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Friday, 28 September 2012

What Cat Wore: Tenerife Heat ♥

Hi Bloggers!

So I'm back from a lovely holiday away with my man, and I've had an amazing time! We went to Costa Adeje and stayed in the Luabay Hotel. It was lovely, but I'll write a little more about the holiday later on. Today I'm super-chillin' and getting back into reality and used to the dramatic weather change. From 30 degrees to 10 :( majorly hating it, but I'm tanned and I've had a great time with my boyfriend so I've come back a very happy girl!
I thought I'd share photos of a couple of my outfits from the holiday, when I bothered to take photos. I didn't think about blogging or anything and only took photos when I could be bothered. It was nice being away from everything and having airplane mode on for the whole week!

New Look Dress | Market Dress
Jessica Simpson Top & Super-Old Short-Shorts | H&M Top & River Island Shorts
H&M Dress | Topshop Dress

Primark Playsuit | eBay Sunnies
Canary Island Souvenir Photo | New Look British Flag Shorts

Really short simple, photo-filled post today. I'm really disorganised today. The photos aren't in any order and  are just some little snippets I thought I'd share :) I hope you enjoy! I enjoyed wearing them out on the streets of Costa Adeje! Shame I got to come back to cold and work and reality from the sun, sea and days away with my boyfriend. I miss having him there 24/7... ♥