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Monday, 30 July 2012

July: 23 - 29

Back To Work Week.

This week after being back to work from a well deserved week off, I have been feeling the love for jewellery as told by most images above. This week I recieved the @Cutey Charm Bracelet thanks to Katelyn of The Skinny Blonde Girl Blog, My Prairie Charm Bracelet and I also got the swallow ring and a heart anklet from the New Look sales. I have really been overly spending this week... I did buy myself THIS AX Paris dress, The New Look studded heels and now a rhinestone stud applicator and some studs off eBay. Oops! No more I think... Except I do have to buy myself some new flats as mine are pretty much ruined.
I haven't been up to much this week or weekend, but Saturday evening I did go to a lovely wedding reception in Essex with my boyfriend and some friends. I haven't been to many wedding but the Venue was absolutely beautiful not to mention the bride's dress! *dreams*... It was a great time out, and it gave me a chance to go out and get dolled up. I will post the outfit a little later in the week. I was so overly tired though from taking a few friends to the airport at stupid o'clock in the morning though. So I had the best night's sleep last night!
Today I spent with my family before they flew out to Cyprus for 2 weeks! And spent the evening chilling with my boyfriend in quietness watching, Impact Wresting, Spartacus and some Olympic events! We also ate Fudge Cake. Nom.
I'm off to get a good night's sleep though because I'm being good and going swimming tomorrow after work :) Plus I think this post is a bit everywhere and messy... sleepy!

Looking forward to: swimming, lots of blog posts to do, getting my rhinestone studding kit and enjoying a little me time!

Have you got much planned for this week?
And I'm thinking of dying my hair... Ideas please!