Monday, 30 July 2012

031 iLove: Blogging


Excuse me if I have already done this iLove. I didn't realise that 2 and a half years ago when I started blogging that I would still be doing it now. I am really happy that I discovered blogging and all the blog readers and all the blogs that I also read! It's really bought some creativity in my life, a hobby and something I really enjoying doing for myself.
I know every blogger probably thinks the same of this too, but I really feel the need to express this sometimes because I blog for pleasure and not for business or to get lots of followers, I do it because I love to! Who agrees? :)

July: 23 - 29

Back To Work Week.

This week after being back to work from a well deserved week off, I have been feeling the love for jewellery as told by most images above. This week I recieved the @Cutey Charm Bracelet thanks to Katelyn of The Skinny Blonde Girl Blog, My Prairie Charm Bracelet and I also got the swallow ring and a heart anklet from the New Look sales. I have really been overly spending this week... I did buy myself THIS AX Paris dress, The New Look studded heels and now a rhinestone stud applicator and some studs off eBay. Oops! No more I think... Except I do have to buy myself some new flats as mine are pretty much ruined.
I haven't been up to much this week or weekend, but Saturday evening I did go to a lovely wedding reception in Essex with my boyfriend and some friends. I haven't been to many wedding but the Venue was absolutely beautiful not to mention the bride's dress! *dreams*... It was a great time out, and it gave me a chance to go out and get dolled up. I will post the outfit a little later in the week. I was so overly tired though from taking a few friends to the airport at stupid o'clock in the morning though. So I had the best night's sleep last night!
Today I spent with my family before they flew out to Cyprus for 2 weeks! And spent the evening chilling with my boyfriend in quietness watching, Impact Wresting, Spartacus and some Olympic events! We also ate Fudge Cake. Nom.
I'm off to get a good night's sleep though because I'm being good and going swimming tomorrow after work :) Plus I think this post is a bit everywhere and messy... sleepy!

Looking forward to: swimming, lots of blog posts to do, getting my rhinestone studding kit and enjoying a little me time!

Have you got much planned for this week?
And I'm thinking of dying my hair... Ideas please!

Friday, 27 July 2012


I've always asked questions about blogging and what will make my blog a better blog visually and content wise, where the traffic comes from and how networking helps publicise our blogs. I've been thinking about doing this series of posts for a while, and depending how it takes off depends on how it continues....
I want to develop hashtag link:  #bloggerpinion on twitter and I want you lovely readers to comment or tweet and express your feelings and opinions on the topic each week or so about our dying blogging questions and thoughts.

This week I've been wondering: Does your blog image quality make you a better blogger?

I don't have a camera, mainly because I have broken them all and secondly because of the main reason... I can't be trusted with one. And for this reason, all my photos are taken via my iPhone and I've always felt my photos are not of the best quality for my blog, purely because I feel like I'm not using the best quality camera for my photos. I see that a few bloggers have their DSLR cameras to take their photos of their outfits, reviews and other things with but I've always wondered how much picture quality matters when you are deciding whether to follow a blog or not?

My opinion: is that it doesn't matter, and that photos are just a visual aid on what you're talking about. Whether it be what you are wearing today or a review, or pictures of the events of your day or week. I think maybe picture quality matters more when you're trying to show something in it's most realistic form... But does it matter that much? As long as the pictures aren't complete blurs ;) (I joke!)

So if you like, leave a comment and express your thoughts, feelings on this topic or send me a tweet to @CatttSays with #bloggerpinion! Also, if you'd like comment with other topics you'd like to see being discussed. I think this is a good way to see what other bloggers think about each weeks topic and how we feel about others opinions, network and talk other bloggers :)


Thursday, 26 July 2012


Redrock is one of them brands I've heard of but never looks too much into, recently I've been more interested in online stores and brands that aren't highstreet and Redrock falls into one of my unfound but yet simply amazing brands that I only just discovered via a lovely email from them letting me know about a competition running via their blog. I thought this would be a great oppourtunity to take and to build an amazing outfit solely on their product! I always find it a great challenge, because I'm a girly girl and I don't like to take big risks with my outfits, and Redrock takes fashion to the daring levels!

I thought I'd go for something that would be typically me with a twist. I loved this skirt as soon as I saw it and I've been dying to get one (and still haven't got) of these dipped hem skirts! This one just looks so much fun to pair up with lots of different tops! I decided to choose my favourite top on their website, which was this cropped Native Tee, looking lovely tucked in or left loose. I snooped around the bags on their site too and decided that this bag would look best clashing with the outfit colours but also going so well!

Also just to finish off this look, I'd go for some amazing Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Half Tint Sunglasses and some Barry M Lilac Foil Varnish. I can imagine wearing this to a fashion filled day out in London (just to be "classy"), or a day out in the sun with the boyfriend or the girls! Perfect!

I surprising loved all the things on their site and hopefully will shop from them at some point because all their products are so amazing! I really love the tie dye shorts, and all the colours they have.

What are your favourite REDROCK fashion items!?

P.S. You can either shop them via their ASOS Marketplace or Website

Monday, 23 July 2012

July: 16 - 22

Holiday Week.

This week I spent entirely with my lovely boyfriend! We had booked the same week off work so we could have some well deserved holiday time together. We were really unfortunate with the bad weather but we made the most of that great Tuesday by heading into London. We visited the Science Museum because I'd never been and we both weren't too impressed so we headed over to Hyde Park and sat in the restaurant overlooking the lake and had the best cheeseburgers and chips. The weather was perfect, we just wished it has stayed for the whole week though! Typical its sunny from now onwards. Though I will NOT complain!
We spent most of our days watching TV, shopping, eating out and just generally enjoying each others company which is just what we needed.
I spent Wednesday evening also having dinner with two friends I needed a serious catch up with! We all enjoyed free chicken in Nandos with our loyalty cards and cake afterwards! Nandos just do really yummy food! I've had it twice this week!
As of this week I have 8 weeks to achieve a beach body to be proud of. Now, I'm not saying that I'm not happy with my body or anything like that, I've just always wanted to achieve that dream flat stomach which I haven't had since I was like 16. And I've never done anything to maintain my body exercise-wise so I want to start putting that into my daily routine. And what I want to achieve is not only the flat stomach, but stamina and general body strength because I used to be quite sturdy and not get tired so quick. So, hopefully I can achieve something by the 15th September!

Enjoyed the sunny weekend? I got slight tan lines!

Looking forward to: Exciting pre-planned blog posts, starting my fitness plan, reading a new book and pay day!


Sunday, 22 July 2012

The First Day Of Summer

Dress - Market
Belt - together with dress

The first day of summer, or at least it feels like it! Sunshine!? Heat!? It's like heaven in Britain! The weather we have all been longing for has just arrived and my luck that it is on the last day of holiday time I have. I decided the make the most of it and go all summery with my outfit! A bright pink floral dress! I have had this dress for such a long time, and I've only as far as I know worn it once before in Zante with my boyfriend last year. I wore it on a Glass bottom turtle spotting boat trip and it was one of the best days we had out there :)
It's from the market, and I always love market clothes. I'm such a sucker for bargain fashion, and I don't feel to worried about getting it ruined because it was only about £5. Sometimes on a day like this, a cute little beach dress is just the thing to take advantage of the first sunny day we've had all summer!

What did you wear today?

Monday, 16 July 2012

030 iLove: My Dolly Dog

From a cuddly pup to a agile rascal!
And from a little pup in a basket to a fully grown dog still small, and cute.

Dolly. She is my first dog, and she is by far the most diva-ish, attitude filled, small, yet so cute, cuddly and playful Jack Russell in the world. And I LOVE HER!
Everyone loves their dog and think their dog is the best, and with that, I'm just like everyone else. I remember bringing her home the size of my hand in August 2008 and thinking she's just the most amazing addition to the family since my little brother and sister! She's just amazing in all her attitude and love, even though she does eat the post, doesn't like strangers knocking on our door and goes mental when the newspaper is delivered. She is still the best "puppy" ever <3


Sunday, 15 July 2012

July: 9 - 15

Blurry Week.

Blue Mascara | Monday's Look | Post Goodies | Hitting 200 Followers via GFC | Rainbows | Velcro Rollers Attempt

If it weren't for these pictures I don't think I would hardly remember anything that happened this week, apart from the rain... rain. Oh and the rest of the rain. All the days blurred together as I longed for today to come by. As from today I am on holiday until next Monday! I really do love some time off because you really get to unwind and have a little bit of fun before going back to working in the real world!
I haven't been around the internet much in the last few weeks I'd say being busy doing real life things. I did although receive an email from Laura of That's So Yesterday letting me know I won her Fox Bag giveaway which I was so overly chuffed with, and can't wait to receive. Thanks Laura! And also, I won a @Cutey bracelet from Katelyn of The Skinny Blonde Girl which I can't wait to wear either! Thanks to you too Katelyn! On top, I recieved a sample of L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil, and I might have to blog about this because I really do like this product and when I saw it I really wanted to try it.
As well as that, I've been addicted to Costa Bourbons as Instagrammed by every other blogger in the UK, Coffees and book shopping. My boyfriend said to me a while back that I used to love to read, and I think the only reason I stopped reading is because I didn't find any more books that caught my attention. I like fantasy fiction, comedy and romantic stories which is why I love books like, The Twilight Saga, The Time Traveller's Wife, The Notebook, PS I Love You and one that not many people have heard of but I love, Gods Behaving Badly. I have Thanks For The Memories to start reading and I'm going to have to buy Love From Both Sides from Amazon at some point.

Looking forward to: London with my man, reading my next book, enjoying my time off, possibly DIYing some things!?

What would you do on a rainy week off work?

Sunday, 8 July 2012

July: 2 - 8

I-need-a-holiday week.

I've been in this sort of fed up mood all week. I think I seriously am in need of some time off. Me and my boyfriend AGAIN have decided against a previously decided holiday location. We've decided that some intensive searching is in need... I'm tempted to head back to the lovely perfect island of Zakynthos with our amazing hotel and turtles and great restaurants, etc, etc...
I've been enjoying some yummy treats this week as you can see from my pictures! Massive bourbon from Costa, I didn't know they did these and now I do, my recent well-eating may be corrupted. For putting up with a VERY small shopping trip, I treated my little brother and sister to icecream... I obviously had one myself and we all ended up having something blue... you can imagine our faces after. And as for that giant cupcake! It looked amazing and was a sponge cake with a jam filling. It ended up a little dry but the butter icing on the top made up for it. I made this massiveness for my little sister's birthday cake and I think she loved it, mroe for the effort of it being made :) N'aww.
THE coolest thing happened to me yesterday which I must share! Yesterday I went to the shop to get caster sugar for my cake baking and I found a rolled up fiver. Obviously, I took the lost fiver thinking...score! And when I unrolled it I found a little note pictured in the top right photo. I thought it was a really lovely thing to find and I've never experienced anything like this. This looks like something you'd find on posted later on saying that I'd found the note and how it made my day. Seriously, it did though.

Looking forward to: Eating another bourbon, finally finding a decent holiday, a complete laptop clean up and finally a car-boot sale? Maybe!

I hope you all had a good week! What are you looking forward to next week?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Adopted Denim

Leggings - Topshop (Faded, meh.)
Jacket - Unknown & Adopted

I've always loved denim jackets and I've never actually owned one apart from my dark green one I've had since I was about 16. I don't wear it that often because its seemed to not suit me any more. But this one has been lurking around my house for a while when we finally bought up the question: Who's jacket is it?
No one claimed the mysterious jacket as their own, so I quickly adopted it as my own. I love it. It's boyfriend styled (I THINK!? o,o) and fits like an absolute charm. I expect to be wearing this more often when the summer sun finally comes out to play...! I might team it up with an old hoodie for now. A bonus and a new fave summer jacket!

What's your favourite summer jacket right now?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Inspirational in July

It is July, and it feels like September. I'm tired and I don't want to work any more and I'm really longing for my week off. 9 days and counting. It's cold and wet outside, and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that this is probably the most miserable summer I have lived. But to brighten up the evening as late as it may be, I want to share the few things I hope to be inspirational to me this month or already are. I hope to be very sleepy after this.


Reading Books | Sketching, I want to get back into it | Wearing Shorts 
Curly Hair | Rainbows - sign of sunshine | Penguins

I'm feeling really sleepy recently, I can't seem to sleep until this time. Does anyone understand this insomniac feeling. I don't think it's quite so bad as to call it insomnia. But still.
I really am enjoying doing things I used to. I finished The Time Traveller's Wife. (Hallelujah!) Welling up in tears at the end of the book, it ended and I can finally say I finished it and that it is an amazing story. Just as good as the film. Sometimes it's nice to SEE the story unfold in motion pictures. There's another book on my shelf I really want to and haven't read yet I'm feeling too lazy to go pick it up and check what it is called. It's by Cecilia Ahern though, and she writes good books. I'm sure you'll be hearing of it soon.

Does anyone have any good book recommendations? Please, not Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm refusing to read it because frankly, I don't fancy reading it as I'm not particularly attracted to the storyline and I'm refusing to be a sheep and read what everyone else is reading. It's a weird thing, I know. I might get Love from Both Sides to read, I heard that is a book that makes you crease with laughter! If you have any good books that you want to recommend please leave a comment! I like rom-coms, fantasy love stories and mythology... That sort of stuff!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

DIY: Paper Collar

Okay, so I found the photos for this on my phone earlier on today and realised I never got round to posting about it! I made this about a month ago, and the thing with this is, it's gone missing and never got round to taking photos with it on, but it's easily made again!

DIY collar

I made this on a whim when my mum bought home cupcakes given from a wedding she went to the day before. They gave each of the guests a little lemon cupcake, amazingly tasty and made to look pretty in a box and decorative casing wraps around it. I decided that the decorative casing wraps was so pretty I had to have it! And because of the way the casing bends I realised that I could do something fun with this. And with a pair of scissors, two of these decorative wraps and the ribbon from the box I made this cute collar!

DIY collarDIY collar

How to make this:
I measured up the wraps around my neck and cut the front in a curve so the little flaps were removed. (I wasn't doing this very professionally I must add, this was just a little bit of fun on a whim!) After that I cut a little piece of ribbon and knotted it neatly in the front and cut off the lose ends. It's important to do this loosely because you're going to want movement from this as it is just paper and very delicate. With the remainder of the ribbon I made the tie up at the back and made sure I has plenty left for adjustment.
I wasn't wearing the right outfit to take photos of this in, but it really looked cute. I will admit slightly rigid but what do you expect more from paper? It was a fun 5 minute DIY and always easily re-done. You can get these sort of wraps from places like Hobbycraft (wraps here) I'd imagine and Morrison's if I'm corrected?
It's made me want to make another one to wear now! I might get on that!

How does it look to you anyway? Would you try to make one for yourself!?

Monday, 2 July 2012

June - July: 25 - 1

Reading Week.

This week I've spent every lunch break eating Special K with banana chips and reading The Time Traveller's Wife. I feel really good about it because I used to be such a big book worm and then I don't know what happened. But ow I find myself reading before bed, on my lunch, when I'm waiting for something and reading instead of lazing around eating junk and being online doing nothing! It's also kept my over tweeting down in moderation. I dislike over-tweeting I've realised... I feel like I live online and I don't.
This has also led me to sort out things outside of blogging and work. I feel the need for more time to think about things to do and people to see, DIY projects to start and routine's to keep in touch with. I've had a big turn around this week in thought and I'm quite liking it. I'm feeling like a better woman!
This week it's all been about the reading and also geeking it up with my boyfriend after a long morning at work and a mini shop around. I love geeky nights in with the boyfriend, they are one of the best things we do!  Nerd-alert, and loving it!

Looking forward to: My ASOS arrival in the post, finishing The Time Traveller's Wife (finally, almost done!), and possibly starting a DIY project...!

How has your week been treating you?
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