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Sunday, 17 June 2012

June: 11 - 17

Google Week.

I swear I think I mist have spent approximately something like 85% of my spare time on Google and every holiday searching website there is searching for mine and my boyfriend's perfect holiday. And only today have I found somewhere we would love to go! Now it's finding a decent deal but we're planning to head into a travel agents and see what deals we can pick up there.
This week I noticed a ridiculous amount of sales launched and lots of us #bbloggers posting about our sale purchases like I did too! I really love the sales and dislike paying full price for anything. I am a bargain hunter. And with a lovely discount staff store card, sales are now more lethal than before! Which is why I decided that my heels and new bag that I bought this week should be my last purchase until I have booked and paid off my holiday and have some lovely spending money! I also STILL have to do my car boot and blog sale too... The money made from that will be for my holiday fashion fund!
I happily finished college too for ever. I had a great time with the lovely people I met at college and it was a little sad to go because it felt so soon, but with my final exams over my petrol draining trips are too. I hope I get the grade I need. I will be so gutted if I don't. But my lovely boyfriend treated me to a TGI Fridays for this as I mentioned in my previous post, eating a 3 course amazing meal. It was perfect! Thanks Boyfriend! ♥

Looking forward to: Eventually booking a holiday, eventually making a blog sale and eventually getting some backed up blog posts posted!

Have you shopped the sales?
And are you going anywhere on holiday this year?