Tuesday, 6 November 2012

These Things,

Okay, so after popping these all onto this blog post to do my spontaneous wishlist before even typing anything out, I came to realise that this looks more like a Christmas Wishlist the closer it gets to December. Okay, So it's true: I cannot afford to get this amazing khaki coat, even though it is from eBay and I'm being unselfish and deciding not to get those Topshop jeans... EVEN THOUGH they are on sale because I care about getting other people's presents before spending on myself from now.

Celestial Kingdom

Paperchase | Barry M in Pink Sapphire | Miss Selfridge

Image of Dog Skirt

These are all the things I've spotted either in stores or online that I would love to be in possession of. I feel like I'm all want want want with this list, but look how pretty it all is! That notebook... is calling out to me. And I neeeeed a watch because I don't actually have one that works or is decent enough to wear... STILL. I have made a hand shaken and pinkie promised deal with my boyfriend that we can't spend on ourselves before Christmas because if not we'll just end up buying things we could of given each other. This happened last year when I bought my Babyliss Big Hair Volumiser just before Valentines Day and he just nearly got me it... This is a good deal although. We have both our birthdays and our anniversary during the Christmas/New Year period so... :) It's a deal worth making! It's a common problem!

Have you got a no-buying-for-yourself-before-christmas pact? Just in case?


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    1. It's cute right!?
      Thanks for commenting :D XO

  2. i neeed pink saphire in my life!! asap

    1. It's so cool! I can't find it anywhere though...! XO


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