Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Presents 2013

This year for Christmas, I have to say I think I've been spoilt completely! I got a lot of nice presents that I thought I could share with you today, from my family and from my lovely boyfriend.
Christmas Day itself was a perfect day! We all woke up really early and unwrapped presents. My family loved their gifts from me, so that had already made my day. There's always the worry they're not going to like it! Christmas dinner was perfect too, and I clearly have eyes bigger than my stomach as I piled the roast onto my plate like there wasn't going to be enough left!
I saw the boyfriend and his family in the evening which was lovely too, so we exchanged gifts then. I was soooo happy that he loved all his presents and we shared a moment thinking about how it was our third Christmas together, and how happy we still are. Perfect!
Onwards to present showing....!

From my family I got a load of lovely things! I got make up, beauty bits and a hair dryer so I can stop stealing my mums every morning! The owl onesie is a dream (with feet!), and I can't wait to start drawing in my new book: 642 things to draw.
Although I was already given a Ted Baker purse for my birthday, my mum managed to pick one up that's I saw in Bicester Village the other month! She said she didn't know John was getting one for me, but still gave it to me because it's different to my other one. I love it, and I'm happy I have two that will last me a very long time!
My mum always likes to hide a present too, for us all to find on Christmas Day, and this time it was one for the girls to share and one for the boys. We went for a rummage and finally round two big boxes wrapped up in our mum's room. We opened them both up to reveal two flat screen tvs! In a hot pink for the girls room, and a black one for the boys! The perfect shared gift. Our one has a DVD player and Freeview, so I think we're sorted for some television entertainment! I've also already plugged in my ps2 like a geek.

The boyfriend spoilt me rotten again for Christmas as well as my birthday! He bought me so many nice things! And I even got a couple of presents from his lovely parents too.
From chocolates to perfumes, I was so happy with all my gifts! I'm especially loving the comforting gifts at the moment, including the teddy, the big teddy slippers and my hot water bottle. I'm always complaining that I'm cold so these warming up gifts were perfect! I'm currently bundled in bed with my hot water bottle typing away...
The stocking fillers made their way straight into my everyday bag, including some of the chocolates for snacking, as well as the manicure set, the Vaseline compact and my little Cath Kidston mirror (since I must be the only female who doesn't carry a mirror)!
I was really excited about my mirror because of how cute and easy to carry it was. It made me want a Cath Kidston bag just ito put it in. I think I have a new designer obsession...
On top of all those lovely gifts, I was so happy to receive a perfume. I don't often get bought perfumes so this was a first for me! The boyfriend was spot on, and bought me Marc Jacobs Honey! It smells absolutely gorgeous and the box is just too cute. I've worn it everyday since Christmas and I find myself sniffing my own wrist at times...!
His mum and dad also bought me gifts too, which I was very happy with. From them I got an awesome hair care set with a bag, which I cannot wait to try out, and also a cute scarf with a hood and pocket type gloves on the end! It is amazing and super warm. I can't wait to wear it out properly.

Finally, I show you my big big present, and I was so shocked and so grateful to be bought it for Christmas, from the best boyfriend ever. It is my new iPad Mini with Retina display. I couldn't believe my eyes when I unwrapped the paper to reveal the iPad inside and it was opened within minutes! I didn't expect one, and though I didn't ask for one, the boy knew I wanted a tablet. He really out did himself and I truly am thankful for him giving me such a lovely gift! I've already used it lots, and it's going to be very useful to me for all sorts, from blogging and photo editing, to life organising and playing! Thank you John, I love all my presents!

The thing that made me happiest Christmas Day is that everyone loved their gifts from me as much as I lived mine from them. I'm always so worried they won't like it, so knowing I gave them good gifts makes me a very happy Cat. I'd like to say I spoilt them as much as they have spoilt me, but I may be wrong. I just want them all to know how much I love all my gifts and thank them all so so much again!

What did you get for Christmas? Did you share them in a post too?

Cat, xo

Thursday, 26 December 2013

24th Birthday - My Presents

Last Friday I turned 24 years of age. Unfortunately due to Christmas creeping up fast, I had to work but it wasn't all too bad when I got a surprise cake and flowers from my work friends during my lunch! In the evening my boyfriend treated me to a lovely curry with some tv! Sometimes a nice quiet one in is all you need as long as your with the people you love.
He and my family bought me some lovely presents, so I thought I would share them with you.

My mum and me share and I was lucky enough to get not just those pretty pink heels from Miss Selfridge I'd been lusting for weeks on end, but a pair of slouchy knee high boots from New Look I've lived in since last week! They're amazing and I'm yet to show them off but I'm sure they'll be in a post very soon.
My siblings treated me to a set of pretty nails polishes too. Along with that a cute notebook that I really liked and made my wish list twice! Hehe, someone peeked at the blog!
My boyfriend is always spoiling me when it comes to gifts and he definitely did when he gave me the beautiful things above!
That pretty monochrome duffle coat from Jane Norman was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but with the boyfriend working so hard he forgot to hide it before I came round and saw it a couple of days before my birthday, so I received it a little earlier. It's so beautiful and fits like a charm. Speaking of charm, he also gave me the prettiest Thomas Sabo charm for my bracelet. If you follow me on Instagram you would know, as I posted it captioned "because he said he'd buy me a puppy".
On top of that, a Cath Kidston notebook, and sweets, and also my Enrapture Totem Styler I really I'd expect! I did say recently that I needed a set of curlers but not to him, so he must have remembered from a while a go! The sweetheart. I haven't had my hair straight since....!
Lastly, the best gift of them all, and I was in love at first sight!

Yes, the Ted Baker Purse I wishlisted time and time again, and it's finally made it into my sweet possession! I was so happy and so surprised when I opened it, and so impressed with how it looked. I instantly swapped over all my purse stuff from my old Topshop one, and couldn't wait to bring it into everyday use. I was over the moon with my gifts and homestly felt like I'd been thoroughly spoilt, with Christmas still yet to come...

I had such a lovely day, and this year I didn't make much of a big deal about it. 24 feels like a limbo number, I'm not quite mid twenties but I should be... Either way, I had a good day and though I kept it on the low down I got lots of happy birthdays and hugs from all my friends and family so I was happy!

I'd like to apologise for my lack of blogging but it has been the craziest two weeks ever! I going to get back into the swing of things now all the crazy is over. How did all your Christmases go?

Cat, xo

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Party Nails: Essie Sleek Stick - 04 Love To Love You

When it comes to nail wraps I'm completely new to them. I dislike them because for something you use once, they are quite expensive. Thus, I still bought a set from Avon for my work's Christmas Party but forgot about them and ended up buying these ones from Essie.

As you can see, I'm not very good at applying them and maybe should have watched a couple of tutorials on YouTube about how to apply them perfectly, but I was in so much of a rush I just did what I thought was right. The worded print and the monochrome was what really caught my attention and got me to buy this. I'd seen them before and wanted them, but didn't know when I'd use them. And with a valid reason, they came home with me.
I think the finished result was good, but if I'd spent more time and done them properly, I think they could have looked perfect. I did get compliments on my nails and they stood out like I wanted them to, so all in all I was moderately impressed with the final result.
That said: I can say instantly that nail wraps are a one night type deal for me. I can't stand all the fiddling, close call and easily made mistakes. I did also find that these ones were too narrow for my wide nail beds, so I wasn't too impressed with this. But improvised with layering another wrap to the sides, it is only noticeable if you look for it.
If you're looking for some out there nail art or something a little different then I definitely recommend these, because they're pretty, different and they're just look amazing when applied correctly. I can't say I didn't love them, because I did! The only thing, was that I found too many downfalls for myself to justify saying I would buy them again in a heartbeat. The prints and colours they do for all nail wraps - not just Essie ones are amazing, and they do the job perfectly, but for the price, the fiddling and the one time use I don't think they're for me. But definitely good for a little something different at a party or a day out. I still have my nail wraps from Avon to use, which I'm planning to use for New Year's, so maybe I can give them another chance... What do you think? Are nail wraps a yay or a nay?

CAT xo

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Quick Update...

Hello ladies, how have you all been doing? Just thought I'd do a quick life update since things haven't been blogging a lot recently and I've been a bit 'afk' on social networks for a while.

So this week has been my busiest week yet! I just finished all my Christmas shopping on Thursday, and just finished wrapping it about 10 minutes before writing this post! I think I'm all set for Christmas though I keep wondering if there is anyone I have forgotten... I'm sure there isn't but I even sent gifts out to Portugal so I'm a little more concious that there may be a member of family that doesn't get something from me this year.

I also turned 24 on Friday too! It was a nice day, even though I did have to work. I worked most of the day but spent the evening with a curry and my boyfriend treating me to some gorgeous presents! I also had the treat of having a birthday cake at work and some lovely presents from the family as well, including a hair cut I had on Saturday morning!
Yesterday I had the work Christmas party which I have to say was pretty good! We had a 3 course meal (which I wouldn't rate too highly), drinks, dancing and secret santa; and with everyone all dressed up it was a lovely evening. I intended to take outfit photos, but where I was in such a rush to get ready I didn't have the time to, and literally left two minutes after applying my second eyelash and jumping into a pair of tights!

I've also been really busy at work doing early days as well as late days and running a bunch of errands in between, including car MOT and all sorts. I have a super early start tomorrow, but I will be home quite early for it. I plan to do a LOT of blog post prepping tomorrow since I have a load of things I want to write about and review including, my new hair cut and the inspiration behind it, new tried and loved products, presents and more. I also want to get back into outfit posts too, but it's been difficult when there's not a blank wall inside in sight, and it won't stop constantly raining!

I will get back on track and after I finish work tomorrow I'm off until Boxing Day so I'm sure I'll be catching up on some serious blogging, and then on after.
It's been mental but I think it'll all be worth it in the end. I'm so overly excited over Christmas I think I might pop on the day! I can't wait to hand out all my presents... What are you looking forward to most over Christmas?

CAT xo

Thursday, 19 December 2013

From Work to Play with M&S

Party season is now in full on swing, and I see lots of people posting about Christmas parties and all sorts all over their social media sites! I'm also really excited about the season and have a couple of things to go to over this weekend, including my work Christmas party, so a little party prep is in order. The thing I think most of us find hard is going straight from work to play, and to make it a lot easier is a versatile outfit that goes from day to night with a small swap of accessories that makes a big change!
Collaborating with M&S I'm here to show you how you can turn a great dress from workwear to partywear in just a couple of minutes! They kindly gifted me with the prettiest dress and a beauty and grooming kit to keep me going through the party season. And look at the pretty box it was sent in...!

For the workwear to partywear look I have the Limited Edition Mirror Floral Shift Dress, it's simply beautiful in colour and has the perfect structure for a smart and fashionable work dress or sophisticated and party approving party dress! I was instantly drawn in by the print, and it just looks so flattering on due to that shape and structured lines. I'm already planning to wear this out for New Year's Eve!

The Work Wear Look:

Mirror Floral Shift Dress - M&S *
Purple Sequin Sleeve Bolero - Charity Shop (I think!)
Lace Up Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Glasses - Specsavers, Missoni (55)
Studded Tote Bag - Warehouse
Unfortunately at work I wouldn't be able to wear this dress, as I work in black uniform; But if I was working in a more office based job, I'd definitely be flaunting my dress around the office. When I'm at work I like comfort, and I'm very much turning into a cardigan girl recently with the cold days, so I rummaged through my knitwear to find this purple and sequin sleeve bolero that I've had for years. Even though a more red purple I think it works well for a slightly casual, but still approving smart work attire. Keeping warm as well as looking a little glitsy with the sequin detailing on the sleeves just completes the reasons I would wear this together for me.
I paired this outfit with some simple boots that I bought specifically to wear for work. It sounds odd at first, but these are my trusty boots that look smart, with a small heel and simple detailing. Wearing a small heel for the day is a good idea. It just means that when you swap into those higher heels they won't feel so high, and you could possibly be in them all night!
The Party Wear Look:
Mirror Floral Shift Dress - M&S *
Autograph Sectioned Necklace - M&S *
Black Blazer - Dorothy Perkins
Silver Clutch Bag - Portugal
Black Glitter Shoe Boots - France
To really step out of the office and into the bar looking like you've changed quicker than possible, the first thing is to swap out from your work shoes into your party shoes! Here I've gone for my glitzy shoe boots that I was given from France a few months back and I'm yet to wear these beauts out of the house. It really transforms the dress from a work dress into a party one. In addition, changing from black tights into nude ones really helped brighten up the outfit for the evening and give it more of a party feel.
I also added a silver simple necklace to add a little detailing and a black blazer to smarten up the look for the evening! I'm not sure as to why but I definitely prefer a blazer as a going out jacket rather than a work jacket. I think maybe something about not being so uniform maybe?
Carrying a big bag on a night out is never the one you want, so I swapped from my big work bag to a small and sparkly clutch just for something easy to carry that looks good to hand too! Pull your hair out of that pony, dry shampoo it, and you're ready to go in 5 minutes flat.
The transformation a couple of changes can make to a dress in amazing. Here I just changed, tights, shoes, bag and jacket and the look is completely changed. Along with a couple of re-touches to the hair and make-up you're good to go, all day AND NIGHT long!
CAT xo


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wishlist #50 - Designer Edit

With Christmas over and the sales on their way out, it's all about the new product for S/S14. I've recently learnt the luxury of higher end products to last me a little longer than the affordable Primary or treat yourself Topshop! So today I thought I would share my latest designer wants for this year....

Ted Baker Oil Painting Printed Skirt - Ted Baker always make the prettiest clothes and I have fallen for this skirt. I don't have anything in my wardrobe to go with this but it would be perfect for a special occasion in the spring or summer!
Ralph Lauren Shirts - Ever since I visited Ralph Lauren Polo in Bicester Village, I've been obsessed with getting a couple of Ralph Lauren shirts. This one is perfect for everyday, and the colours are gorgeous. I also love the pink and white pinstriped one... Neeeeeeed.
Converse AllStar Leather Hi-Tops - I've always wanted a pair of white converse but always thought that I would just get them dirty and ruin them. But these white leather ones would be perfect as I'd be able to clean them really easy.
Timberland  Premium Wheat Boots - I recently bought a pair of these Timberlands for my boyfriend and now I really want a pair too! They look so good on him and I've seen lots of photos of fashionistas rocking them in the summer sun!
Vivienne Westwood Frilly Snake Bag - When I went to Fortnum & Mason at the start of the year, I fell in love with a Vivienne Westwood bag, but unfortunately can't fork out the £200 sale price it was... I wish I could because it would have come home with me there and then. I since then have developed a dream of getting a Vivienne Westwood bag to call my own. I love this one, but it would prerably love a big one to use everyday!
Moschino Violetta iPhone 5 Case - This is potentially the 3rd time this beaut has appeared on a wishlist. It's just so cute and with my new iPhone 5S it would be lovely to get a safe and designer rubber case to keep it protected and looking cute!
Jimmy Choo Perfume - When I ordered my Guerlain Highlighting and Sculpting Powder, I received this Jimmy Choo perfume in a little tester bottle and just adore the smell! It's the only perfume on my wishlist at the moment and I would love to add this to my perfume collection!

I think if I could only have one of these I'd definitely be after the Vivienne Westwood bag. I think deep down I'd want that the most. What's top on your wishlist of designer items?

CAT xo

Saturday, 14 December 2013

My Party & Make Up Look with

Tis the season to get your Christmas party on! And this year my work do is a Winter Wonderland theme in a hotel. We're getting all dressed up for this one and I'm pretty excited! were lovely enough to let me know about their current blogger competition  where I get to share my take on a inspiring and creative outfit and make up look to get you girls inspired for the Christmas season! They also kindly gave me some pretty amazing coloured lenses to really make my look stand out and give a wow factor.

Luckily, I already have my outfit for this year's work Christmas party, and this is it:

 I forgot to grab my sparkly clutch bag for the pictures, but it matches my dress detailing and the shoes I may wear beautifully. I got this dress about 2 years ago from New Look in the sale and is one of my favourite party dresses! I've worn it a couple of times but the girls at work haven't seen it so I'm wearing it this year. It's really flattering and girly and I just adore the royal purple colour, which suits my skin tone perfectly. I'm currently thinking of pairing it with my lovely glitter shoe-boots that I got as a gift from my auntie in France, but I might glam it up with my glittery silver heels that I wore to her wedding instead.

As for my make up look I decided to go for a glowing glamorous face with a rosy blush, a royal purple and silver smoky eye and nude lips to make my eyes stand out! I used the same colours in my outfit to match my final look too: royal purple and silver.
To make my look stand out I thought I would change my eye colour drastically and go for a bright and striking blue, so I got the Freshlook Colors in Sapphire Blue*, and it really does make a difference. Just take a look yourself!

As you can tell the contacts make a huge difference! The contacts are amazing and they are super comfortable! I can't even feel them in, and if there is a little irritation a couple of drops of Blink * do the trick nicely. I love these contacts and really help my make up look stand out and make my eyes more striking.

Products used:
Eyes: Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint in Mercury Silver, an old gifted Accessorize palette that had the most amazing royal purple shadow, MaxFactor Colour Xpert Liner, Maybellines Chromatics Eyeliner in Purple Light, 17 Eye Kohl and Avon Mega Effects Mascara.
Lenses: Freshlook Colors in Sapphire Blue *

I love my final look and I will definitely be wearing this on the evening of my work Christmas Party, contacts and all! The only thing I will change might be the silver, I may swap it over for some glitter dust to really bling up my look.
I hope I've managed to inspire you with my Christmas Party look! If you have any party looks or outfit's to share please leave your blog links below as I'd love a little more inspiration myself!

I'd also like to thank for the lenses and the care kit to go with it, and if you'd like a pair of contacts from (which I'd recommend if you're thinking of getting some!),
you can get 10% off with my personal discount code: WhatCatSays_Reader valid until the 31st January 2014!

CAT xo

Friday, 13 December 2013

Wishlist #49 - Monochrome & Pastels

I've really been into the new trend on Miss Selfridge at the moment called Winter Pastels. It's a mixture of monochromes with pastel pinks and powder blues! I love it and this it's a really pretty, girly and smart trend. I'd love to create a winter pastel look or two in my wardrobe, and these pieces would make it perfect!

Polka Dot Shirt with Cat Pockets - Just adorable. I need more shirts in my life if they're going to be like this.
Cream Cuff Shirt - And this one! I love the simple colour with the detailed cuffs!
Tartan Dungarees - I saw these a while ago on the Missguided website and thought they're just my perfect dungarees. I love the tartan and it looks really nice and fitted too! My sort of dungarees.
Fluffy Swing Coat - A pink coat. So on trend right now and I may be a couple of months out when I finally get one, but I still really want one. I have this one in mind because it's fluffy, pink and really versatile to wear.
Pleated Mini Skirt - I love a skirt, but I haven't bought a new one in a while. I love this one in the Zara website. I haven't seen this powder blue in a long time but I really like it! Whether it suits me or not is a different story though.
Tweed Oversized Blazer - I need something like this in my life. The casual oversized blazer to dress down a smart outfit. 
JC Daisy Lita - These beauties appears on my Christmas Wishlist for this year, and I still love them! I think they'd go with so much and they're better than just plain ones!
PU Bunny Ear Scrunchie - Too cute, something for when the hair needs to be popped up but still look cute.
Pink Colour Block Bowler Bag - This bag is just beautiful. I love the contrast colour on the sides, and the shape of it too. It looks like it could fit everything inside!
Definitely favouring this trend this season as well as the Highland trend too! What's your current favourite trend?

CAT xo

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree...

Since our very first Christmas together, John and I have decorated our own tree in his bedroom. I can't remember who's idea it, but it was a perfect one. We thought it would be nice to have a tree we could share and put our presents to each other underneath at first, but then also realised it was something we could take away to our first home together too and make more memories with. This is one of my favourite things about Christmas time, and I just thought it would be nice to share the pictures of what our tree looks like this year! I look forward to popping his presents underneath this year and watching him open them up! What do you think?

We've added new decorations over the last three years, and this year we added the little china Angel and Santa that we bought in Winter Wonderland, and also new lights. We noticed we'd unintentionally themed our tree red and silver, but at the moment it's draped in gold tinsel which we're yet to swap over for silver! We also got real candy canes on the tree this year too. It's a beautiful sight in the dark, especially with that cute little penguin sitting beside it! Have you decorated your tree yet? 

CAT xo

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Winterlicious Tag

I'd been looking for a fun season themed tag and after reading Sarah from Those Stars That Shine's Winterlicious Tag, I really wanted to do it! I enjoyed reading hers and found out we share a few winter favourites, including favourite accessory and winter beverage. Read on to find out more about my winter favourites!

1. Favourite winter nail polish?
At the moment I'm really loving my Barry M Gold Foil Effects Nail Paint! It's simple and looks good all on it's own. I'm also missing my Barry M Red Glitter as mine dried out, but will be repurchasing again as it's a perfect red polish for the Christmas season. I also love lilacs and powder blues for winter pastel themed nails!
Fight for your happiness. | via Tumblr

2. Favourite winter lip product?
I'm absolutely loving my Maybelline Babylips in Hydrate. In the winter you need something to stop your lips chapping, and this year I love this. I'm also swapping out for my EOS Tangerine lip balm for a little flavour!
As for lipsticks, anything red or dark is perfect for a classic winter look. I really want a dark red at the moment like MAC's Divine Night Lipstick in Prepare for Pleasure. Currently I wear Seventeen's Stay Pout in Rule Breaker.

3. Most worn winter clothing piece?
At the moment it's a mix between my tartan treggings from Topshop or my red fluffy jumper from Primark. I've worn these both this weekend and I'm always excited to wear them again with different things. I've found so many ways to wear my treggings and they're super comfortable so they've been an undeniable favourite. I've also enjoyed slouching around in my red fluffy jumper just because it makes days a little bit comfier and brighter! There's always comfort in your favourite or newest jumper, and this being so fluffy and so comfy it's perfect for dressing up and down.

4. Most worn winter accessory?
This would have to be between my lilac and red tartan scarf I bought in Scotland earlier on in the year. These are my two most favourite scarves and I want another one in navy and another in a dark green to go with all my outfits. I try to wear them with every outfit and to warm me up on my travels to work. Truly my most favourite winter pieces...
street coat girl heels red hair - Recherche Google

5. Favourite winter scent/candle?
This is a hard question because I don't really have a particular one as of yet. I am currently enjoying a Yankee Candle Sampler Votive in Cranberry! I'd love to try Yankee Candles in: Merry Marshmallow, Season of Peace and Christmas Rose.

6. Favourite winter beverage?
I loooove Costa's drinks. I'm especially a fan of all their hot chocolates. Depending on my mood it's either Black Forest Hot Chocolate or White Hot Chocolate!

7. All time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?
I love Elf! I love it for Will Ferrell, Zoey Deschanel and general humour. It's probably the best modern Christmas film yet.! I also love the Home Alone films and I recently watched Naughty or Nice and I thought that was a good  too.

8. Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?
At the moment at work I'm singing along to The Spice Girls - Two Become One! But all time favourite song I think would be Baby It's Cold Outside by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer; Classic and simple!
christmas | Tumblr

9. Favourite holiday food/treat?
Oooh. Mince Pies! How can you say no to one of those? I've already had about 5 or 6 since they started selling them... Naughty me, but who isn't naughty at Christmas ay?

10. What is your favourite Christmas decoration this year?
When John took me to Winter Wonderland we bought two cute little decorations for the tree. They're made of china and they're just adorable: one for me and one for him. His is a little Santa holding a present and mine is an Angel holding a star. The cute thing is, is they go with our tree theme and they hold a little memory of a perfect wintry date night.

11. What's at the top of your wishlist?
Right at the top of my wishlist is probably a Ted Baker purse (one like this or this). I've had my current purse for two years and I've completely destroyed it. It's also time I got a little classier so it would look lovely with a new bag. *hint hint*
Also near the top is a Moschino Agostino or Violetta case and the River Island Mongolian Fur Tote! Notice they're all Accessory related... Whoops!

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year?
Oh I haven't got that many plans really. I unfortunately have to work most of the holidays but I have a couple of things planned in for the weekend. I have Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason with my parents and boyfriend after Christmas, and also a planned shopping trip to Bicester Village to finally make a Ralph Lauren shirt mine, as well as a few other high fashion bargains! I also have a little New Year's Eve thing with the boyfriend to celebrate 3 years together. I can't wait for those things.
Resultados da Pesquisa de imagens do Google para
I love this time of year, it truly is my favourite. I get to buy all my favourite people things and I also get to do lots of things with my family which I don't normally get to do. Doing this tag's really got me excited for it. I tag you all do to it too and get excited for the Christmas season with me!

all image sources:
babylips image: instagram - @CatttSays

CAT xo
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