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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Floral Rock

Just thought I'd share a few little details from my 'day off' outfit from yesterday!

I wore my £5 market dress that I thought I'd lost. I'm terrible... I lose everything. And I fixed up an old necklace by giving it a longer chain. It needs a colour matching chain but it does for the time being! I've also noticed how much I love my Warehouse cardigan. I've never spent so much money on a one item of clothing for a while. I paid £25 for this in the sale last November and I wear it ALL the time! Definitely a investment worth while!
Also, still walking round in my Topshop Studded Pumps, except my studs keep falling off... luckily I found a couple and popped them back on and they're not that easily popped off, but I was a bit disappointed that they fell off at all! I think I might of ruined them because of the rain though :( I hope not!
SO looking forward to pay day!

Also, off note. Party In The USA themed birthday on Saturday. What should I go as? I'm thinking Cat Woman but I need other ideas! :) Pop 'em down below if you can! Thaaaanks! ♥