Sunday, 28 October 2012

Oct: 22 - 28

Halloween Week.

Wow! This week has been manic! I've had so much going on that I can't actually believe it's Sunday already and I'm sitting here writing about my what seems to be short but full on week.
If you've read or seen my last outfit post you would have seen that Thursday I dressed up like an Evil Doll for Halloween going all out and wearing a tin foil and cardboard wind up key to state my doll factor! A lot of people said I was brave for wearing this out for work, but then again how far will some people go for charity... shaving legs, swimming across waters and what not. I decided to dress up and bake some cupcakes! Not so brave now? It was a thing going on throughout all Outfit stores so it was nice to know I was doing my bit to help raise money! And a lot of my cupcakes sold so I really felt good afterwards.

As well as that I spent Saturday night out-out! I haven't been out-out clubbing in a long long time, so it was great to get out and have a good time with my boyfriend and some friends! It was a birthday thing, and we went to Underworld in Camden, London. I'd never been so I didn't quite know what to expect but I sort of expected the indie-rock music that was going on and it was really good! But I prefer my dance-pop a little better. There was a LOT of people dressed up like all sorts for Halloween too, so it was fun seeing all the cool costumes. My favourite had to be a girl dressed as the corpse bride! I took the chance to dress up and go all Glam rather than Halloweeny and bought a whole new outfit which was really nice to do. I might have to slip back into it for an outfit post at some point this week because I loved it! But the last picture here is a peek at what I wore! It felt great dressing up and going out, definitely missed it.

Waking up with an ringing in my ears wasn't fun this morning though, and I don't know if I was at point of a hangover or not. I was exhausted and I couldn't deal with normal speaking levels so does that count as a hangover? I haven't had one for a while. I spent today tiding up a little bit and watching the final Lord of The Rings with the boyfriend. It was soooo nice to relax and watch something in peace and quiet. A perfect Sunday night in, as it has been for the last 3 Sundays running.

Looking forward to: a slowed down week, eBaying, relaxing and drinking tea.

Have you done anything for Halloween yet?

Saturday, 27 October 2012

What I Wore - Evil Doll

Dress & Top as Doll Dress - New Look & Jane Norman - OLD
Wind Up Key - DIY | Tights - Clintons (OLD)
Shoes - Topshop | Contact Lenses - Vision Direct

So! I know its a bit early but for a Halloween charity event at work I dressed up as a evil doll. I was being a cheapskate and didn't want to buy anything so I used things I had at home and my contacts courtesy of Vision Direct! Which I think MADE my make-up look and my DIY wind up key that kept breaking my outfit! I had an emergency repair kit as you can see was already used by the time this photo was taken because it kept falling off. It took me ages to make and it just didn't stay in place for more than an hour!
Everyone was amazed by my contacts and I'll be wearing them again on Halloween itself! They're so comfortable and I did wear them longer than the recommended time by a lot and they caused no problems at all. I love them, and they're really fun! So glad I got them :)

Outfit stores through out the country took part in this event raising money for Alzheimers Society! We raised quite a bit of money with the cake sale and we all paid a little money to dress up, so I made sure I made an effort. I really love taking part in these charity events, and it makes you feel good for doing something. And on the plus side we got to dress up.

Have you done anything for charity recently?
And what are you dressing up as this Halloween!?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Oct: 15 - 21


SO addicted. I think I might have broken my record for how much tea I can drink in a week as a couple of us started as little tea on break and lunches thing at work. But seriously... I don't think I'm the only one who looooves a cup of tea at least once everyday am I right? I blame boyfriend John :) I hardly drunk tea until he came along and swept me away!
I've had lots of little things going on this week, a curry date with my boyfriend, a trip to Frankie's and Benny's and Cinema to see Taken 2 with my boyfriend too (which I have to say is better than what the reviews say)! Today we spent watching the 2nd Lord of The Rings (OMG SO LONG) and I'm glad I've watched it now because although I hate to admit it I've been missing out as I've never watched it before! There's so much going on movie-wise recently and there will be two definite cinema dates next month for, SkyFall and Breaking Dawn Part 2. Yessss, I can't wait to watch the final one! :)
Going to attempt blogging a little more this week. I've been so unproductive in general. Needs fixing!
Not much else happened this week really. Boring 'mofo' right here! lulz.

Looking forward to: PAY DAY, Halloween event at work on Thursday, drinking more tea and watching the final Lord of The Rings.

Anyone got any films to recommend watching on the big screens?

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Coated Cow Print

Coat - Topshop A/W 11
Jeans - Next Sale S/S 12
Boots * - French

Ok. So I've decided that my iPhone probably isn't the best for pictures. And probably when you've got the worst possible lighting it isn't either. Maybe just because it's winter you're never going to get the lighting you'd like since it's so dark and dreary outside all the time now. But now that it is winter I've pulled out this coat again. My trusty cow print coat that I bought in the Topshop sale last A/W. I really love this coat and always wanted a faux fur coat.
There are lots of other lovely ones out at the moment but I'm a one and only sort of gal with my types of coat and jacket, and I don't think I will be replacing this one until needs must. I have a mac, a posh coat, a faux fur coat, the chequered and PU bomber, and all I want now is a fur collars PU or a PU sleeved coat. I also did see a woman with the most amazing khaki coat with gold sequin sleeves from our local boutique which I still haven't yet figured out why I haven't visited since it is newly opened... But I might have to take a little visit very soon!

This is sure my favourite coat to date... I love it and it is very me. I'll be out in this all winter!
Do you have a favourite coat at all?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Oct: 8 - 14

All-over-the-place week.

This week is one of those you'd rather forget. I've been an emotional wreck really but more on the snappy angry side, which isn't a side seen often. I think as the weekend came along and I was able to spend time with my boyfriend I relaxed a little more and now I feel ready to start this week back to my happy self.

I've finally taken some of my free time to start sketching and doodling again. I really want to invest in a moleskin sketch book to take around with me. But for now I have a little oriental covered sketch book that is just waiting to be doodled in! I've also been getting back into my nerdy side, playing Little Big Planet and online games with my boyfriend. I've really not kept in with my blogging and the blogosphere this week, but then again sometimes its good to have a break away from it all, and keep it a little more real. I also got the really cool lenses pictured last, and blogged about them yesterday, and I have a few new posts coming up this week that I've wanted to do for a long time but never got round to doing. So there will be a little more going on :)

Other goings on included TGI Fridays with the boyfriend, finally watching Lord of the Rings, and also going to a cheeky Ann Summers party with the work girls which was a lot of fun. I recommend it for a fun night in with the girls when you're super skint! My mum also just got back from a weekend away to France to see my aunt, and bought me back a few goodies like new boots and shoes that I'll be posting about in the week.

Looking forward to: blogging my new posts, getting artsy in my sketch book, buying my much wanted Topshop leggings and wearing out my new shoes!

How's your week been?

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mesmerising Temptress | Phantasee Lenses

Today I got a little bit excited when I received these Phantasee Crazy Lenses in post from Vision Direct. With Halloween coming up I decided to try something that wasn't going to look too 'normal' a colour and a lot of fun, and decided to try Temptress which as you can see is a royal purple with baby pink flecks. They also sent me a solution to help keep them clean and safe to use and a case to keep them safe too.

I have never tried contact lenses so I was very nervous as well as excited to try them and made sure I did my research on keeping them clean, inserting them and removing them. It wasn't as hard as I thought, and I'd recommend watching the videos for a visual aid on how to use them. They were more comfortable than I expected so I was pleasantly surprised as they are soft and flexible. I expected to be able to feel them in my eye more and them to be not as soft and flexible.
I did my make up as normal and dramatised it a little to emphasise the colour of the lenses, by darkening my eyebrows and using my favourite pink lipstick to bring out the pink flecks. I'll definitely be wearing my lenses on Halloween and though I'll be working all day, I'll be dressed up a little like Morticia Addams from the Addams Family in my midi dress as I have to wear black to work.
You can see the difference when I have my lenses in to when I don't. And it's interesting seeing myself with a different eye colour, and I have received many compliments from them. They really have a dramatic effect and my boyfriend said that they look quite mesmerising and quite odd. I took it all as a compliment :P

I would recommend getting Phantasee lenses from Vision Direct to complete your Halloween look or just for fun. Though I am a newbie with lenses, so I haven't got much to compare it to. I'd say that they are comfortable, a lot of fun but definitely not for everyday wear, as a friend told me everyday lenses would have to be made to fit your eye shape perfectly. They have lots of different coloured lenses and you can find them all here on the Vision Direct website!

Will you be wearing some coloured lenses this Halloween?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oct: 1 - 7

Back To Work Week.

I have had the most workaholic crazy week ever this week. It's also been my first week back at work with my fresh start, and how much better than to start fresh with a brand new and exciting full time job. I'm really enjoying my job as Miss Selfridge Brand Specialist and it's really got me more passionate about my job and the things I do! I seriously didn't think I'd love my job as much as I would almost a year ago.
Apart from work I've been doing a lot of thinking about the rest of my fresh starts. Things like a massive clear out, doing things rather than just saying I'm going to do them and the way I go about things in life. I've been going through so many thoughts in my head and I guess with the whole full time job things, and being in an amazing relationship with my perfect man I'm starting to see clearly about the things that make me more mature, the things that hold me back and the things that could potentially bring me forward. It's really strange how at the end of this week I've put all my thoughts into perspective, and figured out that I want to reinvent myself in the best way possible. I love who I am now, but there's things I want to do better, and I've got an inexplicable drive in me that wants me to better myself at the moment! I just really wanted to share that thought out loud, or in writing...
In other events, I had a great Sunday with my family, we went out for dinner and arcade games and I ended the night with some laziness with the boyfriend. It's rare that my family go out for dinners so it was really nice to go and even better, to TGI Fridays. Can't get enough of those amazing JD Ribs... I haven't been up to much else this week or weekend. Though I spent a little on a new part for my car, finally getting my dodgy passenger seat fixed. Why are the damn things so expensive??

Looking forward to: the clear-out of the century, blogging properly again, finally putting up my mirror and getting back into routine!

P.S. Is there anything you want to see on my blog any time soon? Please suggest anything you'd like please, or email me if you fancy! ♥

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Under The Sun,

Hotel room view, the beach, boyfriend's buffet dessert plate, and my dessert plate, pool view, cloudy sunset, boyfriend and the scenic sunset, parrots for the parrot show, BBQ ribs, hot fudge brownies, banana split, scenic sunset behind the island of La Gomera, crashing waves, me by the pool one afternoon, an amazing sand sculpture and the Tiede Mountain over the Costa Adeje nightscape.

So I know I've been 'AFK' for the whole week but I've been so busy at work and at home that I haven't had much of 5 minutes to relax. Well that's not entirely true. I spent my free time yesterday relaxing and making good use of the free time I did have with my boyfriend because of all the business and what nots.
I thought I'd share a few pictures from my holiday that I decided were probably most artistic and pretty for the blog. Consisting of mostly landscaping and food really, because it was purely a full on holiday for time together and relaxation. We sat by the pool or beach and ate food pretty much 75% of the time and the other 25% was spent doing things like watching shows, taking walks and shopping a little.
After this last busy week I could do with another holiday!

How has your week been treating you?

Monday, 1 October 2012

Inspirational in October

It's coming to that stressful peak in the year and it comes straight after October 31st when everyone begins to prepare for Christmas. I've had the most relaxing September I could ask for and I don't want to overstress Christmas this year and as soon as this month is over I'll be shopping for Christmas presents to get it over and done with. I dislike that stress, so I'm attempting a calm and stress free end of the year.
I'm already inspired by the things below but it goes on with this October, being huddled up in new boots, a ridiculous amount of jumpers and comfy clothes, mostly black to keep warm and for the most obvious reason that all black is my work uniform. I'll be in socks too, and I'll be definitely investing in those things to cover my big, easy-cold puppies.

Black Clothes & Curly Hair | Socks | Jumpers | Holographic Polish | Boots

I'll be definitely wanting these things for the wintry months to come. I want to be in boots and socks, big jumpers, comfy clothes and I want to brighten that up with my new glistening holographic nail polish that I'll be slicking on when my acrylics come off. 

What do you think you'll be inspired by this month?
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