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Saturday, 15 September 2012


FACT: I'm a muppet when it comes to winter clothes. Because I don't really have any. I simply get my summer wardrobe out, and whack on a pair of tights or one of the only few jumpers I have. I need to invest in more denim, a jacket rather than a coat for those less freezing cold days, and I really want to try a pair of flatforms and purple lipstick. Here's a few things I spotted online that I'd absolutely love to get my hands on.
Does anyone want to give me any of these?

Jacket - I really don't want to get a PU Jacket that's just like everyone elses. Everyone is getting with the black ones, but I really love the idea of a tan one because I'm pretty sure it will go with everything as well as a black one. Or am I wrong? :S
Jeans - Slowly since my teens my collection of jeans have either been destroyed or thrown away. All my skinnies are baggy, and my only decent pair of jeans I ruined with hair dye when the bright red hair epidemic happened in Spring. Thus, leaving me with only baggy skinnies and ruined jeans I can't bear to get rid of just yet. I'm still hoping someone will show me how to rid hair dye from denim...?
Peplum - I have one. I just love them, and this one from eBay is just amazing with the spiked shoulders... And in burgundy it's smart and sexy!
iPhone Case - You can never have too many of them. And I love a quirky case. And this one designed by J.W. Anderson for Topshop is just Top Tortoise!
Barry M  Nail Paint - I noticed that my collection of nail polish repeats in colours... I think this comes down to buying too many different brands and not remembering what you've already got. I recently brought my third bright pink in a thought that I don't have one. I clearly do.
Purple Lipstick - I am in love with purple lipstick, yet I don't own one yet. And I think it'll be a perfect colour for winter-look lips... After my holiday and wearing down my bright pink, shimmering red and coral lipsticks.
Flatforms - Not too sure on these and I haven't tried a pair on yet. I really want to to see if they'd suit me. And if they do... I'd adore a pair of these with a statement platform.
Jumper! - I love a good jumper... And when I spotted this one on Miss Selfridge... I fell in LOVE. I love a stripey jumper.

What's on your winter wishlist this week?