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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Girl & The Non-Existent Straighteners

I've always straightened my hair the old school way: hair dryer and a round hair brush. Like they do in the salon, you know? But in this year's January sales I purchased the Babyliss Big Hair rotating brush, not only because I thought it was great for drying and styling together but for those days I want my hair a little straighter, more manageable and volumised. This brush: dries, styles, volumise and straightens(ish) all at once. I love this, and I've been using it a lot more than usual recently, and it really helps style my hair in the mornings before work or for a night out, whether its wet or dry. (I really need to do a review on it too soon!)

source: weheartit.com

But apart from this and some really good curlers that I don't know the brand name of... I've never owned any other hair stylers! And I realised this fact when I was talking to my boyfriend about how I'd love to have my hair dead straight sometimes and how he's never seen it that way. And he said: "well, haven't you got GHDs?"... :O GHDs!? I've never owned a pair of straighteners in my life and I'm almost 23! This was when I realised this fact, and that I had to change it.
SO. I got a thinking! What if I bought a pair of GHDs? Or in fact just my first straighteners, and a good set? Everyone raves about how amazing GHDs are and how long they last though, so technically that's a great review. But I kind of can't fork out that much for straighteners... And does it matter if they're the cheaper ones? Do they do the same job? Or what other brand do REALLY GOOD hair straighteners? I feel like a really bad blogger for this, but in all honesty. I think I just do my wavy and curly hair styles and never much into getting a set of straighteners...

I'm a full on newbie... So I would love it if you girls could comment and let me know what straighteners are good, what I should look for and recommend! Do you also thinks its a "shock shock horror" that I've never had straighteners?