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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Week 5, 100 Day Shopping Ban

Okay, I've longed out posting this enough. This week I have a confession to make, I went into work the other day and ended out buying a couple of things because of Dorothy Perkins' two day event where things were up to 30% and working for Outfit I had the benefit of this and staff discounts which meant I got this top for a really good deal and the cardigan was just on sale...

IN MY DEFENSE! I got it for a really good price and I thought it wouldn't be a bad thing if I treated myself to a little something after doing so well over a quarter way through the ban! I bought that lovely shite shirt because I have always wanted one and it was also the last in my size. It goes with almost ANYTHING and I've been staring at it since day one! And as for the cardigan... Well... I really liked it and it was on sale. I wanted something a little brighter in my wardrobe to throw over things in the summer, and I've worn it everyday since I bought it! I don't feel too bad for buying them both because I bought them at such a low price and I think it's just a little bit of a treat for doing so well. I probably won't need the 7 days in a couple of weeks I've allocated myself to spend because I'm on holiday! I'll probably only use up the 5 days I'm away so I guess this day counts as one? Would you agree?

It's made the ban a little bit easier because a treat makes you feel better and it was sort of a well done for doing so well so far! I don't think I'll actually buy any more clothes through the ban because I've been sifting through my draws and wardrobe finding things I forgot about! Things I used to wear all the time... plus I know I have things in the loft I can bring back down with the summer upon us! Yes, I know it rained today!

I know I bought a couple of bits, but is that so bad!? It was just a little treat and I spent less than £20 for BOTH.
I have 63 days left! ALMOST half way! How are you doing?