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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

#bloggerpinion: Why Do You Follow A Blog?

This week, I've been wondering how you girls come to the decision to follow a blog and what you look for in blogs when they read them or find a new one to read!

Whether its, 1, 50 or 1000 followers. I'm sure your blog is amazing and yet to be discovered!
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When I choose to follow a blog I look for content I enjoy and am interested in, something I'm actually going to read and someone I could possibly relate to. I find that I don't follow some really great blogs because of the mass amounts of followers, amazing outfits, photos, and mostly because I can't relate to the blogger, and it makes me feel like just a follower if I follow and not a true reader. I follow simply just to keep up to date with posts, and because I like the blog, blogger and contents. I read these blogs because I genuinely enjoy what you write! I also dislike "follow me and I'll follow back" ultimatums...
What do you look for when you follow a blog and what makes you follow them?
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