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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Minnie Mouse

Hey Girls!

So I am a very tight shopper, if I want one thing I usually only get the one thing... And on Sunday's shopping trip... I got more than that and it was really nice just to go out and generally shop. I don't often get the time to do just that so I really enjoyed it! I'm also usually terrible shopping with other people but I went with my aunt and it was a lot of fun! First time we'd been out together for a while!

We took a lovely visit up to Primark and I got these few bits that I'd like to share:

Playsuit, Belts, Boob Tube, Pumps - Primark
Shorts - Dorothy Perkins

I've been eyeing up this adorable "Minnie Mouse" playsuit for AGES ♥ I saw this months ago and when I found the odd one in my size I grabbed it and didn't even look at the price, but for £7 who's complaining! Plus it looks amazing on and doesn't even look like beachwear which it says on the label!
Every girl who enjoys a shop around Primark likes to rummage at least a little bit through their idea of a sale. They've always got something when you haven't been there for a while and they've always got something nice hidden away somewhere. I managed to grab these two belts on sale both for £1.50.
The boob tube was on a whim, I wasn't too sure until I tried it on and it made me giggle with the little cars on it and I thought it would look nice under those tops and dresses I have with the big arm hole and for holiday, this was a steal at £1 for each one. I don't actually know why I didn't get more. Even my mum wanted me to pick some up for her holiday!
I originally went shopping for the pumps that I almost forgot to buy! Oops! But I got these and they're lovely... The neutral colours on the paisley print means they go with quite a lot and make an outfit look cute! For £6 I don't really mind how long they last, but they look like they will... Hopefully! This is my problem!
As for the cute Dorothy Perkins shorts! I managed to get these on Thursday during their 30% off 2 day event... I managed to bag these perfect fitting denim shorts for just £16.10 from £23!
I think I managed to get a few bargains and save a few pounds here and there! Just how I like it!

What have you bought recently!?