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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I thought I'd share with you a little Twitter giveaway win I won last week and my new favourite accessory! Crumple Design teamed The Upcoming to do the giveaway of a pair of their lovely hand made paper earrings! I was lucky enough to be the winner of one of these earrings and got these which are called Hyperlove. They all have a little 'Paper Tales' behind each design which I think is amazing, it's not often there's a nice little story behind lovely pieces of jewellery like this!

"his design has been inspired by tears, songs, poems, stories, action and countless expressions of love that continue to inspire nations, cultures and people" - Crumple Design

I've worn my Crumple earrings everyday! They're hand made from eco-materials and the hook is made of silver sterling which is perfect for my sensitive little ear lobes! These earrings also go with everything because they're rainbowed with colour! I literally can't fault these earrings they're just so lovely! And at a really good price too! The best picture to see how lovely and colourful they are is my Instagram photo but I really wanted to show the size of them and how great they look on so I apologise for my mediocre bedroom lighting and iPhone photos! 

If you'd like you can shop Crumple Design HERE and Follow their Twitter HERE! Also Follow online magazine: The Upcoming too on Twitter HERE!