Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sept: 24 - 30

Tenerife Week!
HELLO. I've had the BEST week! Obviously I've not shut up about going away to Tenerife for the last few weeks, and now I'm back from a great holiday in Costa Adeje. It was lovely, expect for the fact that my poor boyfriend got a little bit sunburnt. We were told the heat was exceptional for this time of year at around 30 degrees everyday. We went all inclusive and definitely got the most out of it with on tap fizzy drinks, slush puppy cocktails, breakfast, lunch and dinner and amazing shows!
I drank a lot of Pina Colada's, spent mate a ridiculous amount of different desserts and we enjoyed some amazing shows the hotel put on like the exotic parrot show, magic show and samba dance show. We spent a lot of time at the hotel, but the surrounding areas were beautiful and we enjoyed walks along the beach front and around the town, drank in bars and enjoyed the entertainment, watched a spray paint street artist and laid on the pretty black sand beaches! It was simply a lovely relaxing holiday with my amazing boyfriend ♥
I've been back since the early hours of Friday morning, and had a post-holiday lazy day. Of course... The only thing you want to do when you come back from a holiday is chill some more. I did although meet up with a friend and go out for some lunch and cheekily purchase a GOSH Holographic nail polish I was surprised to find fully stocked in my local Superdrug!
My weekend extended into full on laziness and I haven't done anything more than unpacking a suitcase and play some cheeky RPG with my boyfriend. I'm back to work tomorrow for my first day full time as Miss Selfridge Brand Specialist. I'm excited and nervous at the same time because it's the start to a new career for me and I also don't want to mess up. I've been quite confident until now so I shouldn't stop being like that now should I?

Looking forward to: Starting my new job role, starting a food diary, blogging some more, and drinking the beloved tea I missed so much :)

What are you looking forward to?

Friday, 28 September 2012

What Cat Wore: Tenerife Heat ♥

Hi Bloggers!

So I'm back from a lovely holiday away with my man, and I've had an amazing time! We went to Costa Adeje and stayed in the Luabay Hotel. It was lovely, but I'll write a little more about the holiday later on. Today I'm super-chillin' and getting back into reality and used to the dramatic weather change. From 30 degrees to 10 :( majorly hating it, but I'm tanned and I've had a great time with my boyfriend so I've come back a very happy girl!
I thought I'd share photos of a couple of my outfits from the holiday, when I bothered to take photos. I didn't think about blogging or anything and only took photos when I could be bothered. It was nice being away from everything and having airplane mode on for the whole week!

New Look Dress | Market Dress
Jessica Simpson Top & Super-Old Short-Shorts | H&M Top & River Island Shorts
H&M Dress | Topshop Dress

Primark Playsuit | eBay Sunnies
Canary Island Souvenir Photo | New Look British Flag Shorts

Really short simple, photo-filled post today. I'm really disorganised today. The photos aren't in any order and  are just some little snippets I thought I'd share :) I hope you enjoy! I enjoyed wearing them out on the streets of Costa Adeje! Shame I got to come back to cold and work and reality from the sun, sea and days away with my boyfriend. I miss having him there 24/7... ♥


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sept: 17 - 23

I'm On Holiday Week.

So Obviously, I'm not here to post this as I'm off probably enjoying the sun and eating my all inclusive dinners with my boyfriend, and generally having a great time by the time this posts!
The beginning of the week I spent happily running around shopping for last minutes bits for the holiday. We ended up not buying what we went for both days - Shorts for the man! Instead, I got the panda print blazer, and he got a new pair of sexy trainers! Love them. We also got him a couple of t-shirts :)
I forgot to cancel my graze box for the week and after receiving another great box I decided when I get back that a graze box once a week would be good for me, because I'm a crappy healthy eater. I seriously can't do it, and am honestly worried I'll come back fatter with this all inclusive. Boyfriend said he thinks I'll be at the dessert cart eating cake every meal :( And it's probably true! I love my food too much. But as for the graze box... I really enjoyed the last two so will be keeping them on order when I get back!
Also! I went to get my nails done Monday, and got a simple French style acrylic manicure. I'm always a in-your-face gal when it comes to nails, but thought I might go for a versatile and easily painted over look for the holiday, and although it looks too simple to me, I'm growing on it and might even keep it with in fills... I'm not too sure yet. It is pretty costly. I got them done at my friend's work - We ♥ Nails in Mill Hill Broadway (North London). They're all lovely in there and they got the biggest most amazing OPI nail polish collection, and they've told me they've got more to come! O_O seriously... MASSIVE collection. They're really good and I'd recommend going there, I learnt a little more about Nail care just going there as well as getting my nails done pretty well! You should LIKE their Facebook Page! :)
I'm sorry I haven't got too much to share but I'm pretty sure next week you'll see too much when I bombard my poor blog with photo snaps!

NOT Looking forward to: coming back, the plane home, knowing I have to go back to work. What is there to look forward to when you've just had a great week!? (I hope! Haha)

How's your week treating you? :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Aeroplane Outfit | Panda Print Blazer

Blazer - Primark
Vest - Old
Pink Skinny Jeans - Next

YAY! Today's the day! I'm off to Tenerife for the week! I'm so so happy it's finally come around, and I'm so looking forward to just enjoying some peace, quiet, quality boyfriend-girlfriend time and discover a new part of the world for me and John! ♥
When I saw this Panda Printed Blazer in Primark on Monday I knew it had to be mine whether it looked good or not. It was one of those I-need-it-or-I'll-die-or-forever-search-for-it things... I am a MASSIVE fan of Pandas and watched that whole thing on the BBC about the ones coming to Scotland a few months back. Who else did? But my god do I love this blazer! I do, I do, I do-oooo! I'm wearing this on my travels today and I'm pretty sure it'll be super versatile to wear with most of my outfits for the week! I love the beige-grey colour because it really tones down the fact it has hundreds of cute and tiny little pandas on it. I already knew I wanted to wear my summery Pink Skinnies my mum got me from Next in the sales, but instead of wearing my Black Topshop Peplum I swapped it for a plain white vest to emphasise my blazer as the statement piece. A confession... This is my first Blazer and I'm growing on getting some more now I'm a full-timer and need more work-wear. And this is so work-wear AND me all at once! I'll be wearing my new pointed contrast pumps from Primark too in the cream and black faux suede with this for super-comfort!

I have a few scheduled posts coming up through out the week that I've prepared. All posts I've been wanting to do for a while so I hope you enjoy them! :) Have a good week, I know I will!


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What Cat Is Packing:

So tomorrow I am excitedly off to Tenerife for a week! And I just wanted to share a few of the bits I got over the last few months for my holiday. I bought most of these pretty cheap and on sale so I didn't spend too much but I will be putting myself on a shopping ban until my birthday in December! Only for clothes... I'm a little too into my beauty products to let that go just yet!

I bought a couple of things from New Look all on separate occasions: The Lime Bikini, Union Jack Shorts and Island Print Dress. I bought the dress about April time when it was first sunny and I thought I would be booking my holiday for July. It's stayed in my wardrobe this whole time and I'm so excited to wear it. I got the bikini with some discount even though it was on the sale because it's got a small red pen mark on the top half, I am completely in love with the colour - it being one of my favourites and so had to get it. I also got the shorts with a £20 voucher I won to spend in New Look and knew EXACTLY what I would get!
Last week, I went to the H&M close to the store I was working down in London. I usually get really intimidated by H&M sales for some odd reason I can't put my finger on it... But I picked up the three tops and the lime bodycon all in the sale for a £5er or less! Also whilst in London took a cheeky visit to the Oxford Street Primark and bought that amazing Penguin print playsuit, along with a bunny print one and 2 pairs of coloured flats! I got that with £20 I won on a Bingo scratchcard! I ended up going to my local Primark too and buying THE BEST blazer ever. I'll have to Outfit post it when I get back from holiday or JUST before I go :)
Last but not least, the shoulder spiked top! I got this from a little concessions called Voulez Vous in Fuse. It was a super cheap bargain and really wearable for both, out, casual and for me - work since I have to wear black. I really can't wait to wear this!
I didn't get much else because I've got too many clothes as it is. I need to eBay more off! I've always got something for sale on eBay if you want to have a look!

I am REALLLY excited to be going away tomorrow and to wear all my new clothes just waiting to be worn but when I get back I reaaallllly don't want to spend more money on clothes for a while and learn to make what I have already more versatile and summer/winter product rather than just one or the other. I must learn how to do this... Any tips on how to make summer clothes more wintery!?


Monday, 17 September 2012

Why I Blog?

This is a question I ask myself every so often, along with, what is my blog about and does anyone actually read it? I find myself sometimes asking the silliest things and caring too much about opinions and numbers rather than the sole reason I started blogging. Reading The Sunday Girl's blog post about why she blogs got me thinking about it again and for most of yesterday when I was online reading blogs, commenting and generally catching up and being jealous with those who attended London Fashion Week. SO Jealous.

The Sunday Girl's blog post really enlightened me as to why I do blog and why I do sometimes care a little too much about the opinions and numbers, and how I get excited and get my kicks from blogging. Seriously, you have to read it, it really makes you think about you and your blog, and after reading it, I really felt like she inspired me to write a post about why I blog, what makes me keep calm and carry on blogging, etc.


I started first blogging when I was inspired by a cute little blog I wish was still going called The Notebook Doodles; where an anonymous blogger posted her cute iPhone pictures on a weekly basis and her uber-cute doodles, mostly quotes which is where I think finding this blog generated from but I can never quite remember how. I really loved her blog and was inspired to start writing my own blog, because I needed something better to do than facebook stalk and tweet 1,000 times a day, and write about whatever I felt like writing about at that moment.

I've posted everything from posts about life lessons to purchases and wishlists upon wishlists. Until recently I have attempted to have a little more structure and relativity to my blog. I'm not too sure this is the right thing because your blog is what you make it, and not something that should be slotted into topics. I'd like to say I have something for everyone to read but the correctness of that statement is up to my readers.
The reason I blog now is because I found a love for blogging and I like that I have a little spot on the internet that's mine, for practising my writing, and sharing things with others who enjoy the same things. I'm always a bit sceptical about whether people read what I write on my blog or just look at the pictures, because I know on a tired lazy day, I'm less of a reader and commenter and more of a viewer of the inspiring visual aids and beautiful photography in a blog post. On a day like this, I am a reader of every word and I like to express my opinions by commenting and it makes me feel good to comment and let that blogger know I've read their words and enjoyed their post, because I want that back whether it be from that same blogger or another.

In retrospect, I like to say I get my blog kicks from knowing that someone has read my blog, and commented in the same way I comment on others. I like to see that someone is interested in my blog and therefore follows. I like to see that someone enjoys what I write, or likes what I've posted, every possible positive aspect of blogging. And I'm sure many of you get those same kicks too. And I'm sure many of you get kicks by just writing a post too. I love writing my posts. Every one. Who knew that I'd enjoy blogging this much still 2 years on.

Everyone starts off blogging with no clue, and I think I probably have only started to get the clue about a year ago or so. I'd actually say I've only got half the clue sussed, but I'm sure I'll get to grips with organisation and being a great blogger soon. What that is, I'm not too sure but I love blogging, and I carry on blogging as long as I enjoy it. The day it becomes a chore will probably be the day What I Say ends it's days, but that's not to come for a long time!

Why do you blog and do you agree with any of the points I made here today? :) Please share!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sept: 10 - 16

London Week.
Train and bus hopping most of the week, I've probably had what I'd like to call one of my most busiest yet oddly excitable weeks yet this year. As of Friday 7pm I was declared on holiday from work for two weeks and the excitement of a 2 week holiday along with the stress of starting my full time job sooner rather than after I returned from holiday, and completing everything I needed in preparation for work events in a mere 5 days was just too much.
Monday to Wednesday I went on a work trip to a different store for 3 days and making sure I'd done everything before I left work for 2 weeks, I became a nervous wreck, and VERY tired. But I did enjoy the experience and being put out of my comfort zone. I spent most of my week worrying about doing my new job properly, bearing in mind I'd only done it for 5 days and still have a lot to learn. At least I don't have to worry about that for another 2 weeks.
Slowly I have started to wind down for my 2 weeks off. I spent last night with my family, friends and boyfriend for my mum's birthday. We went to our local G Casino and had a lovely meal and did a little bit of harmless gambling (and by harmless I mean my vow to never spend more than £20 gambling in a casino). I don't often get the chance to doll myself up for a night out, so I took the chance while I could and went all out going for my new bunny print playsuit (so casino appropriate right?), my studded heels and dramatic smokey make up!
I also spent today being really lazy and chilling out, but I did take a little trip to my local car boot sale with my little sister and bagged myself a cute tan bomber jacket for £1.50 and some Freedom earrings for £1. I treated my little sis to a TY Beanie for £2 she's in total love with and some cute earrings for a £1 too. Have you got any amazing bargains recently?

SUPER looking forward to: THURSDAY - Holidayyyyyyy, getting my acrylics done tomorrow, final shopping bits, suitcase packing, the next 2 weeks.


Saturday, 15 September 2012


FACT: I'm a muppet when it comes to winter clothes. Because I don't really have any. I simply get my summer wardrobe out, and whack on a pair of tights or one of the only few jumpers I have. I need to invest in more denim, a jacket rather than a coat for those less freezing cold days, and I really want to try a pair of flatforms and purple lipstick. Here's a few things I spotted online that I'd absolutely love to get my hands on.
Does anyone want to give me any of these?

Jacket - I really don't want to get a PU Jacket that's just like everyone elses. Everyone is getting with the black ones, but I really love the idea of a tan one because I'm pretty sure it will go with everything as well as a black one. Or am I wrong? :S
Jeans - Slowly since my teens my collection of jeans have either been destroyed or thrown away. All my skinnies are baggy, and my only decent pair of jeans I ruined with hair dye when the bright red hair epidemic happened in Spring. Thus, leaving me with only baggy skinnies and ruined jeans I can't bear to get rid of just yet. I'm still hoping someone will show me how to rid hair dye from denim...?
Peplum - I have one. I just love them, and this one from eBay is just amazing with the spiked shoulders... And in burgundy it's smart and sexy!
iPhone Case - You can never have too many of them. And I love a quirky case. And this one designed by J.W. Anderson for Topshop is just Top Tortoise!
Barry M  Nail Paint - I noticed that my collection of nail polish repeats in colours... I think this comes down to buying too many different brands and not remembering what you've already got. I recently brought my third bright pink in a thought that I don't have one. I clearly do.
Purple Lipstick - I am in love with purple lipstick, yet I don't own one yet. And I think it'll be a perfect colour for winter-look lips... After my holiday and wearing down my bright pink, shimmering red and coral lipsticks.
Flatforms - Not too sure on these and I haven't tried a pair on yet. I really want to to see if they'd suit me. And if they do... I'd adore a pair of these with a statement platform.
Jumper! - I love a good jumper... And when I spotted this one on Miss Selfridge... I fell in LOVE. I love a stripey jumper.

What's on your winter wishlist this week?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Where Have You Been?

South London in fact. I've been off across the water to another store for work the last 3 days, and I have learnt an awful lot about the things to come in my new role at work and it's been quite exciting being out of the usual scene for a little while. Though it was quite discomforting and I felt a little (weirdly) work-sick from being out of my usual environment and around people I didn't know and an area I didn't know!
Today was my last day there though, and I'm back in my own store tomorrow so I'll be happy to go back for the last couple of days before my 2 weeks off! (SO excited.)

I'm a crappy picture taker on my days out recently. For anything really recently, and although I've been getting a little more creative lately, I have been lacking my passion for photography. Why is a question I'd love to ask, but as a result of this, I will be FINALLY developing my photos tomorrow where I can, and I'll be trying to take more photos on le iPhone to practise for my lovely time away after.

Here are the only moderately good snaps from today:

What I Wore Today - Topshop Oversized Tee (worn as dress) & Vintage Denim Jacket (hand-me-down)
The Louis Vuitton Selfridges Window 
Bicycle Advert On The Tube

OMG. That Louis Vuitton window in Selridges was amazing! (Yes, a little Oxford Street de-tour after work finished for some retail therapyyyy!) Inspired by the collaboration with Yayoi Kusama is "the BEST selling art-fashion union of all time, and has been repeatedly sold out" (I read and quote The Telegraph)! I can't help but feel that the polka dotted collection is a little Minnie Mouse inspired? Don't you? OH. How I'd LOVE the leather bracelets on the website and the collar but for over £600 a piece.... I don't love it that much. (Okay, I do but I don't make enough to have that to spare and spend happily.)

And that little bike ad on the tube, made me really think how great being on a bike is... And how much freedom it does really bring! I really miss riding a bike and I was so good at it...! Santa, for Christmas I want a bike with a little basket in front :)

Have you had a change of scenery lately?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sept: 3 - 9

DIY Week.

This week it's been all about work and crafting. I've been all on the DIY scene, wearing out my DIY shorts (pictured), rhinestoning my tops and jackets and setting up my custom-design-leggings-and-other-things shop. I've DIYed a charity shop find with cute little crosses and am wearing it out for the first time tomorrow. I got good feedback from Insta about it, so hopefully the real thing will too! I'm also on the way to the best rug ever. Yes. A rug... I found a load of carpet samples in my garage and stole them to do something with... I laid them all out on the floor in the best way possible, and am now sewing them all together... I can't WAIT to share pictures of it when it's done!
It is also 10 days until my holiday with my boyfriend to Tenerife, and I'm so over excited as most people who read my blog know, I've been dying for this for a while and I can't can't can't stop talking about it. I've already bought most of my holiday outfits... But next week I'm going a little last minute shopping! I might have to start packing so I don't wear anything I want. It always seems to be the only problem I get... Wearing things out before a holiday and then having to rush to wash and dry it to pack it up!
It's all excitement this week for me, as things are just getting better and better in my little world and I'm so over the moon about it. I got a job promotion at work and am officially full time and even better: as a Miss Selfridge Brand Specialist in my store! I got called into work on my day off to have a chat, and it was announced! I am so happy and excited to start my new job! In fact I'm heading over to Greenwich for the next three days for some Miss Selfridge related work so I am so excited for tomorrow... though a 6am wake up start is not my favourite.

Sorry about the rish-rushed unstructured post, but I must be off to bed now, because this early Cat has got to catch the train! Goodnight!

Looking forward to: The next 3 days, shopping with my man, the beginning of packing, finishing my technicoloured rug and a jam-packed week!


Friday, 7 September 2012

Simple Spotless Skin Deep Clean Cleansing Pads

So earlier last week, the lovely PR people for Simple sent me their latest new product, Deep Clean Cleansing Pads to try and I couldn't turn that down. I am a MASSIVE fan of Simple products, and earlier last month I posted about my review on two simple products that I use for my daily skin routine. Since then, I have added the Simple, Kind To Skin, Cleansing Facial Wipes and Hydrating Light Moisturiser and now this.

Now I'm not much of a sufferer of spots often, but I do suffer from minor blemishes and blackheads, so when I read on the back of the tub that it "helps deep clean the T-Zone" and "results from Day 1" and of course, I wanted to test the theory....

So for fair testing, I tried this within my daily skin routine for a week now, and I'm still using it. I always cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning, and most evenings (I'm prone to forgetting), and from Day 1 I did see results. My T-Zone felt smoother and cleaner, and within a couple of days I noticed that I had less or at least less visible blemishes and blackheads. I was super happy with the results and want to continue using these within my skin care.

Each pad is textured and there are 60 in each tub, so if you use this morning and night it will last you at least a month! I was really surprised at how the texture felt when I took my first wipe. It felt a little scratchy, but it wasn't a discomforting feel... It felt like it was really ex-foliating and rubbing away all the bad things in my skin! As well as that, I felt fresh and clean with every swipe. It's an amazing feeling, and when you're done you really feel like your skin is clearer and blemishes and blackheads seem either gone or reduced! I was seriously so happy with this, and instantly thought that I could definitely use this everyday. It makes my skin feel happier and healthier on the whole.
The thing I love most about this is that it works, and it doesn't have any of those unwanted ingredients to "upset your skin". A lot of the time I've tried something like this and it hasn't worked. The odd T-Zone strips works, that one time you use it but it's not something that keeps the blackheads and blemishes away consistently like this does, and it's too expensive. These Deep Clean Cleansing Pads retail in Boots for £4.99, so it's definitely a bargain worth every penny. I'd definitely recommend it, especially if you suffer from blackheads and blemishes; this will really work for you. And it's perfect for sensitive skin!

I apologise for my make-up-less face. But just to show you the results...

Have you tried any of the Simple Spotless Skin range?

on a P.S. note! Simple have also got a little contest going on where they are offering teens a £15,000 scholarship fund to nurture their special talent! All you have to do is go to their Facebook page and submit a 30 second video of your talent, fill in the entry form and get as many votes as possible! Spread the word on Twitter with the #spotlightontalent hash-tag!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


The people from sent me an email last week telling me all about their latest 'Passion For Fashion' competition. I really liked this one and thought... Why not. I'll give it a go :) Plus I enjoy the outfit building a little too much possibly!
The brief was to create 5 looks for 5 different occasion, keeping in mind the current Autumn/Winter trends. The winner of each category will get £200 to buy their outfit and an overall winner will get £1000 to spend on all 5 outfits and on top an iPad 3! LOVE.

The First Date. I think this might be my favourite outfit, hence it being first...
On a first date, it's stereotypically dinner, or an evening out. First impressions are everything and when I had my first date with my boyfriend, he knew I was a nutter from the moment I stepped into the car with my bright red boots. He knew I was different and I always think you should always show personality in your first date clothes so that's why I went for this look.
I love velvet and contrasting colours with a little girliness to it with the light blouse. Velvet is coming back this Autumn/Winter, and this Mink Pink skirt would go with so much... I think a statement piece like this is worth investing in because it's so wearable with so much. PU Biker Jackets are also on the scene right now, and would add a little attitude to this girly outfit. Clash the pink velvet with some statement wedges, light jewellery and a bag. Voila! First Date Approved!

Office. I'm going to be honest, I've never worked in an office and I'm super stereorypical about what office wear looks like. BUT... If I worked in an office, I'd want to stand out from the crowd. Peplums and spike studs are in this season, which is why I went for a statement peplum top from Boohoo is so cheap and do some amazing clothes. So when I saw this amazing peplum for just £15, it HAD to be the one for this look. Ofcourse, pair that up with a cute ribbed pencil skirt a la Topshop and a spiked blazer also from Boohoo. I loved this electric blue blazer to go with this outfit, because with the golden yellow baroque printed peplum, it would compliment each other and create a statement look that would turn heads at the office! As always, an investment piece with some Office wedge boots, statement spiked jewellery and a cute satchel bag to finish it off!

Outdoor. The cold is coming and we all know it. Not that the cold went in the first place... But with the autumn drawing in closer we're all shopping for our next winter coats. I always believe in an investment piece and this camo print jacket is it. Timeless too, as it's always been a great print and who doesn't love a little army print? This jacket won me over when I saw it had a fur hood! I love a little fur to keep me warm in the cold!
Layers, layers layers, before the jacket of course, a simple tee and a throw over jumper. And these Topshop basics would do the trick and work well together contrasting and giving a more feminine feel against the jacket. Pop on a pair of on trend studded leggings along with your wedge high tops and you're ready to head out! I actually really love this look... I'm just totally in love with the jacket and high tops if I'm honest.

Party. I love a good night out, and what's a good night out without a little pop colour and a bodycon? I chose this amazing bodycon from Topshop, studded up in a lovely baroque pattern. I'm not much of a wearer of jackets or anything on a night out, but you're always going to need one you'll put away in the coat room. I think this Boohoo blazer with the pop pink collar would look amazing contrasting against those amazing neon yellow courts I have been eyeing up for AGES.
Neon is in, and we all know it's a lot of fun, and is a great statement colour. I love putting Neons against black or grey, and just so there's not too much a suede studded clutch would go perfect to tone it down. A little pink on the nails and lips to keep on contrasting when you're blazers away and you're on the dance floor and your night is as bright as your shoes!

Casual. When I think casual I think, a day in with a trip to the shops or round a friend's worthy outfit. Skinny jeans, are first on my list with pure comfort and a timeless look. No one will ever get bored of jeans. They're so wearable with so much... And with the acid wash, they're perfect this season! I've been noticing a lot of chequered shirts lately, and I really love this lumber-jack red one that I'd wear open with a simple black vest underneath. These ones from Miss Selfridge are super long - great to wear with just leggings too if you like, in LOTS of colours and 2 for £12! A perfect basic casual tpp. Clashing prints are something I've also seen all over the internet and magazines, so lightly clashing these simple vans would really make this look a winner for me. Clashing not only the prints but colours too.
I'd love to tie my hair up in a messy ponytail after, and throw on some big hoops and aviators. This look wins me over because, not only is it the cheapest of the five, but it's the most effortless too!

How do you like my outfits?
Will you be entering this amazing comp too? Ends 24th Sept!


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Talk To The Blogger #5: BeauteBelle

This week, I've managed to get talking to another amazing blogger! This one makes some WOW cushions and sells them online, and is a beaute alright!

Hi Stacey, thanks for the interest in being part of Talk To The Blogger!

So tell me a little bit about you and your blog!
Constantly referring to blogs and youtube for beauty tips and tricks my sister often questioned me about creating one to call my own but I just kept putting it off. Fast forward to January this year and I decided to bite the bullet and here we are today, 8 months later and I've loved every second of it. BeauteBelle is french for beauty beauty (Apparently anyways, I got a D in French) and is predominantly a beauty blog with splashes of lifestyle, interior, art and design with a frequent appearance from my adorable puppy Darwin. Here's a little bit about me.…..My names Stacey Gray MacDonald and I'm 19 years old, i'm just about to embark on the journey that is University to study Illustration, eeeek! 

WOW! Good luck with uni! You seem the arty type and I see from your blog profile you are an art student! And you make some AMAZING cushions! How did the cushion selling begin?
In all honesty It just kinda happened, I got an adorable mini sewing machine for my birthday which I just haven't used at all until the start of summer in which I spent a lot of time messing about with different fabrics. After seeing a post on Pinterest about DIY screen printing I wanted to give it a go on a spare piece of canvas material so I screen printed an S but it didn't look like I expected it too (I still have the first one sat next to my bed) I decided to hand paint a K for my sister and it looked SO much better, it wasn't until a friend asked me where I bought it from that something triggered…maybe i could sell these?! I got amazing feedback from my followers selling out my entire first batch in around 14 hours on Ebay, I actually hit the 100 cushion mark just last week - only 3 weeks after beginning this venture!

I think I'll be venturing into buying one.... Being a crafty girl at heart, apart from your scrabble cushions, what else do you get yourself up to artistically?
I love to draw, I have an awful attention span but if you hand me a pencil and some paper I'll sit quietly for hours on end. More recently I've done two commissions, both black and white paintings of band art for people at work but what I'm super excited about is my current project, I'm designing some wedding stationary for my Manager's brother in which I'm taking part in some of the wedding planning too such as creating handmade bunting, signs etc. I've loved doing all the research, it's definitely something I'd like to touch up on in the future, maybe if any wedding planners out there want to employ somebody to make things from scratch for weddings give me a shout?

You seem to be a massive fan of lip products judging by your many different lip product reviews! Am I Right??
Oh definitely, Lipsticks in particular can transform an entire look instantly, whether its a nude, subtle lip or a bold and bright red. I'm not particularly great at applying eye shadows or eye make up in general so I like to draw the attention away from them and lip products are the best thing to do so. Not only lipsticks with blasts of colour but just lip products such as balms are also amazing because lets face it who wants dry, horrible lips? Not me. 

What is your favourite beauty products right now and what would you be reccommending your readers?
They change on a daily basis but at the moment I've fallen in love with Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation, it is my go to foundation with amazing coverage and a flawless finish. Model's Own varnishes seem to be my brand to beat on consistency, colour range and lasting power - arts and crafts often result in chipped polish but models own are sturdy and endure almost anything. If you live in England you are probably aware of the muggy weather meaning you get stupidly warm without any sunshine - all this being said Dry shampoo has been pretty much everyone's saviour this summer, it is the holy grail of hair products. Thank you Batiste!! 

I always wonder what inspires a blogger's posts! What inspires you most?
I wouldn't say I'm necessarily inspired to write a certain post on the beauty side of things but when I've got a strong collection of photographs that I feel happy with the writing seems to just follow with ease afterwards. I'm currently in the process of creating a separate blog purely for arts, crafts, DIY and interior posts that will launch later this year and I've found Pinterest is a main form of inspiration as well as accidental inspiration especially within art - an accident isn't always a bad thing with art but more of a window for experimentation that as long as you photograph the steps you can share it with others. As a rule for me though in most things In life I draw inspiration from things surrounding me on a daily basis - colour, accents, dress sense, texture, movement etc

Us bloggers always get excited over a post we all love writing most. What is your favourite things to post about on your blog?
As you can probably see beauty wise I love lip products, they're always nice to photograph but I absolutely LOVE lifestyle posts, I feel I can be myself and the writing just flows, almost as if I'm literally talking to my readers. Darwin seems to be my key focus of interest as far as my lifestyle posts are concerned, I could literally write a hundred books about how clever dogs actually are and the funny things Darwin does on a daily basis - He has completely changed my life this past year so out of everything that my blog features my favourite thing out of the lot are my Puppy Posts so be expecting a lot more of them in the future. 

Keep the puppy posts coming! They're adorable and a winner for followers! I always like to ask, how fellow bloggers connect with other bloggers. What is your favourite way to connect, whether it be through commenting, following or social networking?
I hate to admit it but Social Networking is the most amazing tool within blogging, you can get in touch directly with followers, brands, friends…everybody!! By Social Networking I mean Twitter as it is quick, easy and idiot proof. 


Thanks for taking part Stacey! You've got a new favourite blog reader here!

If you want to follow Stacey's lovely blog, just visit her here! Beaute Belle
And don't forget to follow her twitter too for updates! @Stacemaccattack


Monday, 3 September 2012

Inspirational in September

This month, is already going to be a fast passing one. With my holiday spread between my two weeks off, and so much going on with work and all sorts I'm living up fast-paced at the moment. These are a few images that are express what's inspiring my month to come!


Adventuring with Boyfriend | Being on a plane again | Disposable Cameras... Simple & Special
Summer Fashions - Always my ♥-ed all-year trend | Late Summer | Being in LOVE ♥

I'm so excited this month. And if you saw my weekly post yesterday you'd agree that I haven't said anything more than how excited I am about things. I am heavily planning an AMAZING time with my boyfriend away, and I'm sure without heavy planning it still will be... But I need to buy a couple more pretty holiday things, some disposable film for my Diana, and all sorts! I also gave him everything I need to travel just because I don't want to risk losing anything before we go... My whole September will be inspired and all about about me, with my boyfriend and Tenerife whether we're there or not! ♥

What's inspiring you this month?

Aug - Sept: 27 - 2

Excitable Week.

Simple Press Post | Dolly | Sunday Face | Hot Chocolate | Dice Nails & Face (nail post?) | eBay BARGAIN
p.s. badly out of order. sorries!

I've been obsessing over eBay this week. Completely. And I think I've hauled a little bit on holiday goodies... (18 days to go!) nabbing those sandals on eBay for 99p! I've also bought myself a few other bits I'll blog about a little later in the week but these are a pure bargain! I just have to alter them a little bit because there's a strap that's a bit baggy, so it just needs shortening.
This week has just been a great week, and getting excited over everything. I've had everything from freebie's to review, Frankie's & Benny's, full on chill out time and just a general positive vibe! I think the whole fact I finally booked my holiday really helps, because I'm a lot more relaxed with things like that and my interview I also had this week as a weight off my shoulders! Constant excitement on my part!
I don't know if anyone's noticed but I wiggled my blog layout a little bit and I have a couple of extra pages, including a jewellery blog sale, and I'll be soon posting up a clothes blog sale. I've also got a contact page, and an about page! Thought I'd spruce it up a little bit!

Also, calling all bloggers. If you'd like to guest post for me when I'm away between the 20 - 27th September please email me letting me know that you're interested, where you blog, and what your post idea is! Anything you'd like to post will do, because I'm really open to new posts and different articles on my blog! I may be emailing asking my favourite bloggers if they'd like to post, but I will only be asking a max of 5 bloggers.

Looking forward to: day off, receiving post, designing some leggings for my online shop-to-be, blogging :)

Obsessing over any online shopping like I am? I swear I'm watching like 3672185 things right now...
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