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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pineapple Season

Top - Topshop (Old)
Shorts - River Island (Last Summer)
Belt - Primark
Heels - Miss Selfridge

I never do these outfit posts but I really love my outfit today so I'm sharing it with you! I always love finding a top I love at the bottom of the cupboard and I always love finding this one because when I do find it I often think I don't wear it enough. I got it with a gift voucher quite a few years ago in Topshop. I remember this really well and I'm not sure why but I do! I think it was the first thing I edver bought from topshop apart from a white pair of sale converse type shoes in my  "emo" days!
I love these shorts, and again I don't wear them often enough! My boyfriend got them for me last year in May because I couldn't shut up about how amazing they were.... and they still are! I wish it was sunnier more often so I could wear them more often too! It's a challenge finding tops to go with it but I've found quite afew that do!

What are your favourite fashion pieces that you don't wear often enough?

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  1. Lovely outfit, i really love the shorts! xo


    1. Thank you! I'll have a little look at your blog! Thanks for commenting! XO

  2. Love your pineapple print shorts! Very cute summer outfit! I just started following you! Check out my new blog and follow back if you would like :)


    1. Thank you for following and your lovely comment!
      I'll have a look at your blog and follow too! XO

  3. Cute outfit!! I love the pineapple print shorts, they are so cute.


  4. love your outfit! you look lovely :) x

  5. I love your shorts :)

    You look stunning by the way

    x x x

    1. They are the best shorts ever!
      Really?? Oh thank you! XO