cardigan-less! I think for the weather the week has been pretty amazing! Something us Brits love to have a good long chat about!
This week I also noticed I've been getting girlier with my style. Hair up in plaits and pins... Pinks everywhere including the cardigan pictured, my nails pictured, and the make up look I posted about yesterday! I had a good look through my wardrobe and found a cute collection of dresses and what nots I forgot about including my navy Topshop shorts I lived in through the winter and gold foil skirt I loved to jazz up! I completely loved my outfit today (pictured) I finally got to wear out my pineapple shorts the way it's meant to be worn this year! Tights-less! I will be happy to get my wardrobe sorted this week so I can start wearing stuff properly and not just sticking with the same naff stuff all the time. I also want to do a car boot sale so I can try get rid of some old things that way.
This week was pay week, so I was also happy to see some money in the bank for my little holiday adventure with my boyfriend in a couple of weeks! SO excited it's unbelievable. I just hope the weather will dull until that week we go away!
I spent the weekend teaching my little brother and sister how to skip in and out of a already going skipping rope, basking in what was left of the sun and helping my uncle move into his LOVELY new flat! We had a little house warming party thing for him too where I cooked chicken wings, burgers and sausages and sat there watching Rush Hour 2 and chatting away. It was such a lovely evening and I had a nice change to my usual day. I haven't spent time with my family like that in a while so it was nice to be with a few of them for the weekend with my boyfriend too :)
On a random note: 1. I found petrol! Yay! 2. I didn't get to April fool anyone :|
I am off to bed because I'm shattered from my long eventful day :) goodnight!

How has your week been treating you? And did you get the most out of the sun!?

Looking forward to: clearing out my wardrobe once and for all, doing some more blog posts (as I'm really enjoying blogging especially at the moment) and maybe making one of the things on my Crafty List!?


Hey girlies,
So I thought today I'd do a make-up post sharing my favourite make up look I did this week. I decided on Friday that I would have an all pink day! I forgot how subtle and nice pink eye-shadow was to wear. And how girly and simple it looked!

I got a lot of make up for Christmas last year and I use something different everyday.
For this look I used a couple of pinks from a small compact that looks like a little iPhone 3! I used a lighter pink on the inside of my lids and darkened it to the outside and a little bit of darkness on the crease. 
I used Natural Collection Apple Blossom on my lips, one of my favourite lipsticks at the moment, It's a bit too light for my face but after a little bit it blends in with my natural lip colour and looks really subtle and light.
To finish off I used my No7 Blusher I got for Christmas too.
I haven't put anything on my face like foundation or anything because I don't like wearing it when the sun's out. I have natural olive coloured skin and it just makes me look out right weird if I wear the foundation I wear in the winter. It's like my colour changes for the season! And if I'm honest (and TRYING not to be big-headed), I don't really need it.
I really loved this look and will be doing it again because I miss being completely girly with my look!

What's your favourite colour to wear at the moment?
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