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Monday, 21 May 2012

028 iLove: Sitcoms

I've always loved Sitcoms and I think everyone has a general like for them. They're casual and funny, and who doesn't like to relax and have a giggle.
Of course we all know where this started... no matter how old you are or young you are it's always FRIENDS. Everyone loves Friends, and I don't think I actually know a single person that doesn't! I actually have most of the video cassette entire collection up in my loft! Why it's in video cassettes do not ask.
But apart from Friends I'm a big fan of other sitcoms like, The Big Bang Theory, Not Going Out, Cougar Town, Will & Grace and The Fresh Prince Of Belair.
Currently I'm super loving Cougar Town. Seriously, probably obsessed.

Oh, and just for fun...

Which ones are your favourite sitcoms!?

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  1. I love How I Met Your Mother and Community. :)
    Friends is the greatest! I watch it alllll the time. x

  2. Yesss! How I Met You Mother, Big Bang Theory and of course all of the classics. I can't live without my fix every week! x

  3. Friends is the best pick me up, I love watching it on a Sunday when I feel like being lazy :)

    I haven't really watched Cougar Town it's something I have yet to watch! xx