Sunday, 31 March 2013

March: 25 - 31

This Week: I had curly hair, ate a whole tub of soft mints, bought some goodies, laid on a comfy moustache pillow, got a Lindt bunny, scratched away a panda, went out for a birthday party, and got drunk, and had a lovely Easter Sunday with the family!

Happy Easter girlies! I've had more of a busy weekend than a busy week. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's had it that way round this week! I luckily got Friday off work, and spent the day out shopping solo. I love shopping on my own, I feel like I can do so much more that way. Anti-social-shopper much!? I got a few things I will be sharing on the blog though, so stay tuned! :)
As well as that I had a little party to go to for my lovely friend's 21st and she threw an awesome party and it was so much fun dancing the night away with friends! I might of had one too many JD's and Coke and feeling the effects of it today, but nothing a good old TGI Friday dinner with the family couldn't fix! I demolished the shared starters, half rack and shrimp combo (JD sauce ofc.) and my apple waffle crunch and now I feel like I could pass out for the night. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend ;D

I didn't get many Easter eggs this year! I don't really like getting them though because I don't eat them, and when I do I feel like a chubby bunny! I did get a Lindt bunny and I know my boyfriend's giving me one tomorrow as we're having a little bit of a late Easter together tomorrow. But two is enough for me in terms of Easter eggs. Am I a little weird for that? Haha!

I have lots of exciting posts lined up this week to share with you girls. I hope you like them.
But tell me! How has your Easter been?

CAT xo
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Wishlist #17

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all got some yummy Easter eggs and Lindt bunnies! It seems that Easter Sunday has bought Spring with it which I am so so happy about! It means I can finally get round to wearing some of my prettier lighter colours! I think the weather has definitely inspired this wishlist. That and knowing where I want to jet off to with my boyfriend this year!

Tropical Dress - I saw this dress on the mannequin in H&M on Friday and loved it! I want it as it'd be a perfect day dress or holiday dress. It's really me: colourful and has a Toucan on it :)
Denim Bralet - I found this whilst online window shopping this morning and I quite like it for the structure. It's so on trend for denim this season! I need a few denim staple pieces for my S/S 13 wardrobe and I think something like this would do nicely in there with my crazy shorts.
Floral Block Heel Shoe Boot - Today I'm wearing my spike Lita dupes and I'd quite like another pair of lairy shoe boots I can wear any time of day for any event! I love these blue floral ones because they seem like they could go with a lot
Polka Dot Shorts - I've been eyeing these up on eBay for the past month and don't know whether I should get them or not. I don't do well with white. What do you girls think???
Tie Dye Fringe Vest - I don't know what it is about this top but it's just calling out to me. This is one of those inexplicable "why do I like it" pieces. Does everyone have one of those?
Digital Floral Cap - I saw this in Company Magazine's High Street Edit along with loads of other caps! I don't know if I'd suit a cap but if I got one... It would be this one.
Has the weather bought out your brighter side in Fashion?
CAT xo
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Friday, 29 March 2013

What Cat Wore: Big Bows & Skater Skirts

I was lucky enough to have today off work, which I have to admit I was super-happy about. So I took the chance to have a little day out to myself shopping, and in the mean time getting the Easter eggs I left until now... Oops! I did manage to get my Easter eggs! After scouring through two Tesco's, looking for a Thornton's and finally finding myself back in my town in the local gift shop! They had loads of eggs left so I felt spoilt for choice in my 'leave-it-until-the-last-minute' moment! I didn't find much fashion-wise that I liked today... I don't know what it was but I see all these things I like online, and in magazines but never find them in-store. I think maybe I just wasn't looking properly... I did make a few beauty buys though that I'll definitely be blogging about!

Top - Primark
Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Belt - From THIS River Island Skirt
Bag (In the Background) - Warehouse

For my mini shopping trip, I wore my newest skater skirt from Miss Selfirdge. My old black Topshop one is completely worn in shape and colour so it was time to get a new one and with a disco-pant mishap yesterday I had to buy something... And I really love this skirt for the texture, quality and style! It's thick, it's floaty and sits perfectly on my waist! I love my skaters from Miss Selfridge and might have to get this in the other colours.
I got the top from Primark in the sale last Christmas. It was a spur-of-the-moment buy, and picked it up because it has ducks on it... And I love ducks. I like the colour too and when I got home wondered why I bought it without trying it on or really looking at it. Worried, I tried it on and now it's one of my favourite girly tops! It's very me... It's got colour, animals and a girly feature. I wish they made more tops like this, even if they were plain or just didn't have the bow!

Just have to say too.. I was SO happy that it was light enough to take these pictures indoors too! The sun kept peaking through those dark clouds and though I was worried it was going to rain, it was warm enough to go out without my big coat and with my vintage denim jacket instead!
Was anyone else as happy as I was with the weather today??

CAT xo
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Veronica Lipstick - Daddy's Little Girl

The thing I love about Duty Free is that everything is that little bit cheaper. So when I saw that Edinburgh Airport had a little MAC store inside... I knew I was going to buy something! I've never bought anything from MAC before so I was quite excited when I thought I'd try something from their newest Archie's Girls collection.

I've always heard good things about MAC and I've always loved the colours in their extensive lipstick collection... But I'm a budget girl and £15 for a lipstick is a lot of money for me, which is why it's taken me so long to buy one. I just about manage to spend a max of £7 on one if I'm looking for a nice new one. But Duty Free this was only around £12.
I chose Daddy's Little Girl which I'd describe as a bright and vivid violet-pink because the colour was so bright and me, I just had to have it! On application I was impressed with it instantly, as it just applied so smoothly with a perfect even layer of perfect opaque colour and a satin finish. So little is needed to achieve full coverage and wear, which I loved because this means less product, more wear! I think my favourite thing about this lipstick is the fact that it covers so well, as I prefer opaque lip products more than sheer ones. And second favourite is the fact that it's satin, as I'm not a big fan of glossy lip products... I think they just don't suit me and feel really uncomfortable wearing them. Am I weird?
I've worn this a few times and rarely needed to re-apply throughout the day! I've only had to re-apply after about 3-4 hours wear, and even then it's still quite noticeable in colour. I'm really impressed with this, for all reasons. Application, colour and wear, and feel a little ashamed I haven't jumped into the MAC wagon a long time ago! A product worth investing in! 
What's your favourite MAC product?
CAT xo
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Monday, 25 March 2013

LUSH: Light Yellow Colour Supplement

For the last month I've been wearing Lush's Colour Supplement in Light Yellow as a alternative to foundation. I've been longing for the perfect foundation for me and have yet to find it, and trying alternatives and new brands is what us beauty bloggers do. I've always been curious about Lush's make-up range and since I was there already buying the face mask I reviewed here, and was running out of my Max Factor Facefinity foundation, that I would try one of theirs.

What first won me over when I bought this was the fact that the colour was perfect to my skin tone. I find it very difficult to find my skin colour because I'm a light olive tone. Being olive skinned means I have to find yellow tinted colours, and though most of the foundations I go for are beige, which has yellow tints in, it's getting the right shade of beige. And this 'Light Yellow' is my exact shade.
The second thing that won me over was the fact that it had two ways of applying. Either straight for full coverage, or mixed in with your everyday moisturiser for a tint of colour. I find that in the summer I dislike wearing foundation and wear more tinted moisturisers as it's light on the skin, and on colder days I like to have full coverage. So I found this to be a winning feature as it suits me through these strange British springs and summers.

When I first applied this straight, I found that it had a medium coverage. I quite like a medium coverage as well a full one at times, so this wasn't really a problem for me. As for cover, it covers quite evenly and consistent. And although it doesn't completely cover blemishes, it definitely tones them down a lot, so wearing this without concealer, would only mean blemishes are less noticeable  but not completely covered. I also found that it lasts most of the day but not all day long. Working a 10-7 shift, and applying my make up about 9am I found that my foundation could do with a re-application at around 5pm, giving it around 8 hours wear. Which I guess is pretty good, as it is almost all day. I'd prefer it if it lasted a little longer as my days are a little longer.
I've decided though as much as I do actually like this, because I like a medium coverage, because it tones down blemishes and has dual ways of wearing, that I'm going to save the rest for the summer because this is more of an ideal summer product for me. Applying this with moisturiser means that the coverage is light and gives a more natural nude look. It brightens up the face with a hint of colour, and still tones down blemishes. I know I will love this more then than now because this is the sort of foundation I would be looking to wear on our rare hot days with a moisturiser instead of foundation, and on my holidays the same way too. Just because it's light weight, would feel more comfortable and it will make the product last longer too. I do love it, and would definitely buy it again but probably just for the summer time.

I think next time I go to Lush, I want to try some of the other products from their make-up range.
Any recommendations?

CAT xo
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Sunday, 24 March 2013

March: 18 - 24

This Week: I wore my MAC lipstick, tried to do something different with my hair, bought a panda cardigan, felt like we had spring indoors, took outfit photos, and wanted to be back in Edinburgh in the sun watching the penguins again.

This week I've kind of been off the scene. Of course, getting back into work after a week off and with a busy few weeks around I haven't had the time to sit down, relax and blog properly. I've shared photos from my trip this week, but that seems to be just it. I'd love to know if you'd love to see the photos from our Penguins experience at London Zoo! Leave a comment if you would!

Literally haven't done anything but work, be lazy after and have a spring clean in my room this week. I feel boring :(

I cannot believe it snowed. It's almost April! Surely this is the time where the sun is supposed to come out and tease us for the Summer, where we brave wearing our new S/S13 clothes with cardigans and jumpers on top instead of layering ourselves with clothes upon clothes and coats and scarves. I'm a little bit bored of it now because I love wearing summer clothes a lot more than winter clothes. I think there's a sense of freedom in fashion with the warmth, whereas the cold comes with layers and doesn't make you feel good. Oh well... We can only hope spring is just around the corner...

Don't forget to leave a comment about whether you'd like to see photos of our penguin experience!

CAT xo
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Saturday, 23 March 2013

What Cat Wore: Pastels & Pandas

Panda Cardigan - Run & Fly via eBay Seller
Scarf - Edinburgh | Johnstons (but similar here)
Top (Just Seen) - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - Topshop (S/S 12)
Chelsea Boots - Sperry Top Sider

I think I might have a small obsession. Just before my trip to Scotland I won this cardigan on eBay and I absolutely love it! Yes, it has pandas all over it, and yes it's very much a granddad style cardigan too! But with crappy slushy snow weather link this, this cheesy cardigan has kept me warm!
And I'm still loving my tartan scarves too. I've been wearing my red one all week, and this one the last few days. I quite like them, and still wish I'd bought a tartan skirt but I think I can live without one for now.

 I know it's not exactly the most stylish outfit, but it's very me. I try to keep into trends as much as I can, but I can't help make everything my style: quirky and girly. And I think this outfit helps sum that up quite perfectly, haha :)

What's your style? Are you quirky and girly too?

CAT xo
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Edinburgh: Day Two - Edinburgh Zoo

*Warning - Heavy Picturing*

Day Two in Edinburgh, and we spent the day at Edinburgh Zoo, pre-booked so we could book a slot to see a special couple. And the highlight of my entire day: seeing the Giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang. These two are the absolute most beautiful and amazing animals I've ever seen in my life! And now I've seen a real Panda with my own two eyes, I think I love them a little bit more! We booked to see them quite early that morning, and saw them at half 11. Miss Tian Tian was fast asleep and did the cutest panda yawn and roll! Mr Yang Guang was busy sitting in a basket of bamboo eating away like the cute thing he was! I was so  amazed at them, and expected them to be a little bigger than what they are! But I still wouldn't mind a bear hug for one of them, and I'm keeping fingers crossed this year they make a little panda cub so I have an excuse to visit them again!


After seeing the Pandas we saw some more beautiful creatures from Penguins splashing in their new Penguin Beach and Meerkats scaring off Crows to playful lions and roaring Leopards! The weather was so perfect we walked around in Jumpers! Yes. Jumpers, and no coats! We couldn't of picked a better day to go.

These little rascals were settling into their new enclosure, Penguin beach which now includes the biggest outdoor penguin pool in Europe! The little guy below was playing with a little fountain and we stood watching the Gentoo penguins swim lengths in their new pool and the Rock-Hoppers being fed!

^ This little guy called Snowflake is a silver penguin! They don't know how he got that way but he's SO cute! ^

The Big Cats were pretty cool, unfortunately I didn't see much of my favourite big cat, the Tiger because the darlings were sleeping inside out of the cold! ♥ We did get to see the lions play fighting and I spent a good 10 minutes watching the cloud spotted leopard showing off growling around and playing in her encosure!


There's something about Meerkats that make them so cute! Apart from comparing Car Insurance and doing that cute squeak at the end of the advert. We saw these little ones chasing off crows that were trying to get a hold of their lunch!

I love Zebras. I got a cheeky hug off the one in Broxbourne Zoo once! These ones were too far away to cuddle :( But they are beautiful horses... And right on trend with those monochrome stripes! Work it pony! ;)

We managed to find ourself on Hilltop Viewpoint which has the most breathtaking view of the city below and the mountains in the distance. And with all the snow that had landed a couple of days before, I think it just made it look a little more beautiful. We had such a great day out and ended up finding ourselves walking to the hotel 45 minutes away! Why and how is beyond us but it was fun. In the evening we went into town where we scoured looking for a decent place to eat... We're pretty fussy and ended up walking back to the train station where there was a little Chinese buffet we ended up scoffing down! Off back to the hotel we popped and into the land of nod quicker than a light! Zoo days and lots of walking really take it out of you!


What's your favourite animal? And what Zoos do you recommend visiting?

CAT xo
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