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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Week 6 & 7, 100 Day Shopping Ban

These last two weeks have been easier for me!

I've started to think more about money value and if it is a reasonable price to pay for what it is. For example, there was a top I tweeted about earlier in the week and whether I should get it or not, but I didn't! I didn't because it was £20 and instead when my shopping ban was lifted for my holiday week starting Saturday 14th I went to primark and bought 3 things for £4 less than that top! I think I've pretty much learnt my lesson! Would you agree?

Jeggings: Topshop Everything Else: Primark

I went shopping with my  boyfriend Saturday and with my shopping ban lifted like I explained for my holiday from the 14th to the 21st I was really happy to go shopping and not worry about the money! I got the few bits pictured above! With a holiday you can't expect the money to not be spent which is simply why I lifted my ban for this week! I will definitely be enjoying it and I have a good feeling I won't even be spending a lot! :) Also with a nice week to not worry about my little spending ban in the middle I feel like I get a little break from it and it might stop me going a little mad. I honestly think I will be shopping less now that I'm giving myself little lessons of how to shop!

Are you doing a shopping ban too and would you consider doing it?