Monday, 28 May 2012

Happy Birthday Blog ♥

Today my blog is TWO!


I think most followers will know my blog hasn't always been What Cat Says. I started off writing as Something Said, a little blog where I would say anything I wanted to say. It was less about fashion and beauty and more about my goings on, adverntures, little life lessons and art. My blog is still about all them things with a little more fashion and beauty as I became more in touch with my feminine side and fashion as I never used to be! I still have a few blog posts about life lessons and my Sunday post is dedicated on my goings on during the week big or small. I like talking about the things I want to talk about, and not what I think I should be talking about. And being a category-less blogger, in this case what I like to call the everything blogger rather than a lifestyle, slash fashion, slash personal blogger.
I changed my blog name to What Cat Says when I realised how much I'd developed since starting the blog and how much happier I am and a brighter person with more perspective on life than before. My blog became a part of my life when I became dedicated to writing it and I stuck with it, which doesn't happen often if you know me. I decided that I wanted to change my blog name because it seemed too old and 'not me' anymore. So fresh starts began with a new blog name and a few weeks ago the final touch of the new URL. Doing that made my blog feel new, fresh and completely me.

I'm so happy that I've been blogging happily and two years solidly. It's a hobby still as it had started and I enjoy it as much as I did but since then it has been a part of what developed a little more personality and girliness from it along with my boyfriend and more or less growing up.

To think this all started at my Fine Art uni desk in my second year... Happy Birthday Bloggie ♥


Sunday, 27 May 2012

May: 21 - 27

Sun Week.

As a nation we Brits have all become about at least 75% happier over the last week, we've ended up spending every minute we can outside whether it be lunch breaks, a day off or after school and we're loving that big bright sun in the sky. We all know how rare it is and we all take the chance to be out in this sort of weather because as we found out last time it lasts about a week and then its torrential rains and gloomy days and we're all back to being snuggled up in bed with tea and laptops.
I've not blogged because of all this good weather, I've been too busy soaking up the rays, jumping on trampolines, generally just being outside and working a lot too.
This week was also pay week! And everyone loves a pay week! Because of the lovely weather I treated myself to some cute pink canvas peep toe shoes and some pretty sunglasses that won't make my nose look bigger than what it is! I also ended up having a day out with my boyfriend, we went rowing in lakes and having a pub lunch with the loveliest steak burger ever. I don't think I ever had a steak burger before...
I think I might have burnt my shoulders but I'm not too sure, we usually all find out if we're quite burnt in the morning after don't we? I also ache from the waist down and I'm dreading tomorrow as I've actually started working out as of today. I'm really hoping that I get results by at least the end of June because I'm fed up of being generally unfit and slightly chubby round the tummy.

What have you been doing in the sun this weekend?

Looking forward to: working out all week and sticking with it, more sunshine and being out in it!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

DIY: Union Jack Wooden Chair

So I've had a grubby old wooden chair in my room for a while. It's a kids chair so it's small but it's cute! I've had it a few months and I can't remember if it was me or my mum who picked it up from someone who was going to throw it away. So forever more it has stayed in my room... Since we got it, it has been drawn on, outlined and just destroyed. Last night on a whim I decided that I wanted to do something with this... Paint it and make it look a lot better. I had so many ideas on how to paint it, but the Queen and her hold over the nation with her Diamond Jubilee coming up really inspired me to do what I did with it. I had ideas of pretty flowers, 'ombre' legs or full on stripes... But the idea of having a union jack seat just was stuck in there as the best idea! I wish I had more chairs for the rest of my ideas!

As you can see the chair was HORRID before and I don't know why I kept it like that for so long but my motivation to start becoming more creative made me finally do something and take a chance with this mini-project! I used white satin (?) spray paint to cover the chair and make it pure white again... It took a couple of coats but it worked really well and then with some simple crafting paint I hand painted the Union Jack on the seat without guidelines... It was meant to be a perfect representation of the patriotic flag but I thought it looked really great with the paint lines and the home-made feel to it. Now all that's left to do is cover it in some satin varnish to keep in the paint and colour and prevent it from any damage!

How do you like my chair!? Keep an eye out for more DIY projects! I'm back into the swing of things! ♥

Monday, 21 May 2012

028 iLove: Sitcoms

I've always loved Sitcoms and I think everyone has a general like for them. They're casual and funny, and who doesn't like to relax and have a giggle.
Of course we all know where this started... no matter how old you are or young you are it's always FRIENDS. Everyone loves Friends, and I don't think I actually know a single person that doesn't! I actually have most of the video cassette entire collection up in my loft! Why it's in video cassettes do not ask.
But apart from Friends I'm a big fan of other sitcoms like, The Big Bang Theory, Not Going Out, Cougar Town, Will & Grace and The Fresh Prince Of Belair.
Currently I'm super loving Cougar Town. Seriously, probably obsessed.

Oh, and just for fun...

Which ones are your favourite sitcoms!?

May: 14 - 20

Blocked Week.

I've posted a couple of times now within the last two weeks about how I've been lost for posts! Sometimes life catches up with your free time and you end up being too busy to do anything else. I've come to accept that this happens and that I'm quite content with it. My blog is part of my life as a hobby, and something fun to do on the sides. The commitment I have to post isn't big at all and not enough to worry about and sometimes there isn't anything to say or share... So I (sort-of) promise this is the last you'll read of my ramblings of being lost!

I've been busy working again this week. I've also has a LOVELY weekend with my boyfriend. We love a good meal out so last night we went to this lovely Indian restaurant and I tell you what if you live around Hertfordshire, it's worth going to because the food is amazing! I seriously couldn't eat all my food because it was so much! But it was SO so nice! And a good curry is very hard to find! I had a Chicken Tikka Massala and my boyfriend had a Chicken Korma. We've always got takeaways from there, so we thought we would eat in, and it is so much nicer because you get perfect service and such a great and peaceful atmosphere. 5 Stars!
Today we also went to see The American Reunion and it was better than expected. I thought it was going to be like all other sequels where they'd carry on the story from where they left off and it would never be as good as the first one or two... But honestly it was funny and good! Had the same humour, carried on from the story pretty well and worth going to the cinema to watch!

I'm planning a couple of posts and a few things that I'm determined to start doing. I want to be artistic again. I think I left my creativity at university and I kind of want to be artistic and ballsy too. I want to do DIY projects and draw more. As you can see above, I'm starting to with copying just to get back into the swing of it... The last time I did something artistic was for my boyfriend's anniversary present. I painted a picture of us on our first holiday and it turned out perfect, I did it because I remember how much he loved my artisticness and thinking about art and all that made me really want to do it all again! I have a little wooden chair in my room to re-vamp for me and my sister so expect a post about it's re-vamp soon and a couple of reviews!

How has your week been?
And has anyone seen The Dictator? I'm not sure if I want to go see it! 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bloggers Block

Hi Girlies, I hope you've all had a lovely week!

Ideas! Where the hell are you!?

I don't know why but I am suffering from a massive case of a Blogger's writing block. I feel like I have nothing to say or worth saying at the moment. I haven't had much to share and the things I have to share I guess I just haven't got round to sharing! I just really wanted to say something about it, I know I haven't got many readers and it's not really worth blogging about but I just wanted to know if anyone else has or is feeling like this at the moment too? And what you did to spring back into the blogging things!
I'm sure I'll get my blogging mojo back, I am guessing that it's just because I've had quite a bit on my mind to be thinking about any blogging recently. I just need to be inspired and start to become a little more creative again! What do you think?

I'll have my mojo back....! Before the Blog's 2nd Birthday on the 28th May! I'm determined to!

On a lighter and most random note I just now thought I do have a couple of things to post about at some point. I want to review a hair care product I was given to sample a while back and I finished my first Diana Mini film roll! I wonder how the photos will come out!!!! ♥


Sunday, 13 May 2012

May: 7 - 13

Lazy Week.

Seriously, I don't have much to share this week. I've been trying to sort through things to get rid of. I'm such a hoarder and my mum went in my room and she threw away the things she knew she could and I wouldn't even notice would be gone. She knew not to throw anything away that had to do with me and my boyfriend, because we collect little things like receipts and that from holidays, days out, etc. I've been trying to do a car boot sale too with my lovely friend from uni and we never get round to doing it. I think next Sunday might be a brilliant day to go if the weather holds up like it has done! I'm the worst with clothes, because its either they were a gift or the typical "of course I'll wear that again", but then I never wear it again and I have the minimal amount of things that do actually go with it. I just can't let go!
I've got 4 dresses on eBay at the moment which is a very small start... If you are at all interested the bids starting at 99p and ends next Sunday and just go HERE to view them!

Apart from that, I've been keeping busy with work and thinking a lot about doing something active. I'm so unfit its unbelievable. I can't even play a dance game for longer than 15 minutes because I get out of breath and those are my sort of games! I am a little bit round between the hips and waist... It's like I have a constant food baby :( I might start playing them a little more, and skipping in the back garden. I'm so shy when it comes to exercise because it's scares the absolute life out of me and makes me feel embarrassed that people know or see me do it. So I think 5 days a week I'm going to try 30 minutes of dance and then however long I can skip for after until I feel like I might die. Small plan, but a beginners effective one?

Other than that I haven't really been up to much. Today I did go to a different pub garden with my boyfriend and I loved it! Empty and in such a beautiful place! We might have dinner there next weekend :)

Looking forward to: Dinner with BF at some point!?, eBay biddings, possible wardrobe clear-out (for GOOD this time) and starting my mini start to be fitter scheme.

How has your week been treating you? And will you check out my eBay listings!? :D

What's It About?


Recently, and this isn't the first time, I thought about my place in the blogging world. I love the community, reading others, appreciating their photography and blogging topics and I love to blog myself, but I think I've honestly become stuck at where my blog fits in categorically. I don't know why but I feel the pressure to categorise my blog as either a fashion blog, a beauty blog, a lifestyle blog... But I feel more like a miscellaneous one at the moment. I see other bloggers with pretty much sorted blogs, about fashion and clothes and the events and things they've done, their photography or drawings. And then there's me... A bit everywhere.
When I blog, I blog about what has come to me that day, week, or happenings and what I feel like. If I feel like an outfit or a make up post, I will attempt one. If I want to make a wish-list or an iLove for my series, I will. I'm a influenced blogger...
I don't know why I am working myself up so much, especially as this is just my fun thing to do. It may just be the fact that I haven't had the time to actually do my fun hobby... or the right things to blog about. 
We all look up to another blogger and I think sometimes get pressured and wish we could be just as good as they are at it, and have such amazing things and opportunities come from it. I've also realised now saying that, that I've always been a fan of individuality and originality (is that the same thing!?) and that I shouldn't be influenced by others so easily....
I'd say I'm an everything blogger... I like the sound of that; fashion, beauty, life, books, nerd stuff and other misc. Blogging is my hobby, my fun thing in my spare time! I love doing it and I guess I just feel as though I haven't done much lately and been doing "feel-bad" blog posts which have in my eyes been "yawn" so so boring and un-fun. And it's lovely to know that I'm AFK because I'm busy out living life with my boyfriend and doing things even if it is just work! I don't know what I've honestly worked up so much about now that I REALLY think about it.
Doing things like this always help me understand why I do blog better, why I started blogging and why I love doing it! It's nice to realise at the end of writing a post that I'm not as bothered as I thought, I've just been lost for posts... I just need a little more inspiration and drive, and less laziness too!

Do you ever get lost for posts?

P.S. I apologise for the pointless wordy ranting post, I promise a good one next time :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Aspire Things ♥

Not too long ago the lovely Victoria @ Victoria's Vintage hosted a give-away for a pretty jewellery hanger from Aspire and a few surprise gifts. I was lucky enough to win this give-away and the parcel came today. I was too excited about it and unthinkably unwrapped everything before I even thought about taking any photos! I'm ridiculous when it comes to photographing things that I like to share that come to me through the post! I wanted to share the beautiful things I received with my followers and thank Victoria again so much for the lovely prizes! 

Aspire as well as sending me the beautiful Jewellery hanger which will be up tomorrow (I didn't get time to tonight), they sent me the most gorgeous Bangle! I was never a fan of bangles or bracelets and often try to be and just don't succeed at it, but I seriously love this one and I think I could wear it all the time. The inscription reads "DANCE... as though no one is watching you". They also sent me a lovely Cath Kidston lipgloss and a cute emery board! I don't have a handy lipgloss to keep in my bag so that was a lovely touch and also, I've thrown away all my emery boards so it's nice to have a lovely fresh new one! Thank you SO much Victoria & Aspire. I love these prizes and the cute card that came with it! XO

Follow Victoria's Twitter & Victoria's Vintage Blog
Also Follow Aspire's Twitter & Check out their Catalogue

P.S. I apologise for my bad nails.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

April - May: 30 - 6

Discovery Week.
I've discovered a lot this week. I've discovered: eBay (again), A new found love for jumpers (vintage, floral and motif ones), that my hair looks terrible post-box red, and that I miss my family more than I think sometimes!
Recently I downloaded the eBay app... I've already bought myself and my boyfriend and I can't remember how for the life of me I came across the most AMAZING jumper started watching it... and bidding. Today I lost in by a literal split second. You can imagine how unimpressed I was because I was just pure desperate for it! I wanted it so bad... So now I'm on the eBay hunt for another amazing jumper that this time I will win! This leads on to my new found love of jumpers... I have been wearing my jumpers a little more recently and realised I keep eyeing them up at work, if there was a black jumper there I could of bought for work wear I would of but there wasn't a thing. There is although a few cute Topshop jumpers I don't know why I haven't bought yet but I might just wait for the second best perfect one to come up on eBay.
Also... yesterday I made I think what can only be called the worst mistake in hair history. I don't know why but I decided that I wanted instead of the red "ombre" look on my hair that I wanted my red underlayer back that I used to have quite a while ago now. Before the blogging days! And I did this... I bleached my hair and then covered it red... And the result was HORRID. I don't know WHAT I was thinking but I sure will not do that again! I called up my boyfriend in pure panic and more or less begged him to buy me some dye to cover it up and now I have almost black hair. I used Clairol Perfect 10 Darkest Brown 3 to cover it up and it covered up amazingly! I think it's the only company I ever use that never let me down! But I did miss one tiny strand of hair that is still a little red... how?
This weekend my aunt has come over from France to visit for the bank holiday weekend, yesterday we went Casino and today I spent the day with my boyfriend but I still saw her quite a bit :) It's also my Dad's birthday today so I called him up and said my happy birthdays. All this family stuff going on really made me realise how far away my family is and how much I could miss them all. I do miss them at all times but some days it really does hit me! I think sometimes we take family a little too for granted and don't realise how lucky we are.

A lot of learning this week eh? Looking forward to: Buying a jumper (hopefully), receiving a few things in the post (also hopefully), possibly eBaying some bits and stocking up on missing make-up!

P.S. I apologise for the many words in this post! XO

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Inspirational in May


Bold Eyeshadows & Black Eyeliner | iPhone Case Obsessions | Blogging Fun (with a PC not a Mac! Sorry Apples!) | Red Hair Obsession, TRYING to DIY it right! | Glitter Nail Polishes | Jumpers | BABY FOXES ♥

Just a quick evening post about what's going to be inspiring and already inspiring me this month. I've just had a long tournament type match with my boyfriend on an iPhone game called Fish Off. It's addictive and competitive! Search it on the app store! I'm going to have a late shower and go to bed... The search for hair pre-lightener goes on. I seriously want my red back without the blonde/gingerness. NOT a good look for me as I found out last time I did this. GOODNIGHT xo

What's inspiring you this month?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

*Iconemesis Giveaway Winner*

So I've just counted up the entries for the Iconemesis giveaway, and I just want to say thank you to everyone who entered. This is only the second giveaway I've ever hosted and I'll definitely be doing more in the future! I want to say thank you to Iconemesis too for giving me the chance to give away one of their AMAZING phone cases.

Using I counted up all the votes and verified them by making sure all the requirements were set and the first giveaway entry won!

Congratulations! I will be emailing you for details and I hope you enjoy your New iPhone case!

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