Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ombre No. 2

Hey Bloggers! I've been a bit away from blogging for a few days, it's not that I've not been bothered, or busy. I've just been doing other things instead. It's nice being busy with stuff sometimes, that doesn't often happen to me... :)
Anyway! Last week I gave my hair a little touch up make over with a lighter shade of ombre and a much delayed trip to the hairdressers. I dyed the hair myself just before as I knew what I wanted to do with it and how, and left the cutting to the professionals! 

My hair was already recently ombre-d for the first time with the L'Oreal Wild Ombre Shade No. 1 (for dark hair). And although it had turned out perfect and the results were just as expected, I always knew I would eventually dye it a little lighter for a more distinctive ombre. I went for a shade up on the L'Oreal Wild Ombre colour and used Shade No. 2 which is for medium hair, colouring it the same way as last time of course but from about an inch or so lower than last time so it would look a little more graduated. My only worry was it was going to turn out too blonde or wrong, so I left it for the minimum time which was perfect! My hair will never go blonder than this, because I'm naturally a dark brunette, but none the less this is the blondest I'm willing to go either way. I'm really happy with the results and I've been complimented on my hair colour so I think for an at home job, I did well! And I don't think I'll be dying my hair again any time soon.

I also did get a long fringe cut in as you can see in the photos. The fringe isn't exactly how I wanted it, as I thought it would sweep away a little better once it was styled, but that hasn't been the case so I might have to cut in myself a blunt fringe and grow it out to how I want it. I think the best sweepy fringes grow out as they'll sit in place better that way :)
My photos also aren't doing me or my ombre much justice because of the flash. My blog profile picture does better justice!!!! The florescent lighting was horrid so it was this or nothing. I might take some better photos in the natural light tomorrow morning to replace them. Damn these dark evenings! Roll on Spring!

What's your take on Ombre? I know I'm a bit late, but I still love it!

CAT xo
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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Jan: 21 - 27

This week: I walked in the snow, wore my favourite dress, went out in a duck print skirt, got a hair cut & dyed my hair, had mixed feelings about my knitting project, got obsessed over my adopted penguins, made pretty nude nails, went shopping and felt like I had the best week!

Seriously though. The best week in a while. I did a lot, spending 5 days off work really makes you feel a lot better and though in parts I wished I'd spent my time a little wiser but the time with my boyfriend and one of my very good friends this week has been great! I watched The Hobbit and loved it, I got well into a co-op PS3 game with my boyfriend (super-cute-nerdy-couple), I did a little retail therapy and bought my running gear so I can finally start, especially now that the snow has cleared! I really hope I can keep up to it!

Slacking with the blogging at the moment, I'm mid-way through getting on track with that as I'm in the middle of sorting out my god-forsaken bedroom. I've cleared two decent sized boxes with clothes I never wear. Now to let them go... SOMEHOW. But that, blogging, and keeping fit is on my list of things I need to get up and running from my new years resolutions!

Have you kept up with yours or planning yours in?

CAT xo
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Friday, 25 January 2013

Wishlist #9

This week my wishlist is very monochrome. With monochrome slowly making it's way in as a trend with colours like china blue popping in here and there, it's really going to be taking off! It's versatile and easy to wear! It's also pay day, but I'm doing everything to stop spending money. I don't need anything, apart from a pair of running shoes and some joggers... So I'm trying to stop window shopping, but I just can't help myself!

Striped Crop Top - I'm really loving simple tops right now. I'm one for statements and sometimes the basics are all that's missing to make a full statement, and I am missing those. Who agrees?
Lilac Creeper Dupes - I fell in love with these on eBay yesterday. I can't believe how much I love them! After all the creepers debate, these and a black pair would be perfect!
Sleeveless T-Shirt Dress - I saw this and it reminded me of my poppy dress from Topshop. I really love this, the ombre, monochrome and the squares work together so well!
Chiffon Lace Top - Simply cute and would look really great with jeans and some boots or heels! Am I the only one who completely loves this top right now!? I wish it was more of a dress....
Joggers - I need joggers! And I love these ones from Toppers! I can't bear paying £25 though when a sports shop can do them for like £8....

What's on your wishlist?
CAT xo
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mmmm, Hotel Chocolat ♥

Hey bloggers! Sorry I haven't been around recently, sometimes you're so busy blogging has to take a back step! Anyways, I'm back with a mouth watering review of probably the best posh chocolate around, from Hotel Chocolat!

Millennium and Copthorne Hotels are the geniuses behind Hotel Chocolat boasting about 22 amazing hotels over Europe and many more worldwide! I'd always wanted to stay in a super posh 5 star hotel and after seeing the great prices I think the next time me and my boyfriend need a super-romantic get away, we'll look into the amazing London Hotels! I'd be torn between the Millennium Hotel London Mayfair and the Millennium Bailey's Kensington for their amazing traditional furnished and super stylish luxury rooms. And if I ever get to win the lottery or go to China one day (and I will!) I'd love to stay at the amazing looking Grand Millennium Beijing! It looks so "wow!" and the view looks amazing too.

Chocolate, is a common gift for most holidays, it's known to be used in religious ceremonies and drinks since 1900 AD. It's a special and treasured treat for us, and comes in all forms. Dark, white, milk, flavoured in fruits... And we all have our favourites. Mine being a variety of all!
Chocolate is a treat I can say almost all us ladies enjoy. I enjoy it to the extent of possibly being a choco-holic. I think I have chocolate everyday and if I don't it's because my sweet tooth has given me a craving for  something like cake or pick n mix! But chocolate, is definitely a weakness for me, which is why I was happy to review and pick my favourite Hotel Chocolat chocolate!

For this, I decided that I would share my luxury chocolates (somehow) with my boyfriend, for a fun chocolate tasting session, where he would give me his opinion and I would give him mine, so I could then blog both verdicts! This way, we figured out our favourites and shared thoughts on each chocolate. It was a lot of fun and soon felt the sickliness of 5 different chocolates, but it didn't stop us eating the lot!

This was the exciting selection I was given. I was really happy with the variety as each chocolate was very different from the next. They came in all sorts of packaging, style and shape, and I knew I would enjoy trying each one for everything it was, and more so there wouldn't be anything else to compare it to. It was every chocolate for itself.

Salted Caramels was the winner in my head when I saw the contents of chocolates, and couldn't wait to try it! I loved the packaging because it was easily put away for later enjoyment. Me and John both love caramel as much as each other and had never tried a salted caramel, so we were really eager to test these out. I don't really like liquid-like caramel, so I wasn't very impressed at first bite when the caramel came oozing out very quickly. John tried his, and he agreed the same too, but that the chocolate shell was spot on for luxury chocolates. We both decided that although this was a good idea, the caramel wasn't thick enough, and that we'd both like a chocolate with caramel that stayed in the shell rather than bursting out at the bite. I also found the salt to pack in a punch right at the end and left the back of my tongue with a salty flavour I didn't enjoy. John and I felt that this wasn't our favourite and possibly bottom of the pile for us unfortunately, as the only thing we liked was the shell and the packaging. I was quite disappointed but then felt that maybe it just wasn't our sort of chocolate.
As for the Smiley LICK, we both felt this was too much of a simple milk chocolate for us, and that it wasn't a product we felt was very Hotel Chocolat and also very far away from their target market. Maybe as a child's treat, but it didn't impress us especially.

Eton Mess: as said on the packaging, is "a timeless classic with strawberry and vanilla chocolate, cookies, meringue and strawberry pieces". The first thing I loved about this was the packaging and the way it is made. A cute slab of chocolate made with ridges on the back for easy and even square breaks. We both agreed that Eton Mess was creamy and the pieces really helped the chocolate have a unique texture to it that helped it be a thumbs up in our eyes. I loved the strawberry pieces the most with this chocolate because of the powerful flavour it lets through whilst eating this. I loved that strong flavour and the creaminess! John on the other hand preferred the cookie pieces inside, he loves it for the crunchiness and texture. We both decided that this was a quality, and luxurious chocolate definitely perfect Hotel Chocolat product, but it wasn't our winner. This was definitely in the top 3 for us though!

Billionaire's Shortbread's fusion interested us quite a lot. Smooth praline, cookie pieces and caramel in a little chocolate shell that wasn't fully closed to reveal the goodness inside. It just sounds like a teaser doesn't it? I loved this for the fact that it was a chocolate to enjoy in bites rather than whole. We were silenced in depicting flavours, and feeling the crunchiness and smoothness flow through and work perfectly in harmony. Although very sickly, John said they were nice enough to want another and then another. And then we decided that the size and packaging was perfect enough for two to share. As I agreed with him, we also agreed this was definitely a contender for our favourite and very suitable Hotel Chocolat material. A perfect name, and a perfect texture, flavour and style for Hotel Chocolat. But this wasn't our winner. Our second best. A simpler chocolate it was, and an unlikely winner, and top for a reason the taste buds cannot deny...

Drops Gemstones. Simple little drops of swirled together dark and white chocolate in a copper pan that disappeared before we'd even finished trying all the chocolates. These "pure chocolate fusions to melt on your tongue" definitely do what they claim to do, and even have a little mysteriousness within them! So simple, yet so amazing, we loved these. Probably because of how moreish they were with their smooth melting flavour and the fusion of two very different chocolates. Each drop tasting either of both or just one. John cheekily nibbled at the pack throughout the tasting session as this was the first thing we opened, and though I told him off he carried on reviewing them saying "they're so easy to eat and moreish though! Just pop them in your mouth and they're gone"! And I couldn't help but agree as I did the same thing.

I think the thing about the gemstones is that they are so easy to eat, the simplicity of the recipe and fusion, and the fact that there will probably be more people that enjoy this chocolate in unison than the others. Everyone has their favourites and if the gemstones weren't a part of this the Billionaire's Shortbread would be my winner, as for chocolate loving John too. But our winner is definitely the Drops Gemstones. Undeniable, and just in our hearts as we agreed this is probably one we'd head to our local chocolatier and buy time and time again.

Do you like Hotel Chocolat?
What would be your favourite of the five?

CAT xo
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Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Days


As expected, a post about my snowy viewings has cropped up upon the blog! Yesterday, the whole day was spent being snowed on from morning, 'til dark and with thick inches of snow covering the town, so I dared not go out and have my lovely new camera be snowed on! So this morning on my way to work, I  took my camera with me and got a few spontaneous pictures of my view. This has been my first chance to play with my new camera for some artsy photography style pictures, and since I spend most of my day time working the walk to work was the only chance I got in the daylight!

Link me up to your snowy posts!
How much snowfall did you get in your area?

CAT xo
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jan: 14 - 20

This week: I made leopard print nails, I wore my fluffy coat, I bought a NEW coat! I walked in the snow, I drew a little, I wore a handmade knitted hat, painted my falsies, looked out the window a lot and wore a Genius jumper.

I think I've finally come to terms thats my weekly updates aren't much cop. I don't really like doing them that much anymore but its become a part of my blog. I'm thinking of a way to rework it and I like the idea of doing a picture square like this and explaining them simply and effectively. What do you think?

I also cannot believe the huge amount of snowfall today. It's been excessive! Guess who's walking to work again!? I won't drive in the snow when I work just down the road... It's pointless! How has the snow been in your area of Britain!? I'm yet to make a snow creature... Give me ideas so I can make one tomorrow!? :)

Happy Snow Weekend!

CAT xo
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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Wishlist #8

This weeks wishlist seems really simple and maybe a little boring? There isn't much I've seen recently that I've been like wow! I love that! I guess when you're busy with work and you mellow off online shopping you don't really see much! Waiting up for pay day also doesn't help matters does it?

It Girl T-Shirt - I really love simple t-shirts at the moment and realised I haven't got many good ones, and the ones I do like are at the end of their lives... They're looking really dull and dead from over-wear. This one though, I thought was really cute! And it's the sort of top that goes with anything.
Nails Inc Concrete - I saw a review of this on The Sunday Girl a few days ago and was really intrigued. Of course I want to try it and in this colour too, but I'm really worried I won't be impressed. It sounds just so bizarre to have a texture on your nails. Saying that I have bought velvet flocking... That's different though. It's soft!
Barry M Lip Paint - I don't own a Barry M lip paint yet, and I really want to. With my orange/coral lipstick almost out, I think maybe a small investment into this beautiful colour could be handy and make me happy!
Underground Creeper - I'm standing on the fence about creepers. I want to get them because everyone is making them look so cool, and girly when I thought they couldn't ever be girly! And now I don't want to get them too because everyone has them. I'm sure I'll eventually get some on eBay and join the crowd, but for now I'm uhmming and ahhing. I'd like these with pink trim. Do they do those?
Blog Inc - Still want this. But is it a worthy purchase? Let me know!
Shorts Pinafore - THIS. Is something I have been wanting for weeks and after seeing a few people Instagram theirs in an outfit post and seeing Olivia wear hers on her blog I want them even more! I think these will definitely be an investment worth making....! What do you think???
CAT xo
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Friday, 18 January 2013

Lilac Leopard

I'm never one to have the best nail art, and with my very small investment into some eBay dotting tools I've been able to do some more intricate and detailed designs like I've always wanted to. Sometimes a toothpick dipped in nail polish does not suffice as a DIY dotting tool.
I've never been as creative as I'd like with my nail art because I didn't have the right tools to be, but now I do I decided that I would finally try to do a few nail designs and this lilac leopard print nail design is first proper design I've done apart from polka dot nails (easy). I am really proud of it which is why I'm sharing it with you today, because I feel like my nails have never looked as good as they do right now. I also recieved  my false nails and flocking in the post a few days ago so watch this space for a velvet nails post!

W7 Nails Ultimate Collection * (Christmas Gift)
Dotting Tool (Used) - eBay

A day on, the design has stayed on with minimal chipping so I am loving W7's polishes at the moment. I always chip my nail polish, and for these not to chip so quick they must be good. They also dry really quickly too so it didn't take me long to wait for it to dry and even with quite a few layers. I was doing things normally 5 minutes after completing them. I'm super impressed with it's durability and drying time! I got these cute little minis from my boyfriend for Christmas in a set of 18. I wonder where he got them from, I love them so much!

I wonder what design I should do next.... Ideas?
What nail designs have you done recently?

P.S. I apologise for the state of my hands. This cold weather + Bad hand care = owies :(

CAT xo
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Monday, 14 January 2013

What Cat Wore: Floral Trousers

Floral Trousers - H&M - Sold Out (via this Blogger)
Cardigan - Warehouse (A/W 11)
Shoes * - Paris, France

Ah! I'm getting good at these Outfit posts now I've found my spot. I need a tripod though as my photos are coming out a little wonky... I also feel like a bit of a chubby bunny in these pictures and I am freezing cold taking these outside! I tell you what, now that I think of it... Not the most weather appropriate attire... Ankles out, pumps on, below freezing.... It was a lazy day and I wasn't spending the time outside. That's my excuse!
This was yesterday's wear and I finally got to wear the H&M floral trousers I wanted for ages that I bought off a fellow blogger :) They're super comfy, and I think because of the array of colours on these beauts, you can pair up any colour top. Okay, maybe not so much a red, but yesterday was a lazy day and my trusty green cardigan dulled down the red to accustom to the trousers a little more. Am I just making excuses?
I was really 'safe' with print clashing too adding a leopard print hair band into the equation. I love these trousers, and I can't wait for the spring to come around so I can show them off more!

Have any of you gals worn anything not suitable for our current British weather? 

CAT xo
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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Jan: 7 - 13

Dragged Out Week.

Strawberry Nails | Watch | Gangnam Style | Keds Posted | Face & Ombre | Keds Worn

You know the sort of weeks where you don't know which day is which and what you're doing? I've had one of those. And the week couldn't have ended any slower! I had a great day today but the rest of the week just was slower than a snail race! Today was the sort of day I needed to recuperate from the long week, as I'd been in the most foul mood for most of it. And now the weeks over, I kinda wish I had my Sunday all over again since it was so good.
The highlight of the week was the response I had from this blog post earlier on. I loved seeing all your replies and feeling a little more unity with how we all feel about blogging and the problems behind it! And the other highlight was receiving my Keds in the post! They're so pretty, prettier than I thought... I just hope it doesn't snow so I get to wear them! I did wear a pair yesterday, though my toes were frozen... :|
The weekends highlight was the whole of today. I spent the day with my boyfriend watching Rocky, eating KFC (chicken addicts), and kicking his arse at Monopoly! I love Monopoly. It's a classic that never gets boring! And when you win... It's better! I just loved the whole atmosphere today, really was just calm, relaxing and a happy day all in all. Wish it didn't have to end :(

Apparently we have snow tomorrow in my area.
Any outskirts North Londoners know of any snow hitting us?

CAT xo
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