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Friday, 27 July 2012


I've always asked questions about blogging and what will make my blog a better blog visually and content wise, where the traffic comes from and how networking helps publicise our blogs. I've been thinking about doing this series of posts for a while, and depending how it takes off depends on how it continues....
I want to develop hashtag link:  #bloggerpinion on twitter and I want you lovely readers to comment or tweet and express your feelings and opinions on the topic each week or so about our dying blogging questions and thoughts.

This week I've been wondering: Does your blog image quality make you a better blogger?
Source: weheartit.com

I don't have a camera, mainly because I have broken them all and secondly because of the main reason... I can't be trusted with one. And for this reason, all my photos are taken via my iPhone and I've always felt my photos are not of the best quality for my blog, purely because I feel like I'm not using the best quality camera for my photos. I see that a few bloggers have their DSLR cameras to take their photos of their outfits, reviews and other things with but I've always wondered how much picture quality matters when you are deciding whether to follow a blog or not?

My opinion: is that it doesn't matter, and that photos are just a visual aid on what you're talking about. Whether it be what you are wearing today or a review, or pictures of the events of your day or week. I think maybe picture quality matters more when you're trying to show something in it's most realistic form... But does it matter that much? As long as the pictures aren't complete blurs ;) (I joke!)

So if you like, leave a comment and express your thoughts, feelings on this topic or send me a tweet to @CatttSays with #bloggerpinion! Also, if you'd like comment with other topics you'd like to see being discussed. I think this is a good way to see what other bloggers think about each weeks topic and how we feel about others opinions, network and talk other bloggers :)