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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Aeroplane Outfit | Panda Print Blazer

Blazer - Primark
Vest - Old
Pink Skinny Jeans - Next

YAY! Today's the day! I'm off to Tenerife for the week! I'm so so happy it's finally come around, and I'm so looking forward to just enjoying some peace, quiet, quality boyfriend-girlfriend time and discover a new part of the world for me and John! ♥
When I saw this Panda Printed Blazer in Primark on Monday I knew it had to be mine whether it looked good or not. It was one of those I-need-it-or-I'll-die-or-forever-search-for-it things... I am a MASSIVE fan of Pandas and watched that whole thing on the BBC about the ones coming to Scotland a few months back. Who else did? But my god do I love this blazer! I do, I do, I do-oooo! I'm wearing this on my travels today and I'm pretty sure it'll be super versatile to wear with most of my outfits for the week! I love the beige-grey colour because it really tones down the fact it has hundreds of cute and tiny little pandas on it. I already knew I wanted to wear my summery Pink Skinnies my mum got me from Next in the sales, but instead of wearing my Black Topshop Peplum I swapped it for a plain white vest to emphasise my blazer as the statement piece. A confession... This is my first Blazer and I'm growing on getting some more now I'm a full-timer and need more work-wear. And this is so work-wear AND me all at once! I'll be wearing my new pointed contrast pumps from Primark too in the cream and black faux suede with this for super-comfort!

I have a few scheduled posts coming up through out the week that I've prepared. All posts I've been wanting to do for a while so I hope you enjoy them! :) Have a good week, I know I will!