Monday, 31 December 2012

Cat's New Year's Resolutions

I used to think New Year's resolutions were stupid and pointless but now I see them in a different light. I see that there meant to drive you to do things for the better and with a new year comes a fresh start! I am happy to say that I don't feel the need for a fresh start but a start to doing a few things I want to change is something I might need. I made a list last year of 12 things in 2012 and I have done 4 of those things. The main one I wanted to do was knit! And I did that with a day spare! But I still haven't done a few of those things, like the better diet and finishing my geeky pokemon game and going back to uni. Some of those things changed this year so they're not things I wish to achieve in the year to come. I've made a fresh new list of resolutions I wish to keep! And though trying is sort of like failing before you've even started, I do really want to try and keep these, and I say try because I don't want to disappoint myself in saying I will and then I don't.

So my New Year's Resolutions of 2013 are to:

- Walk my dog every morning instead of someone else doing it, so that I get a walk to!
- Eat healthier (I had a fatty foods week to get it out of my system before the new year!)
- Draw/Sketch/Paint more. I think it's about time I finally got back into what I used to love
- Have a better sense of style - I want a style that I'm happy to wear everyday for the rest of the year if I have to!
- Save Money - It's time to start thinking about moving out
- See the Pandas in Edinburgh Zoo - Planned for March!!!!
- To be more creative with my blog and blog better! (More passionate and enthusiasm!)


I only have 7 and I think they're realistic and not too many so I can say that I could possibly do them all!
I like my new resolutions and I feel very positive about them. I look forward to the new year, and hopefully there is a lot more happy blogging and better blogging to come! What are your resolutions for the New Year?

Have a great New Year's Eve and an amazing New Year!

CAT xo
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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dec: 24 - 30

Christmas Week!
Yes of course it was everyone's Christmas week! And what a week it has been, with work and Christmas and celebrations, as it came to the point on Friday afternoon after my break at work I couldn't stop yawning and I had come over absolutely shattered. I even had friend's saying I looked like I needed a nice long sleep, as so this weekend that is what I did to recuperate the week's energy back into my body to start again for the oh so exciting new year! And I forgot to say last week - hurrah, the world didn't end. I told you so.
So Christmas was all family and festivities as it normally would be!This year we woke particularly early - 7:45am to be exact. I would of liked to be in bed until 10 thank you very much! We woke this early for present unwrapping, and then we had our usual Christmas dinner with so much turkey left over I would be having turkey sandwiches well into the new year, but as always - NOM.  And then later on I went and saw my boyfriend who got me the most beautiful gifts and loved his own gifts too!
For the rest of the week I was unfortunately working. Boxing day sales are off the charts crazy sometimes so  cleaning up after shoppers was what was exerting so much energy out of me that an early night was in order Friday. Today I did some shopping of my own... For fancy dress bits and pieces for tomorrow night's New Year's Eve Fancy Dress Party. I am going as Pocahontas and the boyfriend is Del Boy! I can't wait to take pictures of how we look tomorrow!
I'm very pleased with how my week turned out, although it has tired me out completely! How did your Christmas go?

Looking Forward To: New Year's Eve Party & New Year's Day, New Year's Resolutions, the heating and hot water to finally come back and my mum coming home from Portugal!
CAT xo
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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Presents - Christmas & Birthday

I have my birthday and Christmas fairly close to each other. With my birthday on the 20th and Christmas 5 days later you can say that's probably close enough and I feel more sorry for those who have it any closer! I must of been a good girl this year because I got some really nice presents and I thought it would be nice to share what I received between my birthday and Christmas. The majority is Christmas presents though!
♥ ♥ ♥ 
♥ ♥ ♥ 
Not pictured but in my previous post is my amazing new camera. Not pictured because I have taken these photos with my new bad boy and I am loving it! ♥ ♥ ♥ 
I don't really like favouriting gifts but you're always going to have your favourites aren't you? I think my top 3 are definitely the Camera, GHDs and Penguin Adoption most! I really love my Warehouse bag too but I have a pure love for penguins and that's won my heart knowing my gift is also a little gift to my favourite animals too! I love alll my gifts the same and I haven't photographed things like my socks, a few bits of clothing and all my chocolate because I've worn them and ate them! I can't wait to get started on my books too! I'm so excited about Listography and also finally attempting to knit my own scarf! :)
What did you get this year? Link me up if you've posted about them!
CAT xo
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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas Bloggers ♥

It's officially Christmas Day and I am super excited about the day's events to come! Yes, yes I am still yet to go to bed and wake up to a visit from Mr Santa, but I'm too excited and not yet sorted to go to bed just yet!
I just thought I would write a little blog message to all my lovely readers and all bloggers:
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all receive lots of lovely presents! I look forward to the Christmas present posts I know most of you (and me) love writing. I think I am most excited to give my gifts more than receive. I am currently living for the moment my boyfriend opens each one of his presents hoping he will love them all. I can only wait and see...
So everyone:
Enjoy your gift giving and receiving,
eat your heart's out and I hope you have a Christmas for all Christmases. 
Lots of love,

CAT xo
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Monday, 24 December 2012

Dec: 17 - 23

Crazy Birthday Week!

Birthday Outfit | Birthday Cake | Friday Face | Bunny Jumper | Christmas Nails | Harvester

So Thursday was my birthday this week and I had the greatest week getting excited for it and for Christmas also! Most of last week I've spent working all random hours and today I have an early Christmas Eve shift that's going to fly by!
Thursday I spent the evening out being treated for a meal at TGI Fridays including a cheeky cocktail with my amazing boyfriend who bought me the loveliest presents which I blogged about here. I really had a great night an even day though I worked because I think the thing I enjoyed most was the happy atmosphere and the people I was with. 23 isn't special but it's still a birthday and I had a great one! :) Now it's time to get exited for Christmas which is just tomorrow! Eeeps!
Apart from Thursday I spent most of my evenings helping wrap presents for people, aka. Mum & Boyfriend and I've wrapped my own too! I love a bit of wrapping! It gets you in the spirit and I can't understand in the store wrapping either... Surely you're missing out on that bit of fun???
Apart from that I spent my Sunday out shopping with a friend, and finally got some last minute bits! I was really good and saved my birthday money for after Christmas. I'm so excited! Are you excited for Christmas!? The hype is too much too, because it's a mix of panic and excitement... Usual Christmas business!

Looking forward to: CHRISTMAS DAY, Christmas Dinner, Presents, Seeing the Boyfriend unwrap HIS presents mostly! I'm nervous about that one...

CAT xo
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P.S. Usually I would of posted this yesterday, but I completely forgot to be honest! Sorry! But here's my weekly post though, belated! I'm sure it wasn't sorely missed! And I do apologise if it's a bit everywhere. Posting before work quick quick!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Review: Claremont Chelsea Boots - Sperry Top Sider

Recently I got my hands on a pair of shoes from Sperry Top-Sider. I've always wanted a pair of chelsea boots and when I saw these ones I knew they were the ones for me. So they sent me these lovelies and I've been wearing them around for the past 2 weeks and decided it was long enough to give you guys a full-on review of what they're like because I love them so much!


Claremont Chelsea Boots* - Sperry Top-Sider
The Chelsea Boot is a timeless boot and very on trend right now. I chose these beauts because they're perfect all year round, so wearable with so much, and I really have wanted a pair for so long! I've paired these up with everything: skinny jeans, skater skirts, dresses, maxi dresses and shorts. I've worn them with cute frilly socks too for ultimate girliness! They're simple and beautiful, made of real leather and rubber. Perfect for me for an awkward on her feet girl like me. I don't usually go for shoes that are so simple, but I am in serious love with these.
I wore these basically every day for work and going out. I think I may have worn them for 12 of 14 days since I got them. Love much? If you're a heels girl like me you're going to love these because they are so comfortable, and wearable with so much. They're going out and they're casual, whatever you like. I think on the first day of wearing them it took me about 7 hours before it I really needed to sit down. They're really tough material wise; the leather is of great quality as they look just as they did the day I got them and the rubber sole is tough and strong just the way I need it! The heel hasn't worn down a bit either which is just "perfeito"! I may have to invest in cushioned insoles just for a little extra comfort when I wear them to work as I'm on my feet pretty much all of the time, and I only seem to feel the pain of wearing the heel after a good few hours of walking around in them.
I honestly tried to find something that I might not like on them, but I really struggle! I think the initial "ow" of wearing a heeled boot to work was all I really felt and no matter who you are and how much you love wearing heels. At the end of the day you're going to have that "ahhh...." of taking them off and slipping into cushioned slippers. The only thing I may do is get cushioned insoles.
In four words, these boots are: diverse, comfortable, trendy, perfect.

The image online looks different to these though, I'm not sure if I've lost the link... (super confused) but mine are more of a matte leather than a shined leather. I have to invest in some leather care products as this is my first pair of leather shoes... Any recommendations? I think I would possibly buy another pair of shoes from Sperry's due to the quality of these boots. They really feel like they're going to last, and as a timeless boot I will get so much wear out of them.
What do you think of my super-cool new chelsea boots? Got any favourites from the Sperry Top-Sider online shop?
CAT xo
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Friday, 21 December 2012

Turning Twenty Three

So yesterday I turned twenty three, and it's the first birthday I've ever had to work on. But I have to admit it wasn't all that bad! I had a good day at work, and I got some lovely gifts from my family and boyfriend. So I thought I'd share some of my gifts, what I did and wore with you! Just because...!

So my boyfriend probably got me the BEST present ever! My first pair of hair straighteners and GHDs! They are sooooo amazing and I can't stop looking at how damn straight my hair is! When you've got a curly lion like mane like mine... This is alien amazing! Along with my new favourite beauty tool he got me a hair band ball for the million of times I run out and amazing storage, some nom chocolate toffees, and the cute black cat jumper!
Between my family they got the other gifts. F*ck I'm In My Twenties is really funny and a good read! The Glee perfume given to me by my little sister is actually quite a nice smell, and the gok wan make up bag is cute too! I needed a new one. I think it's uber cute that my littlest brother and sister spent their pocket money getting me a lovely little gift! I picked up this Miss Selfridge Bunny Jumper in the sale and courtesy of mum and dad, and of course, Birthday money is being saved for Boxing Day sales ;)
I got to go out for the loveliest meal to TGI Fridays too where me and my boyfriend shared chicken wings and both had ribs! Mmmmm... I could eat that every night for dinner. I cheekily drank my favourite cocktail - Purple Rain and he treated me to the massive birthday cupcake when we got home after I'd opened up my lovely presents. Honestly, best birthday in a while! I don't feel older than twenty one either. It's nice to know I still feel adult like young inside :)
Now to look forward to Christmas!....!!!
CAT xo
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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Last Minute Gifts Ideas

So it is ONE week until Christmas Day and lucky me has finished all her Christmas shopping! I am feeling pretty smug about it too...Cheeky me! But working in Outfit I see people running around trying to find the last few gifts for their loved ones. I've seen tons of gift idea posts and thought it would be nice to do one too, but a last minute gifts ideas! I thought of some for him and for her add ons special gifts that could win hearts and tattoo smiles on faces!

+ 007 Gold Limited Edition Fragrance  - What guy doesn't love 007? He's 'England's most powerful weapon' and gets all the girls! This limited edition fragrance created especially for 50 year of  James Bond, "a classic fragrance with a modern twist". Everything about the bottle and the scent resembles everything that is 'Bond and British': strength, luxury, masculinity, charm and elegance. What man won't love this bit of class?
+ Lady Gaga Fame - And now what girl doesn't love Lady Gaga!? When I saw this first of all I didn't expect it to smell great if I'm honest but after a sniff in my local Superdrug I'm in love with this floral fragrance. It comes in an amazing bottle with a claw top and a black to clear spray is just a dark magic touch. Perfect for your gal!

+ iPhone Mini Microscope - Okay so this could be for men or women, but what guy isn't a little into science. I think this is perfect for guys because it's a playful accessory which touches into our guys 'childish' ways that we oh so love. It's educational and plays on curiosity! And who doesn't have an iPhone these days?
+ iPhone Fish-Eye Pro Lens - Again a guys or gals gift! But I think us girls are going to love a more pretty creative gift like this for our technological side of life! We love photos, and sharing them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram so this would be a perfect girly gift!

+ Foxy Christmas Jumper - Classic. Christmas Jumper is probably one of the most typical Christmas gifts! My boyfriend would never wear this because he's not a jumper kinda guy, but if yours is! I think this would look great on Christmas day. Foxes aren't too Christmassy but he could get away with this after Christmas too ;)
+ Classic Reindeer Jumper - Ah! Again classic! Even more classic with the classic knit and reindeer included for the Christmas touch! And I think this would look great on with skirts, jeans, or whatever you like on Christmas day!

+ Jack Daniels Fudge - Men love whiskey. My man does! And putting a classic whiskey in a fudge for Christmas is going to be a perfect stocking filler or side gift to your big gift to him this year!
+ Love Hearts Tin - Girls love cuteness. I do! And again putting cute sweets in a tin for Christmas is again going to be a perfect stocking filler! I think you can get personalised ones too somewhere online... I think this is probably even cuter!

+ The Hungover Cookbook - My man doesn't read! But when I saw this book I thought this is definitely a guys book for those who read and even for those who don't! A hungover cookbook? It just sounds amazing! Even I think I'd like that.
+ Wah Nails Book Of Nail Art - I don't actually think I know a single girl who doesn't want this book. I do, it's just one of those books you need sitting there! I haven't looked in it but I still want it! A book of nail art to feed my creativity on the tips of my fingers is just a touch to our nail art hobby!

Tea/Coffee Addicts:
+ Heat Change Tetris Mug - Again this sort of gift plays into our men's playful kiddie side! A mug that plays tetris on its own with the heat? Too cool! I think the mug is a typical Christmas gift, and it's great for those coffee and tea lovers.
+ Red Rose Eco-Cup - This mug is just cute! Girls are the ones who love their Starbucks and Costa coffees more than blokes, so an eco-cup like this appeals more to the ladies. So boys, buy us one ;) We'll love you forever!

Of course, these are just little ideas for those side gifts or secret santas that you're yet still to get. I haven't had lots of time to blog with the Christmas period being so busy and my work hours being so shifty rather than my set routine. It glitches the system! So sorry if this post isn't all up to scratch and I'll try my best to keep up with my blogging. I attempted my best for my time and I hope you find my gift ideas helpful!
How far have you gone with your Christmas shopping??
CAT xo
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♦ - This item has been mentioned as a press release with consent from Handpicked Media.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dec: 10 - 16

Girls Week!
♥ AH! I cannot believe it is a WEEK until Christmas! And my birthday is on Thursday. I'm not going to lie and tell you I'm not excited about that too... turning 23 isn't an exciting age but who doesn't really like having a birthday. It's the attention and love you get that day that I love!
♥ Today I spent the day shopping with my work gals and finally bought the rest of my presents for people. Except the one I solely set out to get... the boyfriend's big present. You know that main one that you're dying to get? Yeah that one... I hope I find it because I really want to get it for him and I won't know what to get instead! I had a really great day with the girls and it had been a while since I had a girl's shopping trip! It was great and hopefully we can do it more often. I am a better shopper on my own but I've found that I'm not too bad with the gals either!
♥ I also put up my Christmas Tree earlier in the week! And it looks just as beautiful as the year before! I love decorating the Christmas Tree. It's one of the many highlights about Christmas! Along with present wrapping (and unwrapping) and Christmas dinner.... Mmmm.
I'm off to do some Christmas nails now I think. I haven't done any yet, but I'm thinking more festive party nails than Christmas ones for now. Candy cane stripes!? What do you think?
Looking forward to: Birthday times on Thursday, finding the absolute final gift and getting even more festive!
CAT xo
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Friday, 14 December 2012

Wishlist #5

So a couple of days ago I had a bit of a stupid moment. I thought that it was weeks away before my birthday and turns out it's in 6 days. 6 days until I'm 23! I can't believe I'm going to be 23, but I have got the coolest date ever this year too: 20/12/2012. It's the last time we will have a patterned date.... Strange huh?
There's always something new every week for my wishlists. This week I'm loving books, hair care products, black and patterned clothing and glitter polishes. Also, I need a nice new bag to replace the one that I can't ever seem to stop going back to using no matter how tattered it is!

642 Things To Write About - I found this fun looking book on eBay. If I don't fancy reading books, I like something that's more like an activity book. Sounds a bit childish but I feel like it's a fun way to get in touch with my creative mind and writing.
Caviar Beaded Bodycon - I tried this on yesterday. And wow... I love this. I want this. I need this! New Year's Eve dress possibly? What do you gals think!?
Long Sleeve Velvet Playsuit - I also love this! I think it's really cute, simple and christmassy! I often don't like playsuits with sleeves, although I do own one I think it looks really weird sometimes.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Conditioner - I bought a smaller bottle of this and after using this twice I'm in love with how soft and sleek it makes my hair feel! A bigger bottle please!?
Aussie Take The Heat Shampoo - After falling in love with the Aussie Conditioner, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to try their other products like this one and be pleased at the results too... Therefore possibly finding my holy grail hair care product!? I like the idea of a heat protecting shampoo because I'm not the best at keeping up with hair care! I dry my hair so often and style so often I need something like this to help "take the heat"! (lulz)
Grey Neon Strap Satchel - I've been using the same two bags for the last 2 years and it's about time I got a nice new shiny bag that I absolutely love to stop me using my boring tatty old ones! I used to love bags! What happened to me? I think I became a shoes girl...
Models Own Wonderland Box Set - OMG. Wintery coloured glitters are probably the best glitters EVER. And this set is a dream, and I think the third from the left is my favourite ♥
Dogtooth Skater Skirt - I wear a lot of skater skirts, and I'm thinking of expanding my collection a little bit with patterns and colours... I like this one a lot after spotting it on How are Boohoo for sizes? I've never bought from them before.

What's on your wishlist this week?
CAT xo
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Thursday, 13 December 2012



I think frost is a beautiful thing. Deadly but beautiful. I remember all the stories about Jack Frost that I used to read when I was little about him covering everything in frost during the night. I took these when I was waiting for the car to defrost before work yesterday morning and a couple on the walk into work. I couldn't believe that there was still some trees with green leaves. I think the most beautiful frosted thing are spider webs. I feel sorry for them even though I can't stand them, but they honestly look amazing, and you see the work those little guys put into them! I think everyone instagramed a spider web picture... I did. Did you?

P.S. I have to give credit to the last image, my boyfriend took it to show me his spikey frost on his car. Pretty cool! XO

CAT xo
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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blooming Cold

Top - Fundraiser Sale
Belt - New Look (Old)
Skirt - Miss Selfridge

Sunday was absolutely freezing cold... I think last week we finally come to the conclusion that the temperature had drastically dropped as those with cars will know the ice problem will agree in unison vigorous head nodding. My car was ice covered inside as well as outside! Yes, it's cold but my style doesn't really change from season to season... I wear most of what I'd wear in the summer in the winter... with a jumper/cardigan instead and thick tights. What's the need for two different wardrobes you have to pull in and out of the loft every 6 months?
My boyfriend made a point that most of what I wear has came from some sort of bargain, and I'm not ashamed to admit this. In fact, I'm quite proud! My top was second hand in a fund-raising sale at uni for about £1, my skirt from Miss Selfridge with my cheeky staff discount and my trusty tight black waist belt is from a dress I got as a present a few Christmases ago. I love a bargain... I recently won the bid on a velvet body-con dress with a one shoulder chiffon sleeve on eBay for £1.24! And my tan bomber jacket was £1.50 in a car boot sale! I think the bargains are the best... And who said "it's only a bargain if you love it"? I think I read this in Company? I like this quote, it goes down well in my books! What's your best bargain?

CAT xo
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