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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Inspirational in August

It is STILL raining and being all horrible. I can't believe it. Still with all this weather it hasn't put me off summer fashions and thinking about sunshine and outdoor activities. I am begging for the weather to turn around so I can have a summer picnic. I've been inspired and am always really interested by the fashions between the transition from the spring summer and the autumn winter collections, it's a mix of everything really and it's always my favourite time to shop! Here's a few other things that will be inspirational this month...

source: weheartit.com

Cameras & Books | Summer Fashion & Charity Bargains
Ice Cream Cravings | Coloured Footwear | Rose Gold Watches

I've only just realised I never went to develop my film from my Diana mini and that I probably should and buy a new film roll too! I've been inspired by my neglected camera to get back into my manual photography... and also by my neglected book collection to read again. Though I'm finding it hard to find a decent 'fantasy in present time' book to read. I am though currently reading 'Thanks for the Memories' by Cecilia Ahern! I keep talking about books but I only push myself through guilt to do these things...
In the fashion world I am super-excited and obsessed with studs, rhinestones, coloured court shoes and rose gold watches... I don't know why but it's very particular trends. And also the fact that I need a brand new extensive collection of coloured vest tops. Because I don't have one!

Have you got a particular fashion obsession at the moment?