Thursday, 30 August 2012

Floral Rock

Just thought I'd share a few little details from my 'day off' outfit from yesterday!

I wore my £5 market dress that I thought I'd lost. I'm terrible... I lose everything. And I fixed up an old necklace by giving it a longer chain. It needs a colour matching chain but it does for the time being! I've also noticed how much I love my Warehouse cardigan. I've never spent so much money on a one item of clothing for a while. I paid £25 for this in the sale last November and I wear it ALL the time! Definitely a investment worth while!
Also, still walking round in my Topshop Studded Pumps, except my studs keep falling off... luckily I found a couple and popped them back on and they're not that easily popped off, but I was a bit disappointed that they fell off at all! I think I might of ruined them because of the rain though :( I hope not!
SO looking forward to pay day!

Also, off note. Party In The USA themed birthday on Saturday. What should I go as? I'm thinking Cat Woman but I need other ideas! :) Pop 'em down below if you can! Thaaaanks! ♥


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Talk To The Blogger #4 : Danielleyc

Today, we are having a little chat with Danielle from her blog Danielleyc and talking to us about her, her blog and a few of the beauty boxes she likes to get! :)

Hi Danielle! I'm so glad you agreed to take part in Talk To The Blogger!
First question! When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging around 3 years ago when I started my Graphic Design degree as a way to showcase my work. It's nothing of the such now!

I love you blog because you blog about all sorts! What's your favourite thing to blog about?
I really enjoy writing reviews the most because I know exactly what to write, but my favourite posts to publish are outfit posts! 

I see your a fan of boxes of all sorts. What's your favourite to reccommend?
I like to get the She Said Beauty box, that's the one I have a subscription with at the moment. I've had Glossybox and Latest in Beauty, but I think SSB has more products that I'd be likely to repurchase. I love Flavrbox too, but that's a completely different box! I'd say Flavrbox could possibly be my favourite, because I'm such a foodie, but they're both completely different boxes, so it depends what you like!

And what was your favourite ever box and why?
That's a hard one! The SSB July box is the one that I've used products out of the most, so I think it might have to be that one!

I love seeing other people's reviews and scrolling through lots of your amazing posts I see you've done a few. What's the best product you've reviewed?
I think it could be the Smooch Prom Punch lipstick, it's now my all time favourite lipstick. I love the colour, how it applies, and all the beautiful packaging!

Blogging is a shared love between so many bloggers, and we're all slowly seeing it grow. Have you got any blogging tips to share?
I think just having some regularity to your posting really helps. You don't have to blog everyday, but don't blog frequently and then leave huge gaps because your readers won't be expecting it! If you don't want to blog frequently, then don't, but just stick to what you do!

Which blogs do you read most regularly?
I like to read blogs that are a mix of lifestyle, fashion and beauty. A few of my favourite blogs right now are Frolics and Fashion, Caught up in cake, Sweet Monday Blog and Llymlrs.

I always like to ask, how fellow bloggers connect with other bloggers. What is your favourite way to connect, whether it be through commenting, following or social networking?
I like to do all of these things! I always comment back to everyone who comments on my posts, as well as checking out their blogs. I also hunt new blogs down regularly, and always comment on them too. Plus I take part in the twitter #bbloggers chats whenever I can! :)

Thanks for taking part Danielle! I think I'll be more interested in getting a beauty box now and I agree about regularity with a blog! 

Don't forget you can follow Danielle on her blog Danielleyc
And follow her Twitter too @danielleyc


Monday, 27 August 2012

Aug: 20 - 26

Happy Week.

So I'm proud of myself to announce that this week was my first week as Topman Brand Specialist at work. I'm so happy to be moving up at work, and I'm so excited to be working as a brand specialist at the store. It's a really exciting and challenging job and I'm all about that so I can't wait to get on with that. A step in the right direction! This is just one of a few things that have made my week!
Apart from a little step up at work, this week has just been a step up in general. I have FINALLY booked my holiday with my boyfriend and will be heading off to Tenerife next month for a lovely week away! I can't wait, it's just what we need after all the hard work we've been getting on with and it's always just nice to get away from the busy life near London. Also... for that week I am looking for a couple of bloggers to do some guest posting. If you'd like to get in touch about it, just send me an email saying you're interested and what you'd have in mind for a post! I'll only need 5 or 6 bloggers so it'll be on a first email basis, because I don't want to be picky.
With half my family away either on holidays or bank holiday weekend trips, me, my mum, uncle and youngest siblings went to Ask today for a lovely meal as a family. It's not often we get to go out so it was really nice! I had "Linguine Frutti De Mare" which tasted amazing and an apple dessert I can't remember the name of afterwards! We then spent a little time in the arcade playing racing games and 10p pusher machines where I won a cute little cocktail glass rubber duck keyring! This week has just been a happy week in general!

Looking forward to: eBay listings selling (check them out!), holiday shopping, tummy slimming, Wednesday with boyfriend and more happy days like the last few ones!

What are you looking forward to in the next week?


p.s. Sorry this post is a bit everywhere. It's late and I'm sleepy.... Goodnight!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

September Sunshine

Finally. Me and my boyfriend have booked a lovely holiday to Tenerife after searching and searching for what seemed to be months but we booked it... 3 weeks before we go! Talk about last minute! But I'm super excited, that I thought I'd do a little holiday wishlist of what I'd LOVE to take with me!

I really need a wardrobe update, get a few essentials and a couple of statement pieces. And even though the summer is over, I don't think I got enough of the summer collection! It's always my favourite. I really love the crop tops and camis in River Island at the moment, and I don't shop there often enough as all my favourite things disappear to the last sizes or in the sale. The only thing I'm finding difficult to find is bikinis to fit my chest and gladiator sandals I love in my size, or a size that fits! Any suggestions on where I should go to get sandals or fitting bikinis?

What do you think of my summer wishlist?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Talk To The Blogger #3 : Gem Seren

Hey lovelies! I've been enjoying rounding up some lovely bloggers to take part in my Talk To The Blogger series that I'd love to catch up with!. I love finding out more about other bloggers and thought it would be a lot of fun, so I'm getting back into interviewing a load of you lovely lot! Today we are meeting Gemma from Gem Seren! She's allowed me to ask her a few little questions about her and her blog!

Hi Gem! I'm so glad you were interested in being interviewed for my blog!

Tell me a little bit about it?
My blog is called gemseren and I blog mainly about makeup, with a little bit of fashion and lifstyle posts in the mix.

When did you start blogging, and how did it all come together for you?
I started blogging in January this year. I have always loved make-up and had been reading other blogs for a while, always turning to them to look for reviews on products before I bought them. They helped me so much and I really enjoyed reading them so decided to start up my own

I see that you have a variety of posts, from beauty to fashion to nails. What sort of posts are your favourites?
My favourite to write are reviews. I love everything from testing out the product to taking the pictures. On other blogs I love to read make-up collection posts because I'm nosey :)

I really love your nail posts! Especially the ceran wrap nails! Where do you get the ideas for different designs?
Thank you. I get my inspiration mainly from other bloggers and youtubers. There are some great nail bloggers out there like Cute Polish and

Everyone needs a little inspiration for blog posts! Where do you get your inspiration from?
I find inspiration from other bloggers. I am also very inspired when I go shopping and buy something new, I cant wait to get back and blog about it! I also like to create celebrity inspired looks.

I love reading reviews because they give you someone elses opinion of a product you could possibly want to try. What's your favourite product you've reviewed yourself? Link us to the post!?
At the moment my favourite is the MUA undresses palette. Its amazing and I have been wearing it every day since I got it.

We all have a favourite blogger. Who is your favourite and why?
This is a tough one. Can I name a few bloggers? I love Victorias Vintage - I find her blog so unique and her bedroom is gorgeous. I also love her posts on car boots as I love going to them myself. I also love a Thrifty Mrs as her posts are so helpful and who doesn't love a bargain? 

I always like to ask, how fellow bloggers connect with other bloggers. What is your favourite way to connect, whether it be through commenting, following or social networking?
I love twitter, I find it a great way to interact with my fellow bloggers. My twitter handle is @gemserenx if anyone wants to say hi :)

Thanks for telling us a little bit about you and your blog Gemma! It was great finding out a little more about the story behind the blog and the blogger!

Don't forget to visit Gem on her blog Gem Seren.
She's an amazing beauty blogger and one of my new found favourite bloggers!


P.S. I have quite a few bloggers interviewed for the next few weeks so keep your mouses clicked on What Cat Says to see all the lovely bloggers whos blog I've loved discovering and that I've enjoyed interviewing.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Ibiza Star #holidayhop


Michelle from her blog, Daisybutter has the most amazing competition collaboration with New Look. And for this competition you must make 5 outfits for a long weekend to Ibiza! And this is all you have to do to win up to £400 of summer clothing items! Check out this link to her blog if you want to find out more about it and enter.
I obviously, am a big fan of competitions like this and outfit building in general! This was the brief given, and these are my outfits for it!

"Imagine you are going to Ibiza for a long weekend. Create a post on your blog stating which items from the New Look store you would wear to complete each of the following outfits on your holiday. You have 5 outfits for 5 occasions, so which items would you wear and why?"

On route to Ibiza, I'd want to go in style! I decided to go for a comfortable rocky look here, pairing up PU contrast leggings with a printed tee and leopard print pumps to match! I'm always a little cold on the plane so a cool jacket is always a great idea, and I decided to go for this mink coloured biker jacket to add that rocky edge as well as thinking comfortably. Travelling in complete style! Always accessorise, I chose a simple long necklace to go with it, and of course a bag you couldn't lose in an airport because of it's outstanding leopard print!

The first day is always the most exciting! You get to pull out your best bikini from your leopard print luggage bag and head straight down to the pool to enjoy your first day of relaxing out in sunny Ibiza! My best bikini would be this beautiful Zig-Zag Bandeau with detachable straps for them unwanted tan lines! After soaking up the sun for a little bit, you can't miss out the first dip in the pool, saving your hair from all the trouble of entanglement I'd tie it up with a statement hair band like this spiked one and when I'm heading to the pool bar for some drinks, I'd cover up with this coral embellished kaftan, perfectly contrasting with the bold printed bikini. A relaxing poolside experience success!

Who wouldn't hit the beach on an amazing long weekend to Ibiza!? Anyone who didn't would be more than just a little bit silly! I'd slip into another one of my best bikinis, bright and beautiful just like the weather to soak up even more sun! I'm a massive fan of the beach, I prefer it more to the pool, so I always make sure I'd packed my best and biggest tote bag to throw in my towel, sun cream and holiday book! This bag would be perfect, with material suitable for beach durability and repelling sand away from your valuables. I'd wear this orange maxi over my bright blue and orange bikini and multi-coloured sandals to break away from the bright orange, then I'd be ready to soak up some more sun and of course, take a little adventurous ride on the banana boat! Who wouldn't? I love being bright and cold on holiday, it's possibly the only time most of us get away with wearing things like this!

The sun setting on the ocean, and a little restaurant on the beach... When I think sunset supper, I think the sort of holiday date you'd have with your boyfriend and if I was taking a trip to Ibiza I'd love to share it with him. And to impress him on a sunset dinner by the beach, I'd wear a flattering dress like this, with that amazing blue colour popping out to make this dress a statement piece. I'd doll this up with some blue pop coloured wedges, and with the cork wedge and clutch bag's subtle stone colour, it breaks the colour up a little bit so that bright blue isn't so harsh. It's a perfect evening outfit that flatters the figure, and comfortably sexy on a cool Ibiza evening, and maybe even for a romantic evening walk on the beach...

Party all day and party all night! My ideal final day in Ibiza making the most of the party atmosphere, I think this outfit as the 24 hour outfit. (Maybe not quite 24...) And if I were going from beach to club I think this outfit fits the bill just perfectly! I always loved monokinis, but as always it's the tan lines that I'm worried about but imagining this is my last Ibiza party night I wouldn't mind too much! I'd wear it with a sip hem skirt like this one, adding that little bit of fun paired up with the monokini. And you can't forget a pair of mid-heel wedges suitable for walking and dancing! I'd want to style up my beach hair with a little something if I was heading straight out onto the strip so this hair feather would really work a boho look along with the dip hem and beach hair waves. A over the body bag to fit all the essentials and for a little security and I'd be ready for my last  the day and night in Ibiza!

I really love all the outfits I've created and I've had so much fun making them. It took me ages to draw my little mannequin, and it doesn't have hands because I am so terrible at drawing them! I think out of all my outfits, my Travel Style and Poolside outfits are my two best and most likely to wear.

Which are your faves and will you be entering Michelle's amazing competition!?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Who's That Chick? | House Of Fraser, Blogger Style Challenge

Hey Bloggers! A few days ago I was contacted by The House Of Fraser letting me know about their amazing Blogger Style Challenge with the chance of winning £200 worth of House Of Fraser Vouchers! I got super excited about this so decided to take part of course. I love outfit building, and creating looks I'd love to wear for next seasons fashions and with the Autumn Winter 2012 trends being released I am loving loads of the new key features including khaki colours, leather sleeved jackets, body con dresses and peplums!

Here's my House Of Fraser look!

This look is inspired by all those odd days we've had this summer and all the windy autumn days to come. An outfit for all the days that don't quite fit cold days or warm ones. 
When I put this look together, I thought it created that sort of: "who's that chick" statement look and a style you could wear any day, any time, anywhere. I can imagine wearing this outfit out shopping, to work, to a bar, on a date... The list goes on!
I picked a beautiful cami from Oui that I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it, and worked the outfit around that printed statement top. I picked a pair of skinny jeans perfectly fit for the job: the classic blue with a designer label. I always like the idea of having designer jeans, so I picked these fitting Ralph Lauren ones!
Of course I paired this up with a biker jacket, quickly becoming popular for A/W 12 from Oasis and some 'cowboy' style ankle boots which also is quickly becoming a popular choice. I especially love these ones because of the colour, it's so simple and neutral and can go with pretty much everything I could think of pairing it with.
I always like to keep a hold of one of my favourite trends from last season, and I still haven't gotten over the Rose Gold yet, so a rose gold watch, just because I love it and don't own anything rose gold just yet! Plus, I am dying to a Micheal Kors watch on my wrist... They just look absolutely amazing!

I really love this look and would definitely wear it out myself, it's very me and I really love it because it's wearable to so many places. I really love the jackets this season, mostly all the lovely new styles outerwear like the leather sleeved jackets, the parkas and the biker jackets... I'll be investing in a new jacket this winter fit for the trends.

What is your favourite statement piece for next season?

Monday, 13 August 2012

Aug: 6 - 12

Studded week.

Apologies for the late week post, I pretty much fell asleep yesterday after a long day out! Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending my boyfriend's friend's wedding. It was an Indian wedding and I've never attended one before but it was beautiful! The decor, and the ceremony was amazing and full of meaning. I loved it, and for those who didn't understand how the wedding worked and what happens for each part of the ceremony, we were given almost like a leaflet on our seats doubling up as a reserved sign to tell us all about it and what each thing meant. I thought it was great and the bride was beautiful in her amazing encrusted red gown! 
This week I have also been getting into touch with my creative side and made the leggings I posted about earlier on Saturday. I'm currently wearing them to see how well they wear and how long they will last! I love them, and I'll probably end up encrusting half my leggings in these gems, but hopefully my little experiment today and when I was them will prove to work and I can start selling them online!
Random happenings this week also involved finishing my book 'Thanks For The Memories' by Cecilia Ahern and buying my moisturiser I said I would get in THIS post, working a hellllll of a lot, selling things on eBay and not getting a profit and eating really yummy dinners!
AND my mum is back home from her holidays! I didn't think I'd miss everyone this much! :)

Looking forward to: making some more leggings, finding a new book to read, and booking a holiday (I STILLLLLLL haven't done that yet! Pushing it!)

Has your week been at all as crazy as mine?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pink Lady

Hi Girls! I just wanted to share the pretty pink dress that I wore on Sunday in an Outfit post today, I didn't want to double post on Sunday because double posting on a day annoys myself because I feel like it's overdoing blogging in one day. Am I the only one?

Dress - Gift
Pumps - Topshop
Charm Bracelet - Prairie Charms

Just before my mum went away for 2 weeks she gave me this lovely dress and said a friend had given it to her, to give to me! So I had to take the pretty thing! It's just simple and girly and a perfect holiday dress. But I couldn't wait to wear it because... Well... The weather was there for one of my many unworn "for holiday" dresses to come out and play!
The brand label says: 'ICENI' but when I Googled this to find the brand I found nothing but links to complete unrelated pages. But c'est la vie! I'm a fan of pretty, small brand dresses! I paired this dress up with my new studded Topshop pumps. Believe it or not, this is this fashion & lifestyle blogger's ONLY pair of pumps. A serious primark trip is in need to invest in more than ONE pair. I've ruined about 3 or 4 pairs since the year began and I haven't been replacing them quick enough. But I really love these because they're fun and STUDDED! And I'll be really looking after these... I nearly wore my Miss Selfridge heels but I was only going to my nan and granddads for dinner so I kept it low. A simple cardigan to throw over and my vintage aviators, and I was set for the day!

Have you got a favourite small unknown brand dress?

Monday, 6 August 2012

Review | Simple, Kind To Skin: Cleansing Lotion & Toner

Today I'm reviewing two Simple products from the Kind To Skin range:

Firstly, I'd like to confess that my daily skin routine is slightly atrocious for a woman with a liking for fashion and beauty... So I am hoping to get to grips with a skin routine and hopefully make it religious to my day to day goings on. Bearing in mind before, it was usually just wash face and the odd face mask and t-zone strips when needed. (Terrible I know! Sorry Beauty Bloggers!)
I've always swayed to Simple products more than others. They seem straight forward and Simple (excuse the pun) to what's in them and what it does. I also feel more comfortable on how to use them with clear cut instructions and 'what it does' labels explaining virtually everything in a few sentences.

Cleansing Lotion [1] | Facial Toner [2]
Argh! No make up face!

I was always told,  it was: make up remover, cleansing lotion, facial toner and then moisturiser. And because I have a make up remover and moisturiser I did just invest in these two. And honestly, I love these two products and they've changed my whole outlook on a daily skin routine and it's importance.

1] The Simple, Kind to Skin Cleansing Lotion gives ultimate freshness straight away. Applying it with a make up pad or a ball of cotton wool wiping away from the face and applying about just over a grape sized amount on at a time. After a couple of days I could feel that my skin was not only feeling much cleaner, but I could see the results on the cotton wool and also on my face as many of my skin blemishes were being literally wiped away.
2] The Simple, Kind to Skin Facial Toner honestly made my skin feel much tighter and refreshed. Applying it in the same way as the cleansing lotion, in the morning it definitely wakes me up and makes my skin feel ready for the day. And in the evening it makes me feel clean and ready for a good night's beauty sleep as it should always do before you hop into bed. There's nothing better than feeling super-duper clean before bed!

Recommended to be used together, the Simple Cleansing Lotion and Facial Toner honestly have made an impact on my skin with visual differences as well as feeling them. Twice a day and in a matter of a week I could see my skin look more radiant and clearer and feeling fresher, cleaner and more toned.
I love these products and will soon purchase the Kind to Skin: Smoothing Facial Scrub and Hydrating Light Moisturiser. I'd also love to try the Pore Skin Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser aaaand the Vital Vitamin Night Cream.

What are your favourite Simple products?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

July - August: 30 - 5

Lazy Week.
This week, I've been a little bit free since my mum's been away since Sunday in the sunny island of Cyprus! Lucky woman... Sister, Brother, and Dad. So because of this week, my week has felt totally disorientated and just odd. Coming home to no mum and dad and little ones everywhere and having a super amount of free time in the evenings. But I don't think I've made the most of it, so I am so going to do that this week.
Nothing much has really happened either, I've kept up with going swimming at least once a week and I've tried to stay as healthy as I can. But without a doubt and with most guilt, I have been being as lazy as I could possibly be this week. And it's not as fun, so I'm going to plan a jam-packed week this week!
I did although go to the cinema and watch Ted this week and honestly it was BRILLIANT. I would definitely watch it again and the adverts don't do much justice as they moderate the jokes and honestly, I will admit I love some Family Guy and crude type humour. I have american humour I think...
I have also been super-cheeky and bought a few things including the best charity shop aviators and some Topshop. I will blog about later on in the week including a super cool new DIY toy I'm going to be really excited about when the 2nd part to it comes along! Keep checking to find out about it when my eBay order arrives!
Talking of eBay! I have a couple of things listed on there, and I won't be putting them back up if they don't sell until after my car boot sale I hope to DEFINITELY do Saturday! Follow THIS link to go to my shop. I am a little sad, I don't have any bids on yet... but that's good for you because you could bid and win them for SUPER cheap. Listings end Friday evening!

How has your week been? Has anyone been as lazy as me!?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Inspirational in August

It is STILL raining and being all horrible. I can't believe it. Still with all this weather it hasn't put me off summer fashions and thinking about sunshine and outdoor activities. I am begging for the weather to turn around so I can have a summer picnic. I've been inspired and am always really interested by the fashions between the transition from the spring summer and the autumn winter collections, it's a mix of everything really and it's always my favourite time to shop! Here's a few other things that will be inspirational this month...


Cameras & Books | Summer Fashion & Charity Bargains
Ice Cream Cravings | Coloured Footwear | Rose Gold Watches

I've only just realised I never went to develop my film from my Diana mini and that I probably should and buy a new film roll too! I've been inspired by my neglected camera to get back into my manual photography... and also by my neglected book collection to read again. Though I'm finding it hard to find a decent 'fantasy in present time' book to read. I am though currently reading 'Thanks for the Memories' by Cecilia Ahern! I keep talking about books but I only push myself through guilt to do these things...
In the fashion world I am super-excited and obsessed with studs, rhinestones, coloured court shoes and rose gold watches... I don't know why but it's very particular trends. And also the fact that I need a brand new extensive collection of coloured vest tops. Because I don't have one!

Have you got a particular fashion obsession at the moment?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Prairie Charms: Loyalty Is Rare, If You Find It, Keep It ♥

Recently I got into contact with  Stephanie, who runs a lovely, and just recently launched online boutique called Prairie Charms. Stephanie let me know about a great project she has going for bloggers interested in contacting her called 'Project Blogger', and I loved this so much that I agreed to be a part of this great project!
Prairie Charms sell the most beautiful range of handmade jewellery using beautiful gem stones and keeping each one limited edition for ultimate uniqueness. Although very new online, they already support an amazing charity with 10% of each sold charm bracelet going to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, 'Kiss It Better' Campaign. So when you buy a charm bracelet, not only will you be receiving something beautiful, you'll be helping by supporting a charity in each sale.

With Project Blogger, I bought an amazing charm bracelet with a 50% discount in return for a review on the product received.  I bought a one of a kind charm bracelet under the name: "Loyalty Is Rare, If You Find It, Keep It". I wanted to leave it a week or so after receiving the bracelet to review it because I want to give an honest review.
My bracelet is made of beautiful Tiger Eye beads, which after googling I found it is said to bring, good luck and protection from the "evil" eye, bring clarity in thought and mind, and also is said to increase willpower, confidence and all round positivity. It also has the cutest three elephant charms that I absolutely adore. I bought this one because I was drawn to it immediately and it reminded me of my trip to Whipsnade with my boyfriend when we fed the elephants ♥

VERDICT: The packaging was cute and simple, in little brown butterfly printed paper with the cutest pink string bow around it and a little card with the 'Prairie' logo printed on.
I found that I wear my charm bracelet all the time, and it has a permanent position on my wrist. Elasticated its just simply slipped on and an easy wear this way if you're in a rush to get out and look good which is always me! I really love it because it's cute and simply wearable with any outfit as I found, wearing it everyday with everything! I am really not a fan of bracelets or anything around my wrists at all, but I have worn it everyday since I've got it and I do really love it. Definitely would buy another bracelet at a later date!

My charm is also a one of a kind and makes me want to purchase another charm as it gives all the jewellery Stephanie sells a sense of individuality and although some limited edition, you'll find that there is a little something for everyone, and you wouldn't find too many the same! I would love a turquoise one but she hasn't got any online for me to link to! I hope to see some very soon, as I've noticed she sells out fast! Definitely a big-time up and coming online boutique!

If you'd like to shop Prairie Charms just follow THIS LINK to their online store and follow them on Twitter HERE!

What's your favourite Prairie Charm in store?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

#bloggerpinion: Why Do You Follow A Blog?

This week, I've been wondering how you girls come to the decision to follow a blog and what you look for in blogs when they read them or find a new one to read!

Whether its, 1, 50 or 1000 followers. I'm sure your blog is amazing and yet to be discovered!
When I choose to follow a blog I look for content I enjoy and am interested in, something I'm actually going to read and someone I could possibly relate to. I find that I don't follow some really great blogs because of the mass amounts of followers, amazing outfits, photos, and mostly because I can't relate to the blogger, and it makes me feel like just a follower if I follow and not a true reader. I follow simply just to keep up to date with posts, and because I like the blog, blogger and contents. I read these blogs because I genuinely enjoy what you write! I also dislike "follow me and I'll follow back" ultimatums...
What do you look for when you follow a blog and what makes you follow them?
Comment below to share you opinions, or share via Twitter under #bloggerpinion

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