Friday, 30 November 2012

Wishlist #3

As a girl I think it's okay to want a little bit. We're women, we like to shop... somewhere down the line it is in our nature. And if it's not in yours to love shopping, I have to admit it definitely is in mine! And as it closes to days down to Christmas you can't help but think about what you want and what you like and then see all these amazing offers and things in store while you Christmas shop. It's a crazy limbo between heaven and hell for us shop-lovin' gals!

♥ Tweed Coat - I saw my friend try on the black suede like one of this and she bought it... and since I saw a return of this in store I've wanted it. It looks so amazing, but I just don't think it would suit me. I'm a fitted coat kinda gal... But I still think it's a lovely coat!
Grape Playsuit - Does this count if I just bought this today? I bought this with my staff voucher I got today (Thanks Miss Selfridge)! This is my Christmas Party playsuit! I wanted to wear something dinner worthy for a Christmas party and then out on the town worthy after. It's so wearable and fits the bill for this occasion and so many others so I'll get lots of use out of it! (Plus I've been eyeing it up for ages....teehee)
♥ Topshop Jersey Dresses 1 | 2 & 3 - I love all the Topshop Jersey Dresses.... I know I'd get so much use out of them and I've only got the one that I wear to work. I just need to invest on these for new wearable dresses! I'm beginning to think more for the versatile!!!
Doodle iPhone Case - OMG. Topman are good for something. AMAZING gifts that I would definitely have on my Christmas list! A case you can doodle on!? So loving it.
♥ iPhone Duo Lens - I always wanted one of these since my boyfriend told me about someone who's got one. From what I've heard it really does help make amazing photography....
♥ Lumix G3 - I think this is a 'I'm REALLY going to treat myself want'. I don't need a camera, and to be honest I might actually prefer a compact camera that takes photos like the iPhone for lighting and shutter speed but better quality. I only have my iPhone... I guess I just want something for when I need my iPhone for phone related purposes rather than leisure! But this is always a dreamer product... for those creative days!
Black Lace Litas - What girl doesn't want a pair of JC Litas!? I don't mind dupes... But these are gorgeous. No more has to be said.
♥ James Brown Shampoo & Conditioner (Colour Enhancing for Chemically Treated Hair) - For the price of shampoo and conditioner I think I may prefer a cheaper version of this. But it seems to do exactly what I want it to do... I'm looking for products that might help enhance and care for my recently ombred hair! But I don't know much about hair care products that I should go for... Is this one?
♥ John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Conditioner - I think if I got this I'd use it on the ends of my hair... to lighten my ombre. Is this a stupid thing to think? Please tell me....
♥ Argania Moisture Repair Conditioner - After the treatment I've given my hair and the reviews I've seen of this... I think this would be perfect to restore my hair's health!

What's on your wishlist!?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Trending: Velvet

I don't know what's happened but everywhere I look shopping I see sequins and velvet. And I love both of them, but I think especially velvet. It comes in beautiful colours, with a soft touch and a glamorous look... I love wearing my gold velvet skirt as well as my champagne coloured gold glitter spotted skater dress both from A/W 11 Topshop, and I've found a couple of simple velvet pieces I'd love to add to my wardrobe together to join my golden velvet pieces. Hmmm... Why have I only got gold velvet?

A velvet skirt just adds a little glamour to any look, and I'm especially in love with the burgundy one today. I think because it's a different style of skirt? The studded velvet leggings for a comfortable and right on trend to soften down a rocky look, and that blue velvet dress to me is just perfect for a Christmas do, or Christmas day!

What's your take on velvet?

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nov: 19 - 25

eBay Week.

This week I've gone a little eBay crazy and with their zero listing eBay weekend this weekend I took the chance to sell the brand new and unworn jewellery I've had on hand for months! (If you'd like to check my listsings they are >Here<!) I sold quite a bit this week and hopefully I get to sell the rest of my listings :)
eBay has also been a killer for me, as I keep finding amazing deals and watching them for present ideas, for amazing biddings on super-cheap items, and for 'cat-walk' like shoes that you've been dying to own for months and finally buying them for super-cheap. I don't think I'm the only one who loves eBay for this... Are you an eBay fanatic like me?
I seem to be in love with the nude colours this week... I don't know how or why but I guess when you wear black all day everyday a lighter colour makes you feel so much lighter both colour wise and in happiness, for it's a change. I've been walking around the house in my new shoes that came on Tuesday and wow, they are super-comfy! And I've also been wearing the nude and simple Nude Beige Models Own polish I picked up in More! Magazine this week. Do you sometimes think you wear a colour too much you have to wear a different one to make you feel better and fresher?
I haven't been around much online either apart from my eBaying, but I plan to blog a few posts I have planned this week... So you may see more of me! We shall see though... It's hard to blog when you have no where to take photos and your lighting sucks and you have a full time job and other things to do before you have time to blog! Ah, life. Crazy thing....

Looking forward to: Wearing my shoes Saturday for the Christmas party, finally deciding on a dress for the Christmas party and scheduling my posts for this week!


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hearts In A Locket

Recently I was a huge cluts and managed to snap the chain on my super-special locket I got from the boyfriend last Christmas. I've not even had it a year, but it's back around my neck again, and luckily he got insurance on it just in case something like this did happen.
I love my necklace but I didn't realise how much I would miss it until it wasn't around my neck every single day like before. I really couldn't stand not having it and I felt pure guilt just by wearing other necklaces. It made me realise how super-special and sentimental it is to me. I really did miss it! Because I missed it so much I did finally put a little picture in it because I'd left it empty for so long. Unfortunately my printer wasn't being nice so the colour was off a little...

Have you got something super-special and sentimental possession you don't know what you'd do without?

Friday, 23 November 2012

Wishlist #2

Yes. A lot on my wishlist this week... But here it is!

♥ Penguin Jumper - Cute as a button and a lover of penguins needs this in their life. That means me! I saw one in Primark too in the Men's section... a green jumper with a Christmas Penguin. THE cutest.... But this one is just perfect for all year round!
♥ Rose Gold Fossil Watch - I found this one online and although most girls dream rose gold watch is a Micheal Kors watch. I like a good brand and being a little bit of a sheep but I just love the colour and a pretty watch rather than a name... This one by Fossil is beautiful!
♥ Velvet Skirt - Burgundy.... Teal.... Black... I just need a velvet skater in my life. I have the gold pencil skirt though and I love it. It just needs some friends :D
♥ Sequin Sleeved Jacket - There are loads of these storming in around boutiques at the moment and the local boutique I'm yet to visit has this amazing jacket in stock which I found on their facebook page! I am in love with it! I do love the khaki one but this one seems more amazing.... I hope it is in the fabric!
♥ Pleather Sleeve Jumper - Again this is from our newest local Bows Boutique... I found this beaut online too.... perfect for the season and right on trend! It's just too cool.
♥  Ted Baker Perfume Minatures - My boyfriend has the men's versions of these and I've always been intrigued to see what the women's ones smell like! I think he always smells amazing when he wears Ted Baker XO2.... MMmMmmmmMmm....
♥ Bunny Night Light - I don't need a night light but sometimes you need a little soft light to create that ambiance in your room. I found this cutie online whilst I was Christmas shopping and I'd love to get one in my room and it's really cheap too!
♥ Soap & Glory Trick Of The Shade - Everyone needs a Soap & Glory gift this Christmas... last year I was lucky enough to receive the massive beauty bag Boots sold and I'm still yet to finish getting through it! One of the best presents I got. But I love the shadows in this set... I think I'd use them all!
♥ Wild Ombre @ Home Hair Kit - I want to do this so bad. I don't know if I'm brave enough too... What do you cool cats think? Should I ombre? A question I've blogged already.... 


Review: VO5 Miracle Concentrate Hair Oil

A while ago I wrote a post about what hair oil to try, and eventually decided that I'd like to try the cheaper VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil. I came to the decision when I found it in Superdrug for about £5 which I thought is a steal for hair oil... since most bottles of the same amount are around £10 each or more.

Superdrug - £5.19

I put my hair through hell with styling. It is a pain because it easily frizzes, my curls don't form as well as they used to and I generally love styling it anyway. So with washing, brushing, drying and styling my hair I'm putting it in major danger of damaging it and sometimes shampoo and conditioner isn't enough. VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil is an 'intensive leave in treatment' that hydrates hair and conditions it and after using this for a couple of weeks I feel like my hair is a lot healthier and easier to manage.

As you can see it comes in a small bottle with the pippet which helps control the amount you wish to apply. I like to apply half a pippet full, as it is just enough. There are two ways of applying this; You can apply to damp hair before drying or on dry hair to tame and add shine.
I first tried it and applied it to my hair damp before blow drying. I found that my hair felt healthier and softer instantly once dry. I expected to be slightly disappointed as an oil product, as I expected my hair to come out a little greasy but it really didn't. It felt hydrated instead, like it was being fed all the nutrients and vitamins needed! So I was very impressed with the results with damp hair application.
On dry hair, I was just as impressed with results. I used it when I has pre-washed my hair the day before. I wanted to test it for controlling my hair on a dull day when I was most prone to a bad hair day and frizz and this was the before and after results....!

I brushed my hair through, and then applied the oil running it through with my fingers from top to tip and it really controls it and reduces frizz and adds shine and definition; Something I lack when I'm having a bad hair day.

Again, I was really impressed and it does everything it says it should do. I really am impressed because dry or damp it does two different jobs with one product. It's a perfect product to have in your collection for hair care products and this is definitely something I will purchase again when I run out. I've recently got more into my hair care products and VO5 have never failed me. I really want to try some of their other products like the high volume weather resist hairspray and extra body mousse for styling!

Would you try VO5's Hair Oil and do you have any VO5 products you love?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

£100 Xmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge

Recently emailed me letting me know about their awesome Blogger Challenge where three people could win £100 in fashion vouchers! All you have to do is post an amazing outfit worth £100 perfect for a Christmas Party. I really loved doing the last challenge even if I wasn't a winner, and thought it would be great to enter their latest one :)
Just click the link above to redirect you to the competition page where you can find out more about the competition and how to enter! And this is my entry:

Blazer - £20 + Dress - £20 + Clutch Bag - £15 + Heels - £35
= Total - £90

I chose as my chosen Merchant for the challenge and decided to create a stunning but simple look mainly featuring on-trend velvet in a 'LBD' with all-over glitter spots. In this cold weather you're going to need something to civer up with and you've got to look amazing, so this leopard print blazer is really going to make a statement look over the simple but stunning dress. Of course, you can't forget a bag and shoes, so a statement bag will really make your look with or without the blazer. I picked this gold bag to contrast against the black. And on-trend statement shoes are a must. With an LBD and a statement gold bag, black heels are a must as to not over do it! So I picked out these amazing black spiked heels to rock it up and keep it on-trend and really stunning! I would definitely wear this out for my work Christmas party or any other party at that! It's a simple statement which is enough for the 'wow' factor. The glitter spots on the dress makes it a little more perfect for the Christmassy season and the long sleeves for the cold weather.

This entire looks totals up to £90 so it's under the £100 budget giving you that extra £10 to spend after Christmas in the Boxing Day sales to treat yourself!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Ombre Inspirations

I have always loved ombre hair and I've wanted to ombre my own hair since the trend boomed through the blogger community. But with my hair being so dark, I always wondered how it would look and if I could make it look even half as good as some of you cool cats. But with the new at home ombre kit by L'Oreal Paris, I've actually decided that I have to eventually - before the end of the year do my hair.
Here are a few pics that are inspiring me to create the look!

Maybe even after, I could do a little pink ombre!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nov: 12 - 18

Cold (but Christmassy) Week.
I am very much feeling the wintery weather this week. Wouldn't anyone else agree? I've finally experienced the first of the frosted windscreen, the first day I've frozen my poor little toes off for stupidly wearing pumps, and the first signs of my one and only winter cold I'll get (I luckily have a good immune system).
Me and the boyfriend attempted Christmas shopping today, I can finally say I've started because I bought one person's present. But we weren't feeling too great so we headed off home after an attempt to start shopping, and getting back my poor poor necklace that I've been missing for long from its repairs! Instead, we sat in bed all day, eating fatty foods and watching all sorts of TV and films. Just what we needed!
I also spent an evening this week popping a few things on my eBay to sell, it's not much amazing-ness but I did it anyway and if you fancy having a shop, please do! I think I want to see if there are a couple of other things to pop on there this week but for now, if you want to have a browse please do here!
OH! And did anyone see the amazing John Lewis advert on TV... It's probably the best Christmas ad since the Coca-Cola one... (The song is lovely too) Just sayin' - AND I want to buy something from John Lewis... JUST to have the bag with the snowmans on it!
Looking forward to: feeling better, trying to make a few pounds, getting christmassy and keeping cuddled up in this cold weather.

How have you been getting Christmassy?

Wishlist #1

♥ Heel-less Shoes - I finally decided that I prefer these beauts to the shoe boots on eBay today and that I'll actually be purchasing these in the next couple of days! I've always really wanted a pair since I first saw the Nightwalkers by Jeffrey Campbell and after trying some pairs on I know that they are ridiculously comfortable to walk in! Definitely #1 on my wishlist!
♥ Blue Velvet Dress - I think I've fallen in love with velvet over the last week after seeing all these beautiful leggings, skirts and dresses popping up in every store. This amazing royal blue velvet dress from Miss Selfridge is just amazing, and wearable with so much! I love my polka dotted champagne velvet topshop dress, so maybe this one could make its way to my wardrobe to be friends with it please?
♥ Badger Hat - Isn't it the cutest? I really love this hat, and the fox one that's no longer available online at Dorothy Perkins. I'm in need of a cute little bobble hat if I don't get a cute one like this.
♥ PU Skater Skirt - I'm sure this skirt has been available for ages. But why I've only just noticed this Topshop one is beyond me... I love it and of course is so wearable with so much... with everything in fact! What couldn't you wear with it?
♥ Sequin Skirt - I often miss out on online shopping in places like because I miss things like this! I didn't actually think, wait... Boohoo is cheaper than most high street stores and this skirt is just £20 where most places this same skirt could be £35+
♥ Black & (Rose) Gold Watch - I saw this cute little watch in New Look the other day whilst window shopping with the girls. And this is just the thing I need on my wrist at the moment. I'm missing a watch in my life and am relying on others or my phone for the time... I think we all forget how useful a watch can be. And a fashion statement ;)
♥ Contrast Knitted Sleeve PU Jacket - I have been eyeing this baby up since I saw Kate who blogs at Ghostparties post her Missguided Jacket on her blog! I loved it, and when I saw they did the same one in a grey I knew it would go straight on my wishlist! Just loving it.

What's on your wishlist this week?

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review - L'Oreal Playball Density Material

Quite a while ago I was given this L'Oreal Playball Density Material sample from the most recently opened hairdressers in my local area. And by quite a while ago (early this year??)... And recently when sorting things out I found it and decided to finally try it. 

Playball Density Material is a wax-paste that is made to give you a volumised and textured look, and is great for the illusion of 'perfect' messy-hair. I personally don't like the messy hair look and as a wax-paste, this product's properties include a strong and textured hold and the ability to tame your hair to the look you want. I always prefer tamed curls to my unruly ones, that look like they're going in every direction possible, so this is perfect for holding those curls and taming my bed hair and frizz.
I also love the fact that is smells like melon so you know your hair is going to smell great! It's really easy to use and really works well on my hair but I have only tried it a couple of times. I think I haven't yet used it enough to say whether I'd buy a full sized pot, but I am currently impressed by it! I think after a couple more tries I think I'd come to more of a conclusion. Maybe this product is best for shorter hair styles?

I looked online to see more of the Playball products after I noticed they have quite the collection of styling products for all sorts of hair, and after having a little shop around on the site I would like to try Curl Candy because it seems I'm using Density Material for what Curl Candy is made for! Also I'd love to try Anti-Frizz Fizz and especially Texture Tonic!

Have you tried any of the Playball products? And what would you recommend from the collection?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Floral Snippets

Floral Top - H&M (S/S 12 Sale)
I apologise for my bad photos. iPhone cam + bad lighting...

Just had probably the best night in I've had in ages with my boyfriend. You know one of those evenings that goes perfect? No distractions, no quarrels, no problems and just easy breezy? It was one of those evenings, and sometimes they're just what you need! I needed and happily got one of these. Takeaway Nando's and The Avengers Assemble on DVD!

I just thought I'd share my outfit I wore tonight that I quite proudly whipped out of the wardrobe without thinking. I love it and I might wear it again soon. I am really loving my bright red skirt right now, really makes a statement though it's a simple red jersey skirt and I love that I can work it to create so many looks! You'll see this more often...
Have you got a simple statement piece that does that for you at the moment?


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nov: 5 - 11

Remembrance Weekend.

Did everyone do the 2 minutes silence at 11am this morning? I did. It's good to do it to respect all those who experienced, dealt with and/or fought in our past wars, and for those who have done and still are out there fight our battles now. I find that Remembrance Sunday is for all our troops past and present, for all those at-home heroes back in the day, and for some it's for that special someone in their life they remember particularly. They all gave theirs lives, their present and helped fight for our present and future. Remembering all of you ♥

Regular week in the life of Cat. And this week I say, was just like most other weeks. I did do a few fun things over the weekend like see Skyfall FINALLY with the boyfriend and yes, it was a great film! Couldn't believe how long it lasted but I didn't realise the time go by. So worth watching!
I also spent today with some friends, which I don't do very often. I went out to Starbucks and then for a Nandos (and got free half a chicken!) with some of the uni gals and then for a small bit of retail therapy. Well; Not for me! But it's still fun to window shop those things you love and get Christmas present ideas... It was also lovely seeing the girls and catching up. It's not often we get to catch each other all at once!
Apart from that I spent this evening having a good old pamper... You know, soak in the bath, face mask, the works. I really feel refreshed and ready to start a new week, and I've got a busy week ahead of me. All I need is a good nights sleep to top it off!

I feel like I've been a boring old sod. But! C'est la vie d'une travailleur à plein temps! (google translate it)

Looking forward to: my new blog posts this week (very #bblogger related!), getting through a visit mid-week, carrying on my mass-organisation mission!

What do you do to refresh yourself for the week ahead!? Got any tips???

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Review | Max Factor Face Finity Foundation

The other day I finally ran out of my summer foundation and I'm not the best at having lots of make-up and only keep to one or two foundations at a time. Yes, I might actually be the worst for beauty blogging for this too. Total rookie.
In the summer I like a light coverage with all that sun to soak up around the summer season. I was previously using MUA's matte foundation in the Gentle Fawn colour, and it was the perfect colour, with a light coverage which is what I needed until now. This time for the wintry season, I was looking for a high coverage foundation that would make me feel flawless everyday. I wanted to invest on this seasons new foundation and I don't know much about foundation and should really do my homework, but when I saw this New 3 in 1 foundation from Max Factor, I couldn't steer away from it and bought it on pure instinct.

Max Factor Face Finity - £11.99 @ Boots

The foundation is: Max Factor, Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation. It has a primer, concealer and foundation all in one. And since I basically ran out of all those things, this seemed perfect. I bought Beige which looked right when I tested the colour to my skin, but when I used it the next morning I realised that it was a little too light from my olive skin and maybe should have got the Bronze or Golden colour instead (rookie mistake). I still love the colour and it covers better than any other foundation I've owed, but I might have to re-buy my MUA one just to mix it in when applying to correct the colour. The coverage is great for me, as it does all the things I wish in a foundation. I found myself with an even and matte skin tone and but blemishes weren't as well hidden as I would like, but it hides them to a respectable extent.
As for the bottle, it is simple and easily put in your bag, but with it lasting all day, it's not something you need to do! The pump bottle lets you dispense as much as you'd like, so it's perfect for controlled use and saving unused product.

I'm glad I bought this foundation, and although I would still use a concealer with it and may have bought a shade lighter than my skin tone, I still love it. I'll be using this all winter and with my holiday tan slowly disappearing (boo!), I think my skin tone will match within the next few weeks or so!

Have you tried this foundation yet, or would you? Let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Girl & The Non-Existent Straighteners

I've always straightened my hair the old school way: hair dryer and a round hair brush. Like they do in the salon, you know? But in this year's January sales I purchased the Babyliss Big Hair rotating brush, not only because I thought it was great for drying and styling together but for those days I want my hair a little straighter, more manageable and volumised. This brush: dries, styles, volumise and straightens(ish) all at once. I love this, and I've been using it a lot more than usual recently, and it really helps style my hair in the mornings before work or for a night out, whether its wet or dry. (I really need to do a review on it too soon!)


But apart from this and some really good curlers that I don't know the brand name of... I've never owned any other hair stylers! And I realised this fact when I was talking to my boyfriend about how I'd love to have my hair dead straight sometimes and how he's never seen it that way. And he said: "well, haven't you got GHDs?"... :O GHDs!? I've never owned a pair of straighteners in my life and I'm almost 23! This was when I realised this fact, and that I had to change it.
SO. I got a thinking! What if I bought a pair of GHDs? Or in fact just my first straighteners, and a good set? Everyone raves about how amazing GHDs are and how long they last though, so technically that's a great review. But I kind of can't fork out that much for straighteners... And does it matter if they're the cheaper ones? Do they do the same job? Or what other brand do REALLY GOOD hair straighteners? I feel like a really bad blogger for this, but in all honesty. I think I just do my wavy and curly hair styles and never much into getting a set of straighteners...

I'm a full on newbie... So I would love it if you girls could comment and let me know what straighteners are good, what I should look for and recommend! Do you also thinks its a "shock shock horror" that I've never had straighteners?

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Oct - Nov: 29 - 4

Final Fantasy Week.

This week REALLY didn't feel like a week for Halloween. With the work charity event last week, I felt like Halloween was over for me, although I did take my little brother and sister round the block to trick or treat the houses with pumpkins outside! For me, this week was all building up to the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy concert at The Royal Albert Hall. We went last year, and I have to HONESTLY say that this year wasn't as good as last year. After further conferring and discussing with the boyfriend, we both agreed it was too over thought when they played a song to represent each game from 1 - 14 in chronological order. I feel that last year's felt more spontaneous and special and although this year's was to celebrate 25 years of Final Fantasy (it's older than me!), it just didn't feel the same! But I still really enjoyed myself, and was worth going again!
Today I finally played the famous Final Fantasy VII too! I really enjoyed it, and I have been a total geek playing it with my boyfriend and seeing the concert but it's my little geeky side that only comes out every once in a while! Everyone has a geeky side, mine involves a lot of gaming!
I was supposed to go watch SkyFall this week as well! Has anyone seen it? I think I'd rather see it when everyone else has. Apart from my Final Fantasising, I have been working my bottom off at work with super-duper merchandising and attempting to make my Miss Selfridge area look super-amazing.

Looking forward to: Possibly first Christmas present purchases, attempting a mini art project, and being a little more relaxed than this week!

What are you a secret geek for?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Inspiration In November

November? WOW. This came around TOO quickly... With the month 3 days in, I can already see what will be making my month... And here are a few little clues:


Tea, tea, and more tea | Ice cold weather | Being in bed all the time | Glittery seasonal nails | Cuddles in the cold

I don't think I have stopped drinking tea since it was just slightly getting colder... and with the first signs of ice, I'm hoping for early snow, lie ins, and cuddles with the boyf'. I am also proper in love with glittery polishes the last few days so I'll be getting into a lot more glitter polishes I think.

This month I think most posts will revolves around Christmas, Christmas Shopping, Christmas Wishlists and Winter clothing and make up... I'm sure you get my point? :P It is the centre event of the winter season! I haven't been around a lot lately but I will be a little more this month with the cold weather and saving up for Christmas and what not.

So! What are you going to be blogging about and what's going to be making your month?
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