Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pineapple Season

Top - Topshop (Old)
Shorts - River Island (Last Summer)
Belt - Primark
Heels - Miss Selfridge

I never do these outfit posts but I really love my outfit today so I'm sharing it with you! I always love finding a top I love at the bottom of the cupboard and I always love finding this one because when I do find it I often think I don't wear it enough. I got it with a gift voucher quite a few years ago in Topshop. I remember this really well and I'm not sure why but I do! I think it was the first thing I edver bought from topshop apart from a white pair of sale converse type shoes in my  "emo" days!
I love these shorts, and again I don't wear them often enough! My boyfriend got them for me last year in May because I couldn't shut up about how amazing they were.... and they still are! I wish it was sunnier more often so I could wear them more often too! It's a challenge finding tops to go with it but I've found quite afew that do!

What are your favourite fashion pieces that you don't wear often enough?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

MUA Obsessed.

Quite a while a go I took advantage of Superdrug's 3 for 2 on all beauty products offer and cheekily bought myself a few MUA things. I'd never tried MUA before and I believe I have been turned not only by amazingly cheap prices but great quality and choice! I FINALLY wanted to share the products I've bought and what I think of them!

MUA Lipsticks in Shade 2 and Shade 10
I was amazed when I used Shade 10, the colour was perfect and applied really well. It lasted quite long and I was really happy with it. Being so happy with it I returned to buy Shade 2 because I thought if they're all like this why not!? I found that shade 3 came out more like a gloss than a lip colour and after more uses the colour began to show, but the texture was glossier and I wasn't as impressed. I'd still buy another because they have some amazing colours but I'll always be wary of the application and colour from now on.

I only use this occasionally when I look tired or when I need to cover up that damn blemish. It works well and with the foundation I also bought, (reviewed below) it really makes a good team! I don't know if I'd buy it again when I run out although.
MUA Eyeshadows in Shade 6 and Shade 5
I love these! They come put really well pigmented and bright! I love these and use them almost everyday. They're fun and so easy to apply... I'll be purchasing shades 17, 18 and 19 next!
MUA Mascara
I was slightly disappointed when I applied this. It was thin and I felt like I wasn't really applying much. Like when you start to notice your mascara is running out sort of application. Cheap mascara has always been my go-to product because if I'm honest I can't really see the point of all these different ones with different descriptions. I think I'd stick to my Collection 2000 mascaras.
MUA Bronzer in Shade 2
I tend to use this on sunnier days and when I want a simple nude look. It really is a lovely colour and the photo does it no justice. Probably my favourite MUA product I bought from the lot!
MUA Matte Foundation in Shade 3 - Gentle Fawn.
I use this everyday and I've never found a foundation that matches my skin quite nicely as this! It does give a matte look and lasts long. It's my favourite foundation in production!

What are your favourite MUA products!?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

June: 18 - 24

Late week.

Coffee & Cake | Pink Legs | "Talons"

This week has been filled with what I like to call "early" mornings (9am) and late nights (around 1-2am). It's not healthy but I've done it anyway! I've not been getting the sleep I need and I'm starting to think hat I'm going to have to have earlier nights whether I like it or not!
Anyway, as well as messing up my body clock I've been scouring sales where I found my pink fluro leggings (Topshop) on my lunch breaks at work, and enjoying a lovely Sunday with my boyfriend. We are both absolutely disappointed by the football and both think Rooney did nothing but stand there gormless... A very heart-wrenching result. We spent most of our Sunday happy and playing games like Age of Empires and finding a better deal on our holiday! All in all apart from the football a good weekend!
Sorry, but I haven't much to write... It's hard to find things to write about when you're week has been filled with working!

Looking forward to: PAYDAY! A visit to Hobbycraft, Crafting, Reading, Blogging some planned posts and the Portugal - Spain game.

How has your week been? Disappointed with the game?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I thought I'd share with you a little Twitter giveaway win I won last week and my new favourite accessory! Crumple Design teamed The Upcoming to do the giveaway of a pair of their lovely hand made paper earrings! I was lucky enough to be the winner of one of these earrings and got these which are called Hyperlove. They all have a little 'Paper Tales' behind each design which I think is amazing, it's not often there's a nice little story behind lovely pieces of jewellery like this!

"his design has been inspired by tears, songs, poems, stories, action and countless expressions of love that continue to inspire nations, cultures and people" - Crumple Design

I've worn my Crumple earrings everyday! They're hand made from eco-materials and the hook is made of silver sterling which is perfect for my sensitive little ear lobes! These earrings also go with everything because they're rainbowed with colour! I literally can't fault these earrings they're just so lovely! And at a really good price too! The best picture to see how lovely and colourful they are is my Instagram photo but I really wanted to show the size of them and how great they look on so I apologise for my mediocre bedroom lighting and iPhone photos! 

If you'd like you can shop Crumple Design HERE and Follow their Twitter HERE! Also Follow online magazine: The Upcoming too on Twitter HERE!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

June: 11 - 17

Google Week.

I swear I think I mist have spent approximately something like 85% of my spare time on Google and every holiday searching website there is searching for mine and my boyfriend's perfect holiday. And only today have I found somewhere we would love to go! Now it's finding a decent deal but we're planning to head into a travel agents and see what deals we can pick up there.
This week I noticed a ridiculous amount of sales launched and lots of us #bbloggers posting about our sale purchases like I did too! I really love the sales and dislike paying full price for anything. I am a bargain hunter. And with a lovely discount staff store card, sales are now more lethal than before! Which is why I decided that my heels and new bag that I bought this week should be my last purchase until I have booked and paid off my holiday and have some lovely spending money! I also STILL have to do my car boot and blog sale too... The money made from that will be for my holiday fashion fund!
I happily finished college too for ever. I had a great time with the lovely people I met at college and it was a little sad to go because it felt so soon, but with my final exams over my petrol draining trips are too. I hope I get the grade I need. I will be so gutted if I don't. But my lovely boyfriend treated me to a TGI Fridays for this as I mentioned in my previous post, eating a 3 course amazing meal. It was perfect! Thanks Boyfriend! ♥

Looking forward to: Eventually booking a holiday, eventually making a blog sale and eventually getting some backed up blog posts posted!

Have you shopped the sales?
And are you going anywhere on holiday this year?


Monday, 11 June 2012

029 iLove: Eye Make Up

What girl doesn't like to have a play around with eye make up... I'm always trying to create an amazing dramatic eye look! I just need new brushes to do more of this with! Here's some of myy favourites I found and sourced from the lovely!


These are only five of my favourites hearted in, I love searching eye make up and finding new styles to try out! From dramatic to simple! At the moment I'm enjoying lime green looks and simple dark lashes looks! What eye make up looks are you enjoying at the moment?


June: 4 - 10

Beauty Buys Week.

Hiiiii, how has your rainy wet week (in the UK) been treating you?
I think I might have over-done shopping already this month. No shopping for the next two week. Though I still need to find some decent and cheap storage boxes for under my bed as mine all broke and I'm a slight hoarder... Tuesday I ended up in Superdrug's again because of their dangerously good 3 for 2 on beauty products offer. And with the MUA make-up so cheap I picker up a few bits for a literal fiver. I also ended up shopping again a few days ago for a couple of extra bits and I bought the pretty dress pictured above for my holiday!!!! But as for now, shopping is over until pay day at least...
As usual I spent the weekend with my boyfriend. Doing the usual games, movies and again holiday searching... Again reaching no where. We want to go to a Greek island with a great beach nearby or in front... We're so picky after our last amazing holiday to Zante. Anyone have any ideas of a good Greek island and location on that island for a couple in need of full-on relaxation!? No clubby scenes please.
I've also decided I need to become more motivated. For things like: Work, drawing again, eating healthier, actually exercising, being tidier. I need to write a list. And I need a diary for organisation... I think that might be the key to my motivation. I've noticed this week how lazy I can really be and that I'm not going to get very far being lazy. I noticed throughout the week that I really do need to do these things and that doing nothing does no justice for me or the things I want to achieve. I just need a little more motivation!
 As for the healthy and exercising stuff... It's 14 weeks until I go on holiday to wherever that may be and I would like to look lovely for it, and also feel like I look lovely in general. I am aiming to be generally fitter and have a flat stomach. I'm not looking for weight loss, or anything like that. I just generally want to be a healthier person and have a flat tummy than looking like I have a food baby.

Also I'd just love to say hi to all my new blog followers, it's nice to see people take interest in my blog! It makes me feel happy and proud and also I love finding new blogs to read, so it's always nice to find someone new's blog! So new followers, Hello!

This week, looking forward to: motivated activities, getting my last Science lesson and exam done, drawing, blogging!


Friday, 8 June 2012

Island Dressing

So! The other day, I had the first 2pm finish at work I've had for a ridiculously long time. So I decided a little extra retail therapy wouldn't hurt and if I'm honest I think I deserved it. I ended up coming home with the perfect holiday dress, pictured below (left)! I fell in love with it and although my holiday will now be in September, I won't wear it until then but then at least I have it and I won't keep dreaming about it. I also tried on the other one pictured below on the right. I also didn't realise how many different colours and prints they did of it online! I really loved this too, but I think I can wait until pay day to get this one... or maybe get it online now.... I'm a bit weird about showing my midriff but I don't quite mind this showing... it's half hidden with the crochet! I don't think I could pull off a crop top with shorts never mind with a high waisted anything! But I'm working on getting that flat summer time stomach. Even like that I don't think I could brave it.

New Look | AX Paris

I also found quite a few dresses online that I'm in love with. I think fitted dresses with a swing bottom and a high neck really suit me and I do really like them so I keep swaying towards them when I'm working and browsing or shopping! Here's a few I have been considering purchasing....

Image 1 of Mango Contrast Hem Skater Dress
Mango (ASOS) |

It's this, dip hemmed dresses and shorts! What is your fashion obsession at the moment?
p.s. Sorry #bbloggers for the late-in-the-evening post. I have been trying to post this for days... Better late than never!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Minnie Mouse

Hey Girls!

So I am a very tight shopper, if I want one thing I usually only get the one thing... And on Sunday's shopping trip... I got more than that and it was really nice just to go out and generally shop. I don't often get the time to do just that so I really enjoyed it! I'm also usually terrible shopping with other people but I went with my aunt and it was a lot of fun! First time we'd been out together for a while!

We took a lovely visit up to Primark and I got these few bits that I'd like to share:

Playsuit, Belts, Boob Tube, Pumps - Primark
Shorts - Dorothy Perkins

I've been eyeing up this adorable "Minnie Mouse" playsuit for AGES ♥ I saw this months ago and when I found the odd one in my size I grabbed it and didn't even look at the price, but for £7 who's complaining! Plus it looks amazing on and doesn't even look like beachwear which it says on the label!
Every girl who enjoys a shop around Primark likes to rummage at least a little bit through their idea of a sale. They've always got something when you haven't been there for a while and they've always got something nice hidden away somewhere. I managed to grab these two belts on sale both for £1.50.
The boob tube was on a whim, I wasn't too sure until I tried it on and it made me giggle with the little cars on it and I thought it would look nice under those tops and dresses I have with the big arm hole and for holiday, this was a steal at £1 for each one. I don't actually know why I didn't get more. Even my mum wanted me to pick some up for her holiday!
I originally went shopping for the pumps that I almost forgot to buy! Oops! But I got these and they're lovely... The neutral colours on the paisley print means they go with quite a lot and make an outfit look cute! For £6 I don't really mind how long they last, but they look like they will... Hopefully! This is my problem!
As for the cute Dorothy Perkins shorts! I managed to get these on Thursday during their 30% off 2 day event... I managed to bag these perfect fitting denim shorts for just £16.10 from £23!
I think I managed to get a few bargains and save a few pounds here and there! Just how I like it!

What have you bought recently!?


Sunday, 3 June 2012

May - June: 28 - 3

Confident Week!

I feel so bad that I didn't do anything for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee... I don't know why but I am appreciating it from afar and with colour schemed shopping. Did anyone do anything fun for the Jubilee?
So last week I was all about being a busy bee. I feel my drive and blogging inspiration is coming back so I feel the  need to post about everything and keep writing them down so I don't forget them and I have them for later posts! I am a day late in posting this, because I was so busy looking for holidays with my boyfriend for either next month or September, but we haven't been able to find anything which is a little bit lame. The problem is we had such a perfect holiday last year, we're afraid this year can't top it or even come close. Damn amazing Zante.... ♥
I've also been enjoying getting fit! I've been making sure I do all my workouts in the morning given to me by my  GainFitness app on my iPhone and eating healthy with things like cereals, apples, bananas, berries, yogurts and what not. It doesn't mean that I'm not treating myself weekly to things like the pizza  had Saturday and the chocolate I've had at least 4 times already... Oops! I've already got an amazing plan for the next 3 weeks to try and slim my semi-permanent food baby. I do feel better for it though I will forever hate to admit it...
I've also been keeping up with appearences... I noticed with a mini confidence loss last week, I wasn't bothering with my hair or make-up or nails. This weekend I treated myself by doing my own UV Gel Nails with my at home kit and I've also bought myself a little make up and have a growing list of more things I want including Lush's Colour Supplement  (In Dark Yellow). I'm dying to buy and try and then blog about! But from the little tester I had in store I think I'll be very impressed! 
Other than that there hasn't been much going on. Holiday shopping, Actual shopping with my aunt and a little confidence boosting pamper session!

Looking forward to: A bedroom spring clean, reading and over-blogging!

Does anyone have any plans this week? Anyone know where I can go for a good on the beach holiday?


Inspirational in June

I can't believe it's already half way through the year! This year has gone so quick and you can't help but wonder where the time has gone. Anyway it's the few days into the month where I realised I haven't done a monthly inspiration post! So this is what is and probably will be inspiring me this month!


More Sunshine Please | Doing on my nails soon | Daydreaming about returns Zante although holiday searching elsewhere | Simple Outfits | Attempts to Still Read | Going to attempt Car Boot Sale FINALLY and Blog Sale.

I haven't made my nails look good in a long time. I think that's what I'm going to get up to tomorrow morning... I do have a gel set I just haven't got back round to doing my nails again... we will see what the outcome becomes tomorrow morning when I roll out of bed! I might have to do those crazy nails in red white and blue with the black top layer for the Jubilee!!! EEPS! ♥

Does anyone have any nice plans for the Jubilee weekend? I have no plans tomorrow (and I'm working the bank holidays) apart from holiday searching some more. Me and boyfriend really buggered ourselves by booking the most amazing holiday last time... Hotel on the beach, amazing bar, amazing location and food and people... And now we can't stop comparing everywhere to there! It's ridiculous... And when you're trying to budget, no where compares for price either. Anyone have any good ideas of places a young couple who want to relax with a beach front hotel we can go to in Europe. Too specific?

I'm off to have a quick cuppa before bed. Late goodnights! xo

Friday, 1 June 2012

Hey Big Saver!

Hey girls!

I apologise for not being around recently, life is busy! And as you know as it does for you too, life takes priority 100x over blogging! Anyway, I am back and I thought I'd share a few fashion-related money-saving websites I've come across recently. Now I'm terrible when it comes to spending money, saving money and fashion. I love the things that are most expensive but won't ever invest and I live and breath my fashion on market stalls, the cheaper high street brands and invest rarely on higher high street fashion brands. But with these websites, you could get dupes, cheap fashion buys, and vouchers to use to get your fashion a little cheaper!


1. Everything 5 Pounds ( YES. Everything on this website is literally £5. They have pages and pages of stock, from dresses, to shoes, to bags and lingerie! I spotted this and this and this on their site... And to think... I could get ALL THREE for £15 and I've just made an entire outfit! It's just such a great and cheap website and it's all said in the URL, plain and simply! Sometimes it's not about the brands and just about the clothes. I often get complimented on clothes I've bought on a market stall, so that just helps me prove the point!

2.Vestiaire Collective ( Vestiaire Collective is a place where fashionistas can sell and buy their designer things. It is "The first community "wardrobe" devoted exclusively to fashion" (direct quote) and the best bit is what happens during your purchasing of you well invested designer item... You purchase your item and they send the item to a team of lovely people who check the quality of the item you want to buy and decide whether it is worth it!I found this lovely dress by GUESS which when I saw the price I was like REALLY? And would definitely buy if I was investing in a beautiful dress! I think this website is amazing because it's for us fashionistas who like the designer things without the massive price tag and checked for perfection! This site requires a sign up, but its easy simple and little amount of details is required and also free!

3. Bango Mango ( Bango Mango is like, except everything is £10 or under. With different collections and a completely separate website you can explore more fashion for less! I am particularly fond of this and this and this and this!

4. Fashion Vouchers ( Okay, this is the place to go before you go online shopping! Offering fashion vouchers and deals for all sorts of online fashion stored including stores like Motel Rocks and Whether it is a sale, free next day delivery or a 20% voucher code, this site is the place to go if you fancy saving a couple of pounds here and there!

5. eBay ( The most simple and obvious saving website! You can find anything on there from genuines, to dupes, and vintages! I love eBay just because you can bid on something but limit yourself to how much you spend on so you know you won't spend more than you want to! And there are also lots of eBay sellers who sell items at a decent fixed price! I've been eyeing up Jeffrey Campbell dupes and beautiful dresses like this one for low prices or how ever much you are willing to spend! eBay is always a winner with saving!

I know two of these are online stores, but it just goes to show you don't always have to spend a lot of money on fashion. But if you're willing to spend that extra cash, then that's where the other sites come in!

As well as saving money online like this, I like car boot sales to get that little extra cash and get rid of a few bits! As well as that, there's, blogger's blog sales and online shops where we can buy things for less and with a little mor originality! I also love signing up to the high street brands emails to get information about sales, events and also new trends so I can keep on top!

Would you save a little bit of money using these fab sites?? And do you have any saving secrets!?

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