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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Beauty Sleep,

Recently I've been suffering from over-exhaustion. Over working myself not only at work, but at home too. I haven't had any time to call my own, because I've been too busy trying to get everything done and working myself up about it. I'm always on the go, even when I'm trying to relax, it feels like the cogs in my head are still working! And it's come to the point that I not only feel tired and worn out all the time, but I LOOK it too, which is awful. And I REALLY really don't want to look that way.
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I've come to the conclusion that I don't sleep enough. And I need more sleep! I keep myself awake not doing, thinking and procrastinating. And then I've wasted another day avoiding tasks because I'm too tired and attempting to relax, when I should be completing those tasks to THEN relax. It's a vicious cycle.
So what should I do to get rid of my horrid dark circles, tired skin and wake up a little more? Forget the caffeine to keep you awake throughout the day, the eye brighteners and the caffeine roll ons to keep you looking healthier. I've recently read up on beauty sleep and it's been proven to be an actual thing! Those 8 hours a night mythical beauty sleep will do what all these things do all at once.
Sleep should be the obvious answer to this problem, but when you've got so much on your mind, sleep is the last thing on it. Taking a few minutes to think about this, and also being told I didn't look too great, that I should take it easy and get a little more sleep helped make me realise that I need to action this. And how much my lack of sleep and overworking was affecting me.


So I'm going to test this theory, along with a few pre-sleep activities to see if a little 8 hours a night. (Minimum) beauty sleep can do me any good. Going to bed earlier, natural tired skin face masks, a cup of tea with half my normal sugars, and hot baths. Of course a good nights sleep and a few relaxants aren't going to do it all for me. I'm going to have to take it easier in general, balance out work and play, over think less, and rationalise what I should and shouldn't be worrying about. Hopefully, all I'm good time I can get rid of this horrible tired look I have going on, and work towards my goal to brighten up my skin, be, and look a lot healthier without the help of make-up! And then I can get back to being happy Cat!
Roll on those 8 hours beauty sleep!
Have you got any tips or thoughts to share about beauty sleep and how to relax better?
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CAT xo
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P.S. Also on a non-directly-related note, I feel this is also the reason for my lack of motivation and effort into blogging. I love blogging, and I do it for fun, it;s just I'm finding it difficult to find the time to do it and when I'm doing it, I feel like I'm doing it badly. So I apologise for my lack of posts of general interest and my lack of creativity.