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Sunday, 24 June 2012

June: 18 - 24

Late week.

Coffee & Cake | Pink Legs | "Talons"

This week has been filled with what I like to call "early" mornings (9am) and late nights (around 1-2am). It's not healthy but I've done it anyway! I've not been getting the sleep I need and I'm starting to think hat I'm going to have to have earlier nights whether I like it or not!
Anyway, as well as messing up my body clock I've been scouring sales where I found my pink fluro leggings (Topshop) on my lunch breaks at work, and enjoying a lovely Sunday with my boyfriend. We are both absolutely disappointed by the football and both think Rooney did nothing but stand there gormless... A very heart-wrenching result. We spent most of our Sunday happy and playing games like Age of Empires and finding a better deal on our holiday! All in all apart from the football a good weekend!
Sorry, but I haven't much to write... It's hard to find things to write about when you're week has been filled with working!

Looking forward to: PAYDAY! A visit to Hobbycraft, Crafting, Reading, Blogging some planned posts and the Portugal - Spain game.

How has your week been? Disappointed with the game?