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Sunday, 15 July 2012

July: 9 - 15

Blurry Week.

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If it weren't for these pictures I don't think I would hardly remember anything that happened this week, apart from the rain... rain. Oh and the rest of the rain. All the days blurred together as I longed for today to come by. As from today I am on holiday until next Monday! I really do love some time off because you really get to unwind and have a little bit of fun before going back to working in the real world!
I haven't been around the internet much in the last few weeks I'd say being busy doing real life things. I did although receive an email from Laura of That's So Yesterday letting me know I won her Fox Bag giveaway which I was so overly chuffed with, and can't wait to receive. Thanks Laura! And also, I won a @Cutey bracelet from Katelyn of The Skinny Blonde Girl which I can't wait to wear either! Thanks to you too Katelyn! On top, I recieved a sample of L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil, and I might have to blog about this because I really do like this product and when I saw it I really wanted to try it.
As well as that, I've been addicted to Costa Bourbons as Instagrammed by every other blogger in the UK, Coffees and book shopping. My boyfriend said to me a while back that I used to love to read, and I think the only reason I stopped reading is because I didn't find any more books that caught my attention. I like fantasy fiction, comedy and romantic stories which is why I love books like, The Twilight Saga, The Time Traveller's Wife, The Notebook, PS I Love You and one that not many people have heard of but I love, Gods Behaving Badly. I have Thanks For The Memories to start reading and I'm going to have to buy Love From Both Sides from Amazon at some point.

Looking forward to: London with my man, reading my next book, enjoying my time off, possibly DIYing some things!?

What would you do on a rainy week off work?